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Carousell HK taps DJ Ah Jeng, mother duo in a light-hearted CNY ad

Hong Kong – Bonnie Wong, known as DJ Ah Jeng for 903 FM, is featured alongside her mother in a fun and quirky Chinese New Year-centric advertising campaign by online classifieds platform Carousell in Hong Kong. In it, they motivate their fans to declutter to bring luck, and hope for a better 2022, by selling these second-hand items on the platform.

Throughout the video, Ah Jeng and her mother share a twist on the usual decluttering habits, by listing items to usher in different types of luck for the new year. For example, selling game consoles for better personal relations luck, and selling books for better career luck.

Said ad is part of Carousell HK’s ‘Spring Cleaning Week’ campaign to encourage Hong Kongers to declutter in a more sustainable way. Instead of throwing away items that are still in good condition, you can list them on Carousell for win-win outcomes: save the earth by reducing waste, and earning back money for giving out lai see, or the red envelopes given out during Chinese New Year.

From 7 to 23 Jan, users can list all their unwanted items from decluttering on Carousell to win exclusive CNY gift bags, which contain red packets, hand sanitizer and decor such as fai chun (a CNY-themed decoration with Chinese calligraphy) and a limited edition Carousell Mahjong set.

For Kevin Huang, managing director at Carousell Hong Kong, there is an untapped preloved earning potential in Hong Kong. Citing their own Carousell Recommerce Index, they discovered that each Hong Kong user has an estimated average of 43 unwanted items they store in their homes that could be sold.

“Chinese New Year is generally a time where people clean their homes, declutter and sometimes throw away many items that are still in good condition. Coupled with the traditions of buying everything new for the new year, there is a lot of waste involved. We want to encourage celebrating in a more sustainable way that is better for the environment, and also by encouraging people to do so in a practical manner that can spark change.”

He added, “List your pre-loved items on Carousell; save the earth and also earn back some money. For those who want to clear items quickly, you can also do so by listing items for free on Carousell in our Free Category.”

This campaign is reminiscent of Carousell’s previous regional campaign for Hong Kong and Singapore where they encourage users to declutter stuff and sell them at Carousell. For this CNY-themed campaign, it was made possible with influencer agency Cloudbreakr, creative agency Hungry Digital, and media agencies Essence and Wavemaker HK.

Marketing Featured East Asia

Carousell HK’s campaign encourages users to sell more amid 11.11 craze

Hong Kong – Online sales festivals are known for encouraging users to spend more across various e-commerce platforms. But for this time, classifieds platform Carousell did the opposite: inviting Hong Kongers to sell their underutilized items and earn some spare cash.

The campaign, which will roll out for a month from 12 November to 9 December, takes visual inspiration from the ubiquitous Sau Mai Lo, a local term for a rag-and-bone man, to remind everyone that they already have a ‘Sau Mai Lo’ in the palm of their hands anytime, and can easily list their items and earn back some spare cash.

“They can channel whatever remorse they may feel about overconsumption into selling, and create more shared possibilities where everyone wins,” said Kevin Huang, managing director at Carousell Hong Kong in a statement to MARKETECH APAC.

Huang also told MARKETECH APAC that the local campaign launch is timely with the upcoming Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging scheme in Hong Kong, adding that they hope to encourage more conversations about mindful spending and a culture where buying secondhand is the first choice.

“11.11 is an important date to most e-commerce sites, but as a classifieds marketplace whose vision is to make secondhand the first choice, we wanted to continue to drive the key message about sustainability and reducing overconsumption. We have seen how buying and selling second hand has helped everyday Hong Kongers to make extra cash and reduce waste at the same time,” he stated.

Huang further added, “In addition, acceptance of preloved products are becoming increasingly accepted in Hong Kong, and we see this as a continuing trend as we become more conscious of becoming more environmentally friendly.”

As part of the local campaign, Carousell has also launched a three-day onsite activation at Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay featuring 903 DJ Bonnie Wong (Ah Jeng) and 70 micro influencers.

Passersby can meet and take photos with Ah Jeng, and take part in activities to win a limited edition Samuel Ashley tote bag. To encourage more people to list their items, users with the highest number of listings stand a chance to win autographed gifts from Ah Jeng, including her T-shirt from “be ON game”, Nintendo Switch Controllers, speakers and coffee from Ah Jeng Coffee Club.

