Global – After a three-way pitch process, Australia-based advertising agency WiredCo. has been appointed by global FMCG giant Edgewell to craft a campaign for its new brand launch. The remit extends across media, creative, social, earned media, digital and influencer marketing.

The creative campaign, which is set to launch in April, aims to raise the mass awareness and consideration towards the parent brand, which is home to some leading personal care brands, such as Wilkinson Sword, Banana Boat, Bulldog, Schick and WetOnes.

In line with this, the new brand launch will also see the group moving up to the leading category in supermarkets.

David Kennedy-Cosgrove, managing partner at WiredCo., said that the new brand aims to break norms in the FMCG category that has never had a competitor successfully challenge its mundanity.

Another managing partner at WiredCo. Michelle Hampton, added that they came up with an idea that is very ‘campaignable’ and they’re now capable of executing it across all leading channels including earned media.

Meanwhile, Ivan Nuich, managing director of Edgewell at Oceania, said, “What really stood out about the team at WiredCo. was their demonstrated ability to come up with a bigger overarching campaign idea that was clearly backed up by data and marketing science, and the technical specialism to show where it needs to live in market for maximum impact.” 

Works from the campaign will be executed for six months with a social media focus across TikTok and Pinterest.

WiredCo.’s portfolio of brands include Pizza Hut, R.M.Williams, Red Bull, Assembly Label, Indeed, Maurie & Eve, and Georg Jensen.

Shanghai, China In collaboration with Hotel Shilla and private equity firm Anchor Equity Partners, L’Oréal Groupe announced the launch of its new luxury beauty brand ‘SHIHYO’, through Loshian, a third-party joint venture.

This marks the first time L’Oréal is launching a new beauty brand through a joint venture.

SHIHYO is a newly created skincare brand inspired by the Asian wisdom of the 24 seasons, embodying the healthy energy of nature powered by herbal sciences. The brand’s first flagship store, the ‘Seoul Garden’, will open in the coming months at The Shilla Seoul Hotel in Korea.

“L’Oréal LUXE is very pleased to announce the launch of SHIHYO through a partnership with Hotel Shilla and Anchor Equity Partners,” said Cyril Chapuy, president of L’Oréal Luxe.

He added, “Rooted in an exceptional traditional wisdom and knowledge of naturality, SHIHYO represents the epitome of Asian luxury beauty. Empowered by science, SHIHYO delivers the highest skincare quality thanks to its signature patented ingredient, offering the most elevated luxury beauty experience.”

In-Gyu Han, COO of Hotel Shilla, also commented, “SHIHYO is a luxury beauty brand that brings out the best of naturality and efficacy with seasonal ingredients directly sourced from local farmers in Korea.”

Han further explained, “With our rich retail expertise married with L’Oréal’s strong brand building capabilities, we believe SHIHYO will elevate the desire for natural, luxury beauty in Asia.”

Sanggyun Ahn, managing partner of Anchor Equity Partners, also said, “We are glad to join this partnership to support the growth of the most unique brand in Asia and globally. We have full confidence that SHIHYO will meet the discerning consumers’ needs with new luxury beauty routines.”

L’Oréal has also previously extended its partnership with digital-first agency Lion & Lion to introduce its science-forward skincare brand La Roche Posay to the Indonesian market.

Shanghai, China – Advertising agency Ogilvy in China has been tapped by agricultural product production business Tongwei Group for the launch of its newest pet food brand Pjoy. Through the agency appointment, Tongwei Group aims to expand its brand portfolio to tap into business opportunities presented by the fast-growing domestic pet food segment.

Ogilvy China will be responsible for crafting the new brand and charting a business roadmap that would support sustainable growth, leveraging robust market analysis and consumer research to define a scalable business segment, identify the new brand’s target audience, and develop new product concepts, product mix, brand positioning, naming and personality. 

In addition, Tongwei Group’s strategic recommendations are then translated into the real-world by Ogilvy’s advertising, experience and public relations teams, who spearheaded and executed the new brand’s visual identity, packaging design as well as e-commerce content and communications strategy.

