Manila, Philippines – Multinational insurance company AXA in the Philippines has named Bernardo Serrano Lopez as its new president and chief executive officer. He joins AXA Philippines following his recent stint as chief executive officer at AXA Colpatria, the company’s insurance arm in Colombia.

Lopez is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of senior leadership experience. He began his journey with AXA in Chile in 1998 before he was appointed regional CEO for AXA Latin America in 2001 and subsequently general manager of AXA Spain in 2003. 

Between 2006 and 2011, he left AXA to set up his own successful company. In 2011, he rejoined AXA as CEO of AXA Brazil, overseeing the arrival of AXA in South America. He was later appointed as deputy CEO of AXA Colpatria in 2014, where he led the company’s entry in Colombia. He was named CEO of AXA Colpatria in 2016.

Speaking on his new role, Lopez said, “AXA has been part of my professional life for more than two decades, and I am thrilled to join one of the fastest growing markets for insurance, here in the Philippines.”

He added, “I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to AXA Philippines as we continue to work together to help our customers protect what matters most to them.” 

Meanwhile, Gordon Watson, chief executive officer at AXA Asia and Africa, commented, “With Bernardo’s extensive experience as a chief executive officer in the insurance industry and his entrepreneurial spirit and track record of transforming businesses, he is the perfect lead for our strategic ambitions in the Philippines.”

Singapore – With employee well-being a key factor in determining an organization’s success, AXA Insurance has decided to launch its new ‘Better Me Business’, an employee benefits solution designed for SMEs and start-ups in Singapore.

The new ‘Better Me Business’, which is part of the company’s enhanced #BetterMe employee benefits proposition for businesses of all sizes and needs, features a wide range of plan and rider options that cater to different coverage needs and budgets. It also goes beyond medical benefits to include supplementary health and wellness services that can help boost employee satisfaction and productivity, and it does not come with any minimum group size requirement. 

Firstly, companies and their employees will get comprehensive coverage without the constraints of sub-limits, allowing them to have greater certainty about how much of their medical bills will be covered if they have to undergo major or minor medical procedures.

Another employee benefit is a range of health and wellness services that are more often associated with larger companies, such as a chronic disease management program, mental support through in-person or virtual consultations, and fitness and wellness experiences at exclusive rates, as well as discounted health screening packages.

Meanwhile, employees can also get an added layer of personalization with the option to enhance their coverage according to their needs, such as critical illness insurance, personal accident insurance, and general practitioner coverage, as well as specialist coverage, and dental coverage.

And lastly, the solution offers both the company and employee the convenience of accessing policy information and services through a one-stop HR portal and MyAXA app. They will be able to easily track claims and generate reports on the platform, which helps to reduce administrative work and increase efficiency.

Julien Callard, AXA Insurance’s managing director for Retail and Health, shared that they want to better serve enterprises by offering a comprehensive employee benefits solution which not only takes care of their employees’ health protection needs for peace of mind, but that can also help improve their physical and mental well-being. 

“Companies who invest in the well-being of their employees can benefit from improved productivity and performance, and importantly build a stronger and more resilient workforce,” said Callard.

Hong Kong – To commemorate World Environment Day which was celebrated on 5 June, AXA Insurance in Hong Kong and Macau has launched the first film for its ‘Know You Can’ local hero campaign series. 

The ‘Know You Can’ local hero campaign series is a lineup of videos that aims to promote environmental awareness. It hopes to inspire and encourage AXA customers to support and adopt a green lifestyle. AXA has been active in its sustainability advocacy implementing e-services called Emma by AXA which replaces physical policy documents with eStatements or eAdvices. Through the series, the company also aims to encourage consumers to use said services. 

The kick-off video seeks to make a positive difference in the community by sending the message of the value of protecting the earth through ‘confidence, passion, and action’. The pilot film features Lance Lau, a Hong Kong-based 12-year-old youth climate activist, where he sends across his belief that big change begins with little things, echoing AXA’s strong belief in combating climate change. 

According to Andrea Wong, the chief marketing and customer officer at AXA Hong Kong and Macau, the local hero series was launched as an extension of their global brand campaign in an aim to further reinforce their brand promise ‘Know You Can’ and bring to life their purpose ‘Act for human progress by protecting what matters’. 

“Through such a genuine story of Lance, we hope to inspire people to embrace the future with confidence and combat climate change together. Lance’s video is only the first in our ‘Know You Can’ video series, we will be sharing more stories of local heroes who have demonstrated the power of leveraging confidence to create a better world,” said Wong.

