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Chimp&z Inc elevates Ashish Duggal as new COO

Mumbai, India – Chimp&z Inc, the digital creative agency from the house of Merge Infinity Global, has elevated Ashish Duggal, former vice president of growth and operations at Chimp&z Inc, to the new role of chief operating officer.

In his new role, Duggal will be accelerating Chimp&z Inc’s expansion across key business verticals by adding new revenue streams. He will administer new business acquisitions, large-scale campaigns, strategy, influencer management, and project management team, as well as overall agency operations to redefine the company’s growth metrics.

Prior to joining Chimp&z Inc, Duggal has served as the senior manager of business alliance at digital marketing services provider Logicserve Digital, and was later on elevated as the associate vice president of business alliance.

Commenting on his elevation, Duggal said, “I am truly honoured to become the COO of this whip-smart team of storytellers. With a strategic roadmap in place, an exciting time comes ahead. I look forward to contributing to the new wave of growth for Chimp&z Inc in the global market establishing it as a digital powerhouse.” 

Meanwhile, Angad Singh Manchanda and Lavinn Rajpal, Chimp&z Inc’s founders, shared that Duggal is a thinker with an acute understanding of their client’s evolving requirements, and he has a track record of harnessing creativity in all its forms to deliver rapid growth and results.

“His knowledge and erudition about the ever-changing digital market always came to fruition for the agency. We wish him the best for his new role and hope that he continues to deliver strategic solutions that will uplift Chimp&z Inc.’s success metrics,” they both added.

Earlier this month, Chimp&z Inc has won the digital mandate of the Indian skincare essentials brand, Raw Beauty. The agency will be managing Raw Beauty’s social media and increasing brand awareness for boosting conversion rates and sales.

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Chimp&z Inc wins digital mandate of skincare brand Raw Beauty

Mumbai, India — Digital ad agency Chimp&z Inc has acquired the digital mandate of Indian skincare essentials brand, Raw Beauty. The agency’s Mumbai office will be responsible for handling the digital mandate partnership.

Raw Beauty’s brand focuses on using natural ingredients with science-backed benefits to create an extensive range of products. The company sources a large portion of the raw ingredients used in these products from local farmers and NGOs working in all parts of India.

Aligned with Raw Beauty’s philosophy, Chimp&z Inc will be managing its social media and increasing brand awareness for boosting conversion rates and sales. The agency will also work on brand tonality, brand guidelines, logo design, and brand positioning. Other undertakings include developing pillars of communications based on brand principles, setting up a fixed brand voice, layouts for story templates, and much more.

The first phase of this partnership is to launch a website, designed and conceptualized by the agency.

Sunayana Walia, co-founder of Raw Beauty, said that they are eager to expand the customer base by actively reaching out to their target segment. Walia added that that would require them to ramp up their social media presence by improving their Instagram presence and strategically deploying ads.

“After exploring multiple options in the market, we are confident that the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Chimp&z Inc team would be crucial in taking our brand to the next level. Their extensive experience in the industry and their commendable past work encouraged us to hire them. The quality of our partnership thus far has been excellent and we are excited for it to translate into tangible results,” Walia said.

Ashish Duggal, vice president of growth and operations for Chimp&z Inc, shared that Raw Beauty is an emerging brand that holds a vision to make people comfortable and confident about their raw selves.

Duggal added: “With their extensive range of products to select from, we believe that our team of strategic experts can add a lot of value to their social media marketing by making it one of the best brands to consider for natural products. Leveraging our experience of creating a digital footprint for beauty brands, we look forward to this partnership and are confident that we will be a big part of their scaling exercise.”

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Chimp&z Inc wins digital mandate for ALTBalaji’s metaverse game

Mumbai, India — Merge Infinity Network’s digital advertising agency, Chimp&z Inc, has announced it has acquired the digital mandate for ALTBalaji’s Lock Upp, a first-of-its-kind reality show-based fantasy metaverse game. This establishes a strategic partnership for the game’s launch on social media platforms to entice players to sign-up and participate in the game’s ecosystem.

Through the mandate, the agency will be amplifying enrollment for the game with creative communications across social platforms namely Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram. The scope of the mandate also extends to online reputation management and influencer collaborations.

With the collaboration, the agency enters into a metaverse market that offers in-game cards of the celebrity contestants which players can own, buy, sell, and trade and earn points through contributions to the ecosystem.

Zulfiqar Khan, group COO of Balaji Telefilms, said, “As we embark on a first-of-its-kind journey for an innovation like the Lock Upp Game, we are delighted to have Chimp&z Inc on board to support us in this unique project which will break barriers and open paths for future content innovation.”