Sandy Ng, president at Ogilvy Consulting in China, said, “Pjoy is a true testament of how Ogilvy’s offerings across capabilities can work seamlessly together to help support our clients and give birth to a new brand starting from market opportunity analysis all the way to the brand communications execution. We look forward to establishing Pjoy as the go-to choice of premium pet food in China.”

Pjoy’s product line currently includes 16 different types of cat and dog food that can be mixed and matched to suit the animal’s preferences and diet needs. All products are free of additives, artificial colorings, preservatives, and cooked through 3 different methods to ensure high-nutritional value. 

Furthermore, Ogilvy Shanghai supported the brand launch just ahead of this year’s Singles’ Day festival, delivering an integrated communications strategy and amplifying brand awareness KOLs and KOCs on key Chinese social media platforms.

Australia – The Australian Professional Leagues (APL) has revealed its new ‘A-Leagues’ brand which will unify the men’s, women’s, and youth football leagues.

As part of the change, the men’s and women’s elite competitions will be recast as partners at the top of the game, with A-Leagues using football’s position as the country’s most inclusive sport to grow the game for everyone. 

Moreover, the A-Leagues will be moving to a unified social media channel for men’s and women’s football on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in the coming months and will re-launch a new A-Leagues website, creating a single destination for fans of professional football in Australia and significantly increasing the profile and reach of women’s football.  

Danny Townsend, the managing director of APL, said the new A-Leagues brand has a simple idea at its core, and that they are committed to growing the game for everyone in  Australia, which means delivering a world-class experience on and off the pitch and inspiring the next generation of A-Leagues superstars to fulfill their highest potential. 

“This is just the beginning of our ambitious, long-term vision for the growth of football in Australia,” added Townsend. 

Meanwhile, Ant Hearne, APL’s chief commercial officer, said, “We know our fans live and breathe football so we want to create the best possible experience in the stadium, at  home, on the move, through gaming or fashion or food – however fans want to connect with football, we will deliver.”

APL said that the new A-Leagues 2021 to 2022 season will kick off on 19 November for A-League Men and 3 December for A-League Women. 

In addition, the A-Leagues will be soon revealing a digital football platform to become the home of football in Australia, bringing fans closer to the world’s game. It will also continue to showcase emerging Australian talents, including emerging stars who have already played central roles at the Olympics after making headlines on the domestic stage last season.

Singapore – In a bid to launch a new mobile communication experience for the professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) sector, telco startup Gorilla has recently launched in Singapore to feature the first-ever service-on-demand model for a telco in the country. and first.

The said model provides access to a full suite of services, anytime–without a contract, subscription fees or activation charges. Users pay only for what they use, when they use it, ensuring a fair and modular way of using and paying for mobile services.

Complementing Gorilla’s model of fairness and user-centricity is its proprietary SwitchBack technology, powered by blockchain. Gorilla’s SwitchBack enables users to fully ‘switch back’ unused mobile data to offset their bills, purchase or exchange for other in-app services, or simply share it with their co-workers and team members. 

Unlike other telcos, there is no expiry for unused data. This sets Gorilla Mobile apart from its peers and further demonstrates its commitment to fair mobile solutions, designed with users in mind.

Customers can sign up for Gorilla Mobile’s Switch25 Mobile plan through the Gorilla Mobile website. In the coming months, the company will be unveiling new services including a global roaming travel data SIM card, digital international direct dialing (IDD) and global office telephony solutions.

In addition, Gorilla Mobile has rolled out the #RethinkMobile pre-launch campaign on its website – calling on Singaporeans to look at their mobile phone bills and examine their mobile package subscription and actual usage: what they are paying for versus what they actually use.

The Switch25 Mobile plan costs S$25 and is available to all Singapore registered companies, Singaporeans, permanent residents, EPass, EntrePass, and SPass holders aged 21 and above. From 18 June to 18 August, new customers, both individuals, and businesses, are entitled to a Bill Difference Reward of up to S$50 per mobile number, credited directly to their PayNow account upon successful port-in.

