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CDP Meiro unveils partnership with digital growth partner Ameex

Singapore – Meiro Customer Data Platform has formed a strategic partnership with Ameex Technologies to jointly deliver data-driven and personalised customer experiences. Ameex Technologies is a digital transformation and delivery partner that helps clients ideate, design, build and deploy next-generation digital technology solutions.

The focus of the alliance is said to be driving long-term value for businesses using rich, meaningful and ethically managed customer data. Headquartered in the USA, Ameex Technologies has offices in India, Singapore, and Belgium. It is a digital growth partner for global Fortune 500 brands, building user-centric, integrated, and reusable technology that aligns with current and future strategic business needs.

Jana Marle-Zizkova, Meiro co-founder and CEO, said, “The Meiro-Ameex partnership is an exciting step forward for us. Meiro helps clients to grow their business and deliver outstanding personalized experiences by eliminating data silos and activating customer data seamlessly across online and offline touchpoints. Ameex provides a comprehensive understanding of complex marketing technology integrations alongside deep omnichannel expertise and agile delivery experience. Together, we harness the full potential of digital transformation to rapidly deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions for ad & marketing budget optimization and increasing revenue streams. We place our clients on a solid path to success in an ever-fluctuating digital business landscape.”

Commenting on this new partnership, Ranga Srinivasan, the president and CTO of Ameex, said that one of Ameex’s biggest strengths has always been helping customers make sense out of their data and with Meiro’s CDP platform, they hope to take that to the next level and enable their clients to gain actionable insights from their omnichannel customer journey. 

“This is a very exciting time for Ameex to be collaborating with Meiro as we further solidify our footprint in the Asia Pacific to serve our Singapore clients & expand into emerging markets like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We look forward to combining our data-driven, strategic consulting approach with Meiro’s CDP capabilities to help our clients deliver highly personalized, timely, and seamless experiences for their customers,” said Srinivasan.

Technology Featured APAC

US-based customer data platform mParticle announces APAC expansion

Sydney, Australia – Independent customer data platform, mParticle, has announced its expansion to APAC with the official headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

mParticle enhances data quality of companies, as well as manages regulatory compliance, and delivers high-quality customer experiences. It also integrates with other technology firms such as Braze, Amplitude, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift, as well as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Marketing Cloud, among others.

Through the expansion, the platform will be serving customers across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as Japan, and South Korea.

The APAC office will be led by Kris Fagan, mParticle’s vice president for APAC. Fagan believes that the APAC market is home to some of the world’s most well recognized and innovative brands at the forefront of their industries.

“We’re eager to help brands in this region deliver the personalized experiences consumers expect across all channels with a proven approach to customer data infrastructure,” said Fagan.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

SmartOSC, Antsomi partner to offer omnichannel retail solution

Singapore – E-commerce enabler SmartOSC and marketing tech Antsomi has announced a new partnership to offer an end-to-end omnichannel retail solution for both of their clients. As such, SmartOSC will become Antsomi’s global reseller as of 2021, mainly focusing on the growing APAC market. 

The end-to-end omnichannel retail solution is powered by Antsomi’s customer data platform, Antsomi CDP 365. The software unifies multiple data sources to create a 360-degree customer view and provide an omnichannel experience. 

SmartOSC is an e-commerce solution agency that specializes in scalable enterprise services. For the agency, the partnership is significant as it allows them to continue building data-driven e-commerce solutions and comprehensive digital transformation for their clients. 

Founder and CEO of SmartOSC, Thai Son Nguyen, said, “This new partnership with Antsomi will strengthen the offering of both companies and allow us to keep delivering cutting-edge omnichannel solutions to our clients.”

Meawhile, Serm Teck Choon, co-founder and CEO of Antsomi, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with SmartOSC, which is a reputable full-service e-commerce agency. We hope such partnership can empower our clients with omnichannel marketing solutions, particularly from data unification, data activation, and marketing automation standpoints.” 

Antsomi is a regional marketing technology company that launched CDP 365 in June 2020. Antsomi helps clients unify and activate their customer data via CDP 365 with custom solutions, when necessary, on top of clients’ existing martech stack. The new partnership allows Antsomi to access SmartOSC’s extensive client coverage, covering key markets in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia as well as in Vietnam, and Thailand. 

For their first regional client, the partnership has recently won ASUS Singapore. SmartOSC and Antsomi will be working together to deliver a data-driven omnichannel retail solution to the tech brand.

In June, Antsomi has officially announced its entry to Indonesia with Ilona Juwita appointed as country director.

Marketing Featured ANZ

CDP Institute taps AZK Media as correspondent for ‘Emerging Markets’ content channel in ANZ

Australia – The Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute, which is a vendor-neutral organization, has appointed global B2B media and marketing company, AZK Media, to be its new ANZ correspondent, informing the institute’s ‘Emerging Markets’ content channel.