Chimp&z Inc has launched verified social media pages since the launch of the game and will further manoeuvre communications as per the user’s response to the fantasy game that replicates the reality of the show where around 16 controversial celebrity contestants are headed by a jailor and mediated by the host.

Ashish Duggal, vice president for growth and operations of Chimp&z Inc, commented that they are thrilled to partner with Khan and his team on delivering a surreal experience to the audience with a Metaverse-based game.

“The game plan is to develop identifiable social and digital solutions that will assist in supporting the brand’s thrust area of being the first fantasy game based on a reality show. We put together a team of gaming enthusiasts for this project who formulated a digital strategy that will appeal to the target audience, which includes gamers, metaverse wizards, and NFT buffs. This innovative intellectual property has manifested a bridge between virtual reality and entertainment, making the audience a part of the content they are consuming,” Duggal said.

Last February, Chimp&z Inc has announced its appointment as the creative and ideation agency of Autocar India.

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Cartoon Network launches #TomAndJerryBdayBash to commemorate 82 years of non-stop wonder

Mumbai, India — Since its inception in 1940, the furry duo of Tom and Jerry has captivated fans all around the globe with its immersive and unforgettable storylines. Most of the children who grew up watching their adventures and antics have a special place in their hearts for the tandem. To rekindle those memories, Cartoon Network, a WarnerMedia Kids channel, launched a social media campaign to celebrate the 82nd birthday of Tom and Jerry in India.

The campaign was done in collaboration with Cartoon Network’s recently appointed social media marketing agency Chimp&z Inc, an alliance of Merge Infinity Global. The show’s birthday celebration was executed for brand and franchise amplification across social media platforms Facebook and Instagram with multiple social media activations to engage with fans across the country.

Tom and Jerry’s birthday campaign included a mix of brand collaborations and UGC-led content to organically increase the overall digital footprint of Cartoon Network. The campaign was divided into three segments: pre-birthday, birthday, and after-party.

The first segment, the pre-birthday activity ‘I see Tom and Jerry’, was a series of 3 stories where users were asked to share pictures of anything that reminded them of Tom and Jerry using the ‘Add Yours’ feature on Instagram Stories.

For the birthday, on 10 Feb, multiple brands from various sectors namely Parle G, Tata Play, Vinod Cookware, MuscleXP, Man Arden, Curious Cat Company, Feline Club of India, Portronics India, Yellophant, and many more joined the celebration with the 2nd part, ‘#LetItSlide’, where they uploaded unfortunate mishaps they would let slide just to wish the duo a happy birthday.

The campaign ended with an after-party themedTom and Jerry Get The Cherry where users were given the opportunity to decorate Tom and Jerry’s home with a single tap on their mobile screen. The story would display Tom and Jerry’s room with text and decorative items.

According to Chimp&z Inc, the campaign has garnered a total of 2,14,100+ reach and 2,25,400+ impressions leading to an increase in Cartoon Network India’s Instagram follower base by 3000+ within a week. The official handle of Cartoon Network on Instagram posted a wrap-up Reel to showcase how the celebrations unfurled.

Last January, Cartoon Network has unveiled its latest brand experience called ‘Redraw Your World’ for its APAC market.

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Chimp&z Inc. bags Autocar India’s creative mandate

Mumbai, India – Digital advertising agency Chimp&z Inc. has recently been appointed as the creative and ideation agency of Autocar India, a car-centric magazine that is part of Haymarket SAC Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture between Haymarket and Sorabjee Automotive Communications.

Through the mandate, the agency will be conceptualising and designing the brands’ digital creative strategies and communication. The scope also entails positioning, creating guidelines and assets, conceiving digital marketing and advertising campaigns for the brand. The account will be serviced from the agency’s Mumbai office.

On the association, Hormazd Sorabjee, editor of Autocar India and director at Haymarket SAC, said, “The team at Chimp&z are a passionate bunch, high on energy and bubbling with creativity. It’s a pleasure working with a company that shares our values for producing the best possible content, and has a ‘can do’ spirit.”

Meanwhile, Angad Manchanda, CEO and co-founder at Chimp&z Inc, commented, “We are thrilled to create unconventional digital content for a publication like Autocar India, acclaimed for its exceptional editorial content and production standards. Lavinn (co-founder) and I are both motorheads and have been ardent fans of the work Hormazd Sorabjee and his team pull off at Autocar India.”

He added, “We have aligned a dedicated team of motor enthusiasts who will be leading the brand here at Chimp&z Inc and we look forward to creating powerful pieces of work for the brands.”