Gorilla Mobile will lean on local telco M1 as its host mobile network operator, leveraging its wide network coverage, and local telco MyRepublic‘s enterprise operating support system and business support system (OSS/BSS) telecommunications solution and managed services.

Xanne Leo, founder and CEO at Gorilla, notes that with their service-on-demand model, they have digitized their services, moving beyond customized or flexible subscriptions. They believe users should have easy access to mobile services anytime, anywhere, and pay only for the services they use. 

“Our SwitchBack feature can be compared to the Singapore Parking app. Users pay only for their parking duration and get refunded for their unused time. Through SwitchBack, unused data never goes to waste. Its value gets reallocated to offset, purchase or exchange for other Gorilla services,” she stated.

Leo also shared the sentiment of many companies who are once again turning to work-from-home arrangements under the recent tightened COVID-19 measures. She added that the current workforce, now relying on their home Wi-Fi most of the day, has large amounts of unused mobile data each month. 

“Gorilla Mobile’s suite of services, especially our local plan, are developed with the needs of Singapore’s working professionals at heart. We are committed to providing fair mobile solutions to ensure our customers enjoy the benefits at maximum value. While many of our peers offer customised and flexible plans, which predict or assume a customer’s monthly usage, we charge them solely on their actual use,” Xanne added.

She further explained, “As we are still in our pre-launch phase, gradually bringing our full services to the market, we welcome users to try our service and share their valuable feedback with us as we strengthen our offerings and roll out more services to better cater to their needs.”

To empower its service, Gorilla has secured US$3m of seed capital and is set to raise US$5m in its upcoming Series A funding. The funds will be used to develop its product roadmap and for market expansion across Southeast Asia, with initial rollouts in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company will enter Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the longer-term.

Hong Kong – Following the company’s recent logo revamp to mark its 50th anniversary, Shangri-La Group has recently announced a new family experience brand called ‘Fam.ily™’ which aims to create best-loved experiences for multi-generational families as well as provide support for customers on their parenting journeys.

The recent brand launch speaks to the group’s strong Asian heritage and strong family culture, as well as reaffirming the brand’s commitment to evolving with customers to fulfil ever-changing demands and delivering on the brand promise of heartfelt hospitality. 

The ‘Fam.ily™’ brand houses a variety of new and existing programs specially designed to enable family guests to realise their Shangri-La franchises, both individually and with one another, as they explore, bond and grow together.

In regards to the brand’s logo, it comprises two parts: ‘fam’, the shortened word for ‘family’, and ‘ily’, the abbreviation for ‘I Love You’, connected by an infinity symbol. At the centre of the symbol is a heart-shaped knot, symbolizing the love shared by family members and the strong ties that bind them. The logo reflects Shangri-La’s commitment to go beyond service by inviting guests to be part of an integrated family-centric experience.

According to Hui Kuok, chairman of the Shangri-La Group, the recent brand launch reflects the company’s perception of the family being the heart of the Shangri-La brand culture and treating their guests like family remains a hallmark of the Shangri-La identity.

“With the launch of our new Fam.ily™ brand, and as we continue to introduce thoughtfully-designed family offerings, we hope to deliver the best-loved experiences that will bring families closer together, and create precious and lasting memories for our family guests,” Kuok stated.

Through Fam.ily™, guests can take part in a wide variety of activities that have been specifically designed to encourage learning through play and shared experiences through co-discovery across generations. This summer, pilot Fam.ily™ programmes will be rolled out at four properties across Mainland China.

In addition, Fam.ily™ will offer a unique mix of active and creative family experiences, including staying in themed family suites that have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate multigenerational groups, as well as activities for children who can take a memorable adventure to a jungle, castle, outer space or underwater wonderland from the comfort of their rooms.

To support customers in their parenting journeys, Fam.ily™ strives to facilitate learning and communication among parents by building a supportive community where they can connect and exchange experiences with one another through multiple channels, such as online chat groups and family events. 

Fam.ily™ also harnesses Shangri-La’s own insights and expertise by engaging thought leaders and experts in parenting and child development to share their knowledge with the Fam.ily™ community. These experts will share ideas and tips for fostering bonds across generations and achieving work-family balance.