The CDP Institute educates marketers and technologists about customer data platforms a packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. It also produces and distributes vendor-neutral materials that describe the characteristics, uses, and benefits, as well as the real-world success of CDPs.

The new partnership will see AZK Media updating over 2,000 members of the CDP Institute every week of the latest insights and news across customer data and martech specific to the region.

The ‘Emerging Markets’ content channel informs readers about marketing and technology developments in Australia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and the Gulf Coast, as well as Africa, and Latin America. News for each region is collected by a local correspondent who is an expert in customer data management, while the channel contents are emailed weekly to CDP Institute members who live in these regions and to others who ask to be added to the list.

AZK Media’s Founder and Managing Partner Azadeh Williams shared that working with a global industry leader such as The CDP Institute opens an exciting opportunity for them to continue educating and informing marketing and business leaders about the future innovations in data-driven decision making that drive better customer experiences.

“As an agency passionate about helping Martech and CDP vendors grow in the APAC region, we believe the CDP Institute’s Emerging Markets content channel will be a key force for accelerating the industry’s deeper understanding of the value of CDPs in today’s complex digital marketing ecosystem,” said Williams.

Meanwhile, David Raab, the founder, and CEO of The CDP Institute, commented that he is thrilled to partner with AZK Media to help the institute scale knowledge of CDPs across the ANZ region. 

“We chose AZK Media because they demonstrated a genuine passion and deeper understanding of Customer Data Platforms, its complexities, challenges, and opportunities. They also share the same passion for knowledge sharing, which is particularly important within the marketing landscape – as it’s the only way our industry can evolve is through constant learning and education,” said Raab.

According to a recent CDP Institute Industry Update report, the industry should be worth $1.5b this year. The CDP employment grew by 25% in 2020, to more than 10,000, and the number of CDP vendors grew by 35% to 133, which means that accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic made companies even more aware of the need for CDPs.

Given the surge in CDP usage worldwide and in emerging markets such as the ANZ region, the institute wanted to educate employees, thought leaders, and executives in the industry on what is happening on a regular basis.

Technology Featured Global

Tealium launches new feature to demonstrate customer data platform flexibility

California, USA – Global customer data company Tealium has recently announced new features in its customer data platform (CDP), Tealium Features, which allows customers to connect to custom destinations, transform data, automate workflows, and launch new use cases faster with simple code.

Specifically, Tealium Features can aid customers through building or customizing integrations to connect to custom destinations and transforming real-time streaming data prior to activation to ensure that it is in its most usable format across the tech stack. In addition, it also aids in automating workflows to minimize repetitive, time-consuming tasks and increase high-scale efficiency and quickly connect customers to external datasets to leverage critical data that lives outside of a business’ CDP.

“We pioneered this type of customization capability in the market when we introduced extensions in Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium Functions brings the same customization flexibility to our server-side products,” said Mike Anderson, CTO and founder at Tealium.

Tealium iQ Tag Management pertains to one of the systems of Tealium, which aids customers to take in charge of their marketing technology implementations, which in turn eases the deployment of new vendor tags and makes edits to existing ones.

“Most of the customer experience is digital but the ecosystem of data and technologies powering these experiences are rarely based on a single platform. To keep the entire journey connected, businesses need more flexibility and options from their customer data platform (CDP) to quickly build custom ‘just for me’ integrations, automations and transformations for their unique application stack and use cases,” the company said in a press statement.

Today, Tealium Functions is generally available for Tealium’s other services such as EventStream API Hub and AudienceStream CDP customers enabling them to create custom functions for data destinations and integrations. Later this year, Transformations in Tealium Functions will be available to further expand customization capabilities and allow customers to create functions at the point of data collection to transform, modify, or validate events before processing.

“With Tealium Functions, our vision is to eventually enable customers to create a customization layer that can be used at any point of the data lifecycle so they can truly identify and address their most complex business needs,” Anderson concluded.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Martech Antsomi enters Indonesia, names country director

Singapore – Antsomi, the AI-driven marketing technology company in Southeast Asia, has appointed its country director for Indonesia, Ilona Juwita

Juwita is a veteran in Indonesia’s digital industry having co-founded adtech company PT Promedia Punggawa Satu (ProPS), which she also currently leads as its CEO. 

Antsomi launched its flagship product, CDP 365, an AI-driven customer data platform native to Southeast Asia in June 2020. Since then, the company has helped clients in the region unify and activate their customer data across channels for better customer experience by personalization and marketing automation. 