“We have seen good results so far in the first weekend. Our teaser video featuring Ah Jeng had over 15,600 views on Instagram, and Ah Jeng’s two Instagram posts had over 23,000 likes,” Huang noted.

The campaign has also rolled out in Singapore, in which according to Cassandra Leong, head of regional marketing at Carousell, had actually materialized last year when they ‘took to the streets to boycott 11/11’. She added that for this year, while other brands were busy shouting about their 11/11 sales last week, they reminded their users that they can consume sustainably, even while shopping for 11/11 sales.

“We understand buyer’s remorse deeply, and we’re reminding users that we’ll be here for them long after the flash one-day sales, not just for the lowest prices and deals all year around, but we’re also here for them to earn their money back from purchases or any decisions they may regret,” Leong added.

The Singapore rollout of the Carousell campaign was made possible by 72andSunny Singapore, to whom they appointed as creative partner during March this year.

Daniel Ko, creative director at 72andSunny Singapore, commented, “As a self-confessed chronic shopaholic, I must admit that this was inspired by what people like me need – I’ll definitely be turning some of my remorse into Carousell listings.”

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Carousell wants to remind that ‘Everybody wins’ on platform with new ads

Singapore – In a bid to position itself as a peer-to-peer platform where every user ‘wins’ off their purchase, classifieds platform Carousell has released a new campaign made of multiple ads, to be shown across Singapore and the Philippines, and is made by creative agency 72andSunny Singapore, which they recently appointed as creative partner recently.

The new works runs across digital and social touchpoints, featuring separately diverse and incredibly human scenarios where Carousell’s community and its products and services come into play. From plumbing emergencies at three in the morning that require home services to growing families bursting out of their apartments looking for properties, the multi-ad campaign cements Carousell as a true multi-vertical offering. 

The new campaign speaks volumes of the continuation of the work between Carousell and 72andSunny Singapore, showing how Carousell has ‘every kinda thing for every kinda person’ so ‘everyone wins’.

Speaking about the campaign, Cassandra Leong, brand lead at Carousell, commented that the work really brought Carousell user pain points to life in a ‘relatable and human way in such a snappy format’.

“It was great to reunite with 72andSunny as a partner at this important stage of our business growth, where we’re continuing to leverage our strength in general goods such as fashion and electronics, but also want to highlight just how comprehensive our offerings are across the board with home services, autos and property,” said Leong.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ko, creative director at 72andSunny Singapore, commented, “Every brief from Carousell reminds us that the work is always a pleasure when there’s partnership between client, agency, production and media. I hope these short (but sweet) spots are a testament to that.”

Marketing Featured ANZ

Classifieds site Trade Me’s campaign an appreciation of every ‘search’ under the sun

Auckland, New Zealand – In its truest sense that best represents the online consumer behavior of Kiwis using their platform, local-based auction and classifieds site Trade Me has launched a new campaign alongside advertising and marketing holdings Clemenger Group.

Directed by Wade Shotte of production company FINCH, the campaign enlists every ‘relatable’ searches one could imagine when visiting the site, from essentials like ‘new apartment spaces’ or ‘a new work setup’, to the most relatable like ‘a seven seater SUV’ for the whole family, to some tongue-in-cheek choices like ‘a potato that looks like a bear’ or selling your ‘stupid golf clubs’ when someone’s not scored enough in a golf gameplay.

The diversity and uniqueness shown by the campaign utilizes real search data collected by Trade Me, signifying the site’s versatility to cater to everyone’s need, whether a life essential, or plainly just for a hobby.

“Trade Me is an icon of Kiwi culture. Everyone uses it, but we all use it differently. Celebrating these differences is a core focus of the campaign,” said Levi Slavin, chief creative officer at Colenso BBDO.

Meanwhile, Trade Me’s Head of Brand, Sarah O’Leary, commented, “We’re delighted with the new campaign. It conveys the trust Kiwis have in Trade Me, helping them find the stuff they need, while capturing our brand’s unique and charming tone.”

Both Colenso BBDO and Clemenger BBDO Wellington collaborated in this campaign, which has since then rolled out to TV, OOH and social media campaigns.