India – To promote local businesses in the middle of the country’s annual festival of lights Diwali, Mondelez India launches a hyper-localized ad campaign that will encourage local promotion of local retailers across India.

The ad campaign leverages artificial intelligence to promote geo-targeted visibility of more than 1800 participating local retailers, across over 260 pin codes in the country. 

Initially, the video ad campaign depicts an Indian family rejoicing in the festivity of Diwali, while highlighting the gifts being given are from local businesses. The video campaign ends with the message “When all of us support our local stores, all of us can have a Happy Diwali.” Custom video ads are also produced for certain areas to promote local businesses.

“Throughout festivities exchanging gifts and sweets holds a significant emotional value and embarks the beginning of a new era, and it makes us extremely proud about the fact that we humbly found a place in this small, yet important tradition.  Moreover, this year, than any other warrants for acts that signify new beginnings and the potential  of goodness in an imperfect world, and our recent Cadbury Celebrations campaign infuses this  thought at the back of evoking generosity,”  commented Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director – Marketing (Chocolates), Insights and Analytics, Mondelez India. 

Context video for the hyper-localized ad campaign.

The campaign will run until the 15th of November, a day after the initial observance of Diwali.