The company is headquartered in Singapore and currently has offices in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has now entered Indonesia seeing it as one of the key markets in the region as more and more businesses in the country embark on the journey to transform themselves into data-driven companies.

To lead the country’s operations, Antsomi is confident of Juwita’s rich experience. She started her career in marketing by joining, one of Indonesia’s leading portals, to drive its marketing initiatives and account management. This was then followed by establishing ProPS, which focuses on programmatic monetization for publishers. 

Antsomi’s co-founder and CEO, Serm Teck Choon, welcomes Juwita, “We are very excited welcoming Ilona on board with us. Ilona has spent the last few years pushing the industry forward with technology like data management platforms. With her vast experience working with and advocating data, we believe that it is a logical path for her to push the market with new technology such as customer data platform and help more Indonesian businesses become a data-driven company.”

Commenting on her appointment, Juwita said that having been involved with multiple parties in the industry gave her a deep understanding of how difficult it is for a company to evolve in this growing digital ecosystem.

“This is why digital transformation is a must. Joining Antsomi that has the same mission with more advanced solutions would allow me to contribute more to the data-driven ecosystem,” she said.

With Junita’s new role also comes the appointment of her company ProPS as Antsomi’s reseller partner in Indonesia. Antsomi believes in ProPS’ capability, having worked with many Indonesian clients and publishers with data-related projects for the last few years. ProPS will be leveraging Antsomi CDP 365 to help its clients drive omnichannel customer experience.

Antsomi has recently announced in May that it has onboarded Philippines-based Data Analytics Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of one of the leading conglomerates in the Philippines, JG Summit Holdings, as one of its key clients. 

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

DAVI to empower company’s marketing with martech Antsomi tie-up

Singapore – Data Analytics Ventures, Inc, the loyalty and data business unit of Philippine conglomerate JG Summit Holdings, has tapped the services of marketing technology company Antsome to empower its data-related product and services marketing to its market by integrating Antsome’s customer data platform Antsomi CDP 365.

JG Summit is one of the largest and most diversified Filipino conglomerates, engaged primarily in businesses that serve a diverse market in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and Australia with businesses that span retail, airline, consumer goods, manufacturing, and more.

Antsomi CDP 365 is an artificial intelligence-driven customer data platform which helps companies unify their customer data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps, web, social media, digital ads, customer relationship management (CRM), Point-of-sale (POS), offline channels, among others. It then delivers relevant activations with rich personalization across multiple touchpoints via both online and offline.

Furthermore, the CDP empowers companies to understand their customers’ behavior and intent across various channels and build a 1-to-1 customer journey at scale.

Serm Teck Choon, co-founder and CEO at Antsomi, is thrilled to have DAVI as their client, stating that DAVI is tasked to be the change agent for the JG Summit group, and they are born with the DNA of data.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with them to unlock the opportunity of data-driven campaigns. Through Antsomi CDP 365, we help DAVI to enrich the customer experience of millions of customers through marketing automation,” Serm stated.

Speaking about the integration, Carla Yap-Sy Su, head of data, strategy and growth marketing at DAVI, commented, “Building a holistic approach to data allows us to better understand what offers and experiences can bring more value to our customers.”

She added, “Through our partnership with Antsomi, we are able to act on these insights and implement seamless and personalized customer journeys, integrate our platforms,and deliver iterative, performance-driven campaigns across multiple channels.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

AIA Group’s Philam Life ramps up digitization through Lemnisk team-up

Manila, Philippines – Philam Life, the Philippines-based insurance company by multinational insurance and finance firm AIA Group, has partnered with India’s growth marketing platform Lemnisk, to implement a Customer Data Platform (CDP), aiming to deliver an orchestrated and personalized customer experience.

Lemnisk provides CDP-led personalization and real-time marketing automation solutions that deliver customer experiences that aim to bring increased conversions, retention, and growth for enterprises.

During the pilot engagement, Lemnisk will be collaborating to amplify Philam Life’s digital leads funnel and increase existing customer engagement on its digital properties.

According to Philam Life’s CMO Leo Tan, the insurance company is at an exciting time where the pandemic has pushed them to fast track the development of their digital capabilities. 

“Piloting a CDP is the first step towards a more customer-centric approach in lead generation and we are excited to welcome Lemnisk onboard as we collaboratively create a more relevant and stronger leads management program that will benefit potential customers,” said Tan.

Meanwhile, Subra Krishnan, the CEO of Lemnisk, commented that they are immensely excited at the opportunity to partner with Philam Life in its journey to create an engine for phenomenal customer experience and amplify its business objectives. 

“The pandemic has mandated a strong data strategy foundational to long-term customer value and the way brands like AIA Philam Life have responded truly sets them apart. We look forward to innovating together and exploring valuable use cases,” said Krishnan.