All the three magazines from Haymarket SAC have over the years earned a reputation for a high level of editorial content, production standards, and meticulous testing. The brand’s partnership with the agency is based on a shared vision of crafting creative ideas that will articulate the vision, innovation, and offerings to retain its global reach.

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Chimp&z Inc to handle digital marketing of two Emmbros Overseas Lifestyle brands

Mumbai, India – Integrated marketing agency Chimp&z Inc has announced that it has acquired the digital marketing mandate for two consumer brands – MuscleXP, a premium-quality sports supplement brand, and Man Arden, a male grooming & skincare brand – both from the house of Emmbros Overseas Lifestyle. 

As part of the mandate, Chimp&z Inc will be responsible for amplifying the brands’ social media communication across Facebook & Instagram. Chimp&z Inc will craft social media strategies and campaigns for both the brands to highlight their innovation and offerings.

For more than a decade, MuscleXP has been providing premium-quality sports supplement products, while Man Arden has been curating products aimed at meeting the daily grooming necessities of the modern-day evolved man, introducing products in various grooming segments like face care, hair care, and beard care, among others. 

With the objective to boost digital footfall, engagement, and brand recall, the agency will position Man Arden as a one-stop solution for the modern-day evolved men’s daily grooming essentials while MuscleXP as the most scientifically advanced, safest nutritional sports supplement. The agency said that both brands share a common goal of delivering high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Sahil Mehta, director of Emmbros Overseas Lifestyle, said, “I have always believed that associating yourself with people of good quality always brings the best to you. I am immensely excited to associate with Chimp&z Inc as I know that they are the best ones to take our business a notch higher digitally.” 

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & co-founder of Chimp&z Inc, commented, “We’re excited to work with Sahil and his vision for both the brands. The game plan is to create recognizable social and digital strategies which back the brands’ key messages. Over the next few months, the team will be releasing a series of digital and social content plans to reach the brand’s targets which will starlight the brands and their USP to their desired target groups.”

Last December, the Mumbai-based agency announced its global expansion to New York and Toronto.

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India-based Chimp&z Inc enters western market with expansion to New York, Toronto

Mumbai, India – Chimp&z Inc, the full-service digital advertising alliance from Merge Infinity Network, has announced its global expansion in New York and Toronto.

Through the expansion, Chimp&z Inc will be able to accelerate the growth of its international clientele and cater to partners on their roster on the American market. Moreover, the expansion will enable Chimp&z Inc to provide digital integration, martech solutions, and performance marketing services globally. It will also help drive the brand presence of its new ROI-driven social media arm – Yellophant Digital.

Under the leadership of Chimp&z Inc’s co-founder, Lavinn Rajpal, the agency will immediately undertake efforts to hire a full-stack agency structure and release open positions for talents across technology, digital marketing, and creative, as well as design verticals in New York and Toronto offices.

Rajpal and Angad Singh Manchanda, Chimp&z Inc’s co-founder, shared that the expansion is aligned with the agency’s ambition to create a truly global entity with a diverse team of professionals to bring the true power of integrated marketing to their partner brands. 

“With these two offices, we intend to work with brands across the spectrum with a specific focus on lifestyle and luxury brands, which has been our forte in India. The sheer magnitude of this market will provide enormous scope for our creative & tech services,” they said.

This August, Chimp&z Inc has won India-based skincare brand The Derma Co‘s social media mandate, and was tasked to drive the brand’s digital sales.

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Chimp&z Inc. wins social media mandate for skincare brand The Derma Co.

Mumbai, India – Chimp&z Inc., the full service digital advertising alliance from Merge Infinity Network, has recently bagged the social media mandata of The Derma Co., a local-based skincare brand, which was won post a multi-agency pitch and will be handled by the agency’s Gurugram office keeping social communications a notch up to drive digital sales.

Through the mandate win, the agency will also be responsible for social content and product photoshoots, as well as creating, managing, and executing end-to-end digital campaigns and strategies.

Furthermore, Chimp&z Inc will craft social media strategies for a science-backed filter-free communication with the consumers to highlight the brand’s vision, innovation, and offerings.

Speaking about the mandate win, Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO and co-founder, Chimp&z Inc said, “We are elated to work on creating powerful social communications for a brand like The Derma Co., which thrives on making the Indian market vocal, and top-notch in skincare solutions. Their AI-driven methods hold a lot of potential for advancement in the beauty care sector.”

He added, “The dedicated team at Chimp&z Inc is excited to work on their social media amplification front and aspires to achieve game-changing results. This will lay the foundation of a close partnership that can yield phenomenal results in the days to come.”

