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Zespri’s new regional campaign shows not all fruits are created equal

Singapore – Zespri International, a kiwifruit marketer based in New Zealand, has launched a new tongue-twisting campaign challenge. Called ‘#Just1ZespriChallenge’, the campaign aims to show that not all fruits are created equal.

Developed in collaboration with global marketing agency VMLY&R, the new campaign has been launched across multiple integrated touchpoints in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This is part of the brand’s 2022 Just One Zespri campaign, which aims to communicate the superiority of Zespri Kiwifruits for providing 100% of a person’s daily Vitamin C in just one kiwifruit.

Weaving key messages around the benefits of Zespri Kiwifruits into three fun tongue-twister videos, consumers were able to compete for prizes via a special Zespri Instagram contest.

According to Zespri International, since the launch of the campaign, it has reached out to over 9.2 million consumers in India, 6.1 million consumers in Indonesia, 2.7 million consumers in Malaysia, and 2.9 million consumers in Thailand.

Valerie Madon, chief creative officer at VMLY&R Asia, noted that most people think that all fruits are created equal when it comes to vitamin C, and that fruit is not the most desirable food to eat. 

“The #Just1ZespriChallenge leverages AR to educate and inspire people around just how fun and easy it is to be healthy with Zespri Kiwifruit, which is incredibly delicious and packed with 100% of your daily vitamin C,” said Madon.

Meanwhile, Judy Lee, head of marketing for future markets at Zespri International, said, “Consumers’ enthusiasm in the campaign has been strong, helping to increase awareness and front-of-mind recall for Zespri Kiwifruits across key markets in Asia, while staying true to the fun and playful character of the Zespri brand.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Caltex taps VMLY&R to launch Tiktok challenge #Caltexunstoppablestar

Philippines — Caltex, a subsidiary of Chevron Corp., has partnered with VMLY&R, a global brand and customer experience agency, to launch #Caltexunstoppablestar, a campaign on TikTok centred around engaging musicians and fans across Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The said campaign was also done in collaboration with Def Jam Southeast Asia, Universal Music Group’s flagship hip-hop label.

Musicians and fans across the said countries are encouraged to enter the rap challenge on TikTok, which aims to underscore the joy of driving and the freedom of journey.

The mechanics, as conceptualised and executed by VMLY&R, features a unique 60-second rap song co-written and co-produced for Caltex by SonaOne and performed by artists across three countries: Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia. The rap is divided into four 15-second sections, each increasing in speed and difficulty. Leveraging the different AR features of Tiktok, participants can create unique rap videos of their celebration of the joys of driving and adventures.

Dean Gilbert, general manager for marketing and sales support of Chevron Corporation, said that VMLY&R and Def Jam Southeast Asia helped Chevron encapsulate Caltex’s #unstoppable ethos through a fun and unique campaign. Gilbert added that with Caltex’s unbeatable mileage, users can keep on going, and fuel stops become one less thing holding them back from what they want to achieve, be it performing as a rap artist or running daily errands.

Valerie Madon, chief creative officer of VMLY&R Asia, said, “Singing in our cars is a universal joy, and Caltex is focused on enabling drivers to enjoy their journeys. Sharing energy and new music through this project encompasses the human spirit we are championing and keep empowering as the VMLY&R brand.”

The song, written and produced for Caltex by Def Jam Southeast Asia, features a catchy, tongue-twisting, free-flowing rap. Participants are encouraged to use Caltex’s special TikTok AR filters to glam up their rap to get a chance to win numerous prizes up for grabs in the contest.

Meanwhile, Calvin Wong, CEO of Universal Music Group Southeast Asia, commented, “Hip-Hop is highly influential across the region. With some of Southeast Asia’s biggest rappers including Malaysia’s Joe Flizzow, Thailand’s Daboyway and the Philippines’ Matthaios performing on the track, we’re excited to see how fans and users take the song to the next level through this partnership.”

According to the agency, within just 10 days of launch, the campaign has already garnered over 650 million views on the hashtag page with several unique submissions from participants. The campaign is running in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand from February 18, 2022, to April 24, 2022.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Fashion brand Pomelo ties up with TikTok to launch exclusive 13-piece capsule collection

Singapore – Pomelo, an omnichannel fashion platform in Southeast Asia, has launched its latest collection, an exclusive 13-piece wardrobe line created in collaboration with video-sharing app Tiktok.

Through the collection, which officially dropped Wednesday, Pomelo and TikTok aim to empower Gen Zs and Millennials to boldly express themselves and embrace their own styles.

The collection features a striking and fun assortment of streetwear-inspired separates emblazoned with TikTok’s distinctive logo, including printed mesh tops, and pieces splashed with the brand’s signature colors of red, light aqua, and white. It also includes accessories, such as tinted shades and mini crossbody bags.

Pomelo x TikTok collaboration

Alongside the collection release, Pomelo will also be introducing a TikTok challenge for all fashion enthusiasts called #BeBoldBeYou. Starting from 24 February to 5 March, Pomelo fans and TikTok creators can take part in the challenge by styling their favorite looks, showcasing their own unique fashion style, “whether bold, expressive, or confident.” The most creative entries will get a chance to win the full collection and win prizes worth up to US$300.

Pomelo x TikTok Collection will be exclusively available on, the Pomelo App, and in stores in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Unified customer data sources are top of mind for PH, SG marketers: study

San Francisco, USA – Marketers in both the Philippines and Singapore are understanding the importance of data-driven marketing, with unified customer data sources showing to be their top of mind, said a study by American cloud-based software company Salesforce. 

For Singaporean marketers, the merging of siloed customer data from different sources such as sales, survey information, web browsing analytics, emerged to be one of their top priorities, while Filipino marketers considered it as one of their challenges. 

Although Filipinos stated it as such, the study found that the median number of customer data sources used by them is only five in 2020, compared to Singaporeans which use a median number of 10 sources in the same year. Such count is expected to increase even more in 2021, with Filipinos expected to use a median number of six, while Singaporeans projected to increase their number of sources to 12. 

Marketers from both regions have also been shown to incorporate the use of AI in marketing efforts. For Filipinos, the increased focus on customer experience reflected on its intentions with AI, using it for improving customer segmentation, personalizing the overall customer journey, and resolving customer identity as well as for surfacing data insights. Meanwhile, Singapore marketers are almost in tandem with Filipinos, using AI for the same reasons, but with programmatic advertising and media buying as one of its intended purposes.

Finally, with success metrics, Filipino marketers are consistent in prioritizing customer satisfaction, stating it as their top measurement of effectiveness. This was followed by revenue and customer retention rates. For Singaporeans, on the other hand, marketing success meant increased revenue the most, followed by sales effectiveness, and customer retention rates as well as channel ROI.