Australia – Technology PR and marketing agency AZK Media has launched a pure play video-content business called ‘Customer Catalyst’ as demand for premium video content continues to surge.

With the effectiveness of quality video marketing content no longer subject to any debate, AZK Media has created said standalone business aimed at a wide range of businesses that just want video content.

Research shows 64% of businesses see an increase in website conversions from having a customer testimonial video as part of their marketing mix, and 93% of businesses report winning customers as a direct result of video content.

Azadeh Williams, co-founder and managing director at AZK Media, said, “Video content has always been a big part of what AZK Media offers and will continue to be. But rather than having to sign on for a package of PR services for a set period, businesses that just need fantastic video content can access that easily by partnering with Customer Catalyst.”

Meanwhile, Wayne Williams, co-founder and business director at AZK Media–and also at the helm of the Customer Catalyst team, commented, “We’ve created this video production facility to target a wide range of businesses and industry sectors that might not usually seek a partnership with AZK Media.”

For Wayne, marketers are still only scratching the surface when leveraging video content to generate demand and drive leads.

“The next generation of digitally native business decision-makers are highly visual and video-led. Content that showcases customer testimonials, case studies, and genuine thought leadership discussions is crucial to humanise a brand and provide the social proof businesses increasingly need to attract new prospects,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Azadeh noted that the ‘Customer Catalyst’ forms a natural extension of AZK Media’s capability to drive successful customer advocacy marketing campaigns.

“The businesses that are succeeding are those putting their customer at the heart of everything they do,” she says. “This includes their marketing and PR strategy. If brands and businesses want to drive demand, championing their customers in highly engaging video content forms a crucial component of owned, earned and paid content,” she stated.

Billy Loizou, Amperity’s Area Vice President APAC, said, “We’re very pleased with Amperity’s customer testimonial video, which will be a great asset for us as we look to continue our growth across APAC. It features the key benefits of our platform and exceptional results achieved by one of our APAC customers, one of the leading car dealers in the region. This asset continues to be leveraged across our PR, social media and inbound campaigns.”