Meanwhile, Ghazal Alagh, co-founder, The Derma Co., commented, “Skincare has evolved over the years and consumers are looking for specialized products for their skin concerns that are safe and effective. The Derma Co. has a wide portfolio of science-backed skincare solutions with potent ingredients in the right concentration that will help our consumers to heal their skin from within and reveal their filter-free skin.”

She added, “Chimp&z Inc resonates very well with our approach and through this partnership, we aspire to keep our audience engaged on social media and create a paradigm shift in skincare. We are delighted to partner with Chimp&z Inc for handling strategic and creative responsibilities for The Derma Co.”

Chimp&z has bagged several account mandates recently, including the digital marketing mandate of plumbing and piping manufacturer Astral India, as well as the digital communications mandate for cookware manufacturer Vinod Cookware.

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Mumbai-based Chimp&z Inc takes liberty to honor ‘coming-out’ stories in adland for Pride Month

Mumbai, India – Mumbai-based digital-first advertising agency Chimp&z Inc showed utter solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community by launching the #PrideOfAdvertising campaign. Through the campaign, the agency did not just honor Pride Month but also raised the value of inclusivity in the advertising industry. 

The agency presented a candid yet meaningful ‘Q&A’ series on its social media pages, capturing the queer professionals’ coming-out emotions and reactions to homo/transphobic comments. These were then gathered and presented as inspirational stories on Chimp&z Inc’s FB and IG pages.

Onir, national award-winning filmmaker

Despite rapidly growing cultural acceptance for LGBTQIA+ people, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is still evident. With this, the agency initiated a campaign that will inspire and empower the community. 

Archit Ambekar, the marketing manager at The Red Pen

The campaign featured professionals including Sumitro Sircar, the group account manager at Chimp&z Inc, Archit Ambekar, the marketing manager at The Red Pen, and freelancer Priyesha Nair, as well as film-maker Onir, who is known for being one of the earliest advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights in India, among many others.

Chimp&z Inc’s CEO and Co-Founder Angad Singh Manchanda commented that coming out is a challenge for the LGBTQIA+ community, not just personally but professionally and psychologically as well. 

Manchanda said that urban LGBTQIA+ activism has created space for individuals to defy societal norms and perceptions and choose to live as per their will. With this, the list of Pride-themed campaigns taking over the internet in June keeps getting longer and more meaningful. 

“We wanted to do more than just tell stories. We brought out the perspective of each individual and their experience in the industry after coming out professionally. This digital campaign sets out a virtual pride parade that honors LGBTQIA+ members of the advertising community. I trust it will evolve and adapt to the changing society in the coming years. On behalf of the team at Chimp&z Inc, I thank all the mavens of the #PrideOfAdvertising. We celebrate you with pride,” said Manchanda.

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Astral India awards digital marketing mandate to Chimp&z Inc

Mumbai, India – Plumbing and piping manufacturer Astral in India has awarded the digital marketing mandate of its expanded portfolios, namely Astral Pipes, Astral Foundation, and Astral Adhesives, to advertising agency Chimp&z Inc.

Astral is a manufacturer and provider of Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride (CPVC) piping, plumbing, and drainage systems in India. It offers piping technologies, quality products, and services to residentials and industrial customers in the country.

As per the mandate, Chimp&z Inc will be responsible for the social media management, SEO, paid media, and website maintenance of Astral’s brands. The agency will also be emphasizing the unique touch-points and employing innovative digital tools of the three Astral entities.

Commenting on the new partnership, Kairav Engineer, the vice president of business development at Astral, said that they look forward to enhancing the brand’s digital presence through the partnership.

“Astral enjoys a great deal of trust and sizable equity in the Indian market. Always a step ahead with innovative products and smart solutions, Astral brands have been trailblazers in their respective industries. Our aim now is to amplify our digital communication with social media strategizing, video marketing, influencer marketing, and all the other upgraded digital tools,” said Engineer.

Meanwhile, Chimp&z Inc’s Vice President of Growth and Operations Ashish Duggal shared, “We are thrilled to be associating with a group of brands that strive to set benchmarks with all their initiatives – the Astral Ltd. Chimp&z Inc’s integrated approach on the digital front clubbed with the brand’s efforts to serve consumers to the best of their abilities can be the inception of a strong alliance that delivers some remarkable work overtime.”

The accounts will be managed by the agency’s Mumbai office.

In April this year, Chimp&z Inc has also nabbed cookware manufacturer Vinod Cookware‘s digital communications duties and was tasked to lead the brand’s social media strategy, creatives, and digital PR, as well as performance marketing.