The series is already running across digital, social media channels, as well as the AXA website, where audiences are also reminded of the ways they can join hands with AXA to pitch in the ‘Go Green’ movement.

Hong Kong – Insurance company AXA has announced the rollout of its new global brand campaign aimed at creating inspiration for confidence and progress.

Embodying the brand’s ‘Know You Can’ brand signature, the new brand campaign centers on the purpose of “act for human progress by protecting what matters.” This means evolving the meaning of the brand’s promise from empowering an individual’s self-belief towards being an enabler of progress through collective and connected confidence. In doing so, it seeks to make the brand a trusted and reliable beacon for its stakeholders.

In addition, the campaign is directly inspired by what most need nowadays: optimism. With the global pandemic having a massive impact on the physical and mental health of people around the world, the brand campaign’s message can be summed as “when you feel confident you can go far. When you feel protected by AXA you can go further.”

“This new brand campaign underscores AXA’s continuous commitment to being a true partner for our customers and helping them to achieve their goals. We hope to inspire people with this impactful campaign to embrace the future with confidence and build a better world together,” said Sally Wan, chief executive officer at AXA Hong Kong and Macau.

The new AXA brand campaign will first roll out in the Asia Pacific, particularly in Hong Kong, where the campaign will be promoted across TV, digital and social media, and on outdoor billboards at strategic locations.

One of the initial parts of the campaign is a short film produced by AXA, which focuses on a young girl’s dream to become a soccer player. Throughout the storyline, the young girl faces a lot of obstacles, from being bullied in school to having seen a riot in their local area. Despite the adversities, she manages to emerge victorious as she plays for a large crowd. 

Overall, the brand’s campaign is a focus point for AXA’s commitment to supporting its customers, small-to-medium enterprises and the wider community, giving them the confidence to move forward.

“We are proud and delighted to be the first Asian market to launch this powerful brand campaign. To further reinforce our brand promise ‘Know You Can’ among Hong Kong citizens and build up the impact of this meaningful brand campaign, we will also introduce a series of local inspiring true stories surrounding the themes of Climate Change, BetterMe and Health throughout this year,” said Andrea Wong, chief marketing and customer officer of AXA Hong Kong and Macau.

Singapore – Amid a cemented social distancing practice among communities, insurance company AXA has just launched a virtual hug creator that enables people to craft the perfect virtual hug – from the design of the hug to the sweet, touching message that people want to send to their loved ones. 

Dubbed as the #AXAHugsForGood challenge, the initiative is with longstanding corporate responsibility partners Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and SportCares, where for every virtual hug sent, S$5 will be donated to the said partners. 

Up until 31 December 2020, individuals in Singapore are invited to join the challenge via

On the website, users need to hit the ‘Create your hug now’ button to get started. From a wide selection of ‘hug’ GIFs, users have the option to choose which they want to send, whether a GIF showing a hug between two or three people, or GIFs of hugging animal characters, with designs also available in sporty, festive, and fun themes. 

Once a ‘hug’ is selected, AXA assists with crafting the perfect message you want to say to your loved ones. On the website, users can choose from ready-made ‘messages,’ and ‘reminders.’ AXA has prepared messages such as “It’s been a while, hope you’re doing alright,” “Just wanted to say ‘You’re awesome!’” and “Thanks for working late on the project!” Senders can also put additional ‘reminders,’ choosing from caring phrases such as “Take care and stay safe!” and “Have a good night’s sleep!”

Before finally sharing to social media, users can review their hug, with the new hug now bearing their chosen messages. The hug can be shared to numerous social media channels such as on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others, with an option as well to send to Zoom and Microsoft teams. 

This is the fourth edition of the AXA ‘For Good’ challenge with SCS and SportCares, which is designed to engage the community in doing good together and to foster a spirit of solidarity in Singapore. Challenges in the previous years involved doing burpees and bounce exercises with a message to engage in a healthy lifestyle and to “bounce” back from adversity. 

CEO Jean Drouffe said that through such social media engagement, AXA wants to show that its support for customers remains steadfast during this challenging time. 

“We recognize that the implications of the pandemic across our society are far-reaching, affecting the livelihoods and physical and mental well-being of many,” Drouffe said. 

He added, “Through #AXAHugsForGood, we hope to spread care and words of encouragement across Singapore with every virtual hug sent. Social distancing is likely to remain in place for some time, but there are ways we can connect with one another even from afar. The simple act of a hug, even a virtual one, can bring comfort and brighten someone’s day.”