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APRW bags PR business of Orange Tee & Tie, SMU IIE

Singapore – APRW Pte Ltd (APRW), an integrated communications agency in Singapore, has been named as the public relations agency for OrangeTee & Tie, a real estate agency in Singapore and the Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE). APRW is going to be working with OTT on a retainer basis, and the primary areas of work that it will be focusing on include media relations, providing support for marketing initiatives, and driving the growth of the firm. 

The new appointments will be led under the strategic direction of Ginny-Ann Oh and Anu Gupta respectively, both directors of APRW.

Oh shared, “We have been working closely with OrangeTee to develop and execute a new communications strategy that is aligned with their direction moving forward and upcoming plans. We are excited to be on board and look forward to elevating their position and reaching greater heights together.”

The agency has also been reappointed by SMU IIE for a year-long project. As SMU IIE’s PR partner, APRW’s role has been to position SMU IIE as a key voice and changemaker in the start up ecosystem. The agency has focused on building awareness on programmes like Protege Ventures that provide a great platform to gain first-hand experience into investing into start ups vis–a-vis promoting their global business competition, Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition (LKYGBPC), in the media.

Meanwhile, Gupta, commented, “We are thankful for this opportunity, proving the value we bring to the table as a dynamic team of effective communications practitioners who sought to add value to our clients. We are honoured to be re-appointed by SMU IIE, it serves as a great testament and recognition to the work we have done. 

Gupta added, “Our strategic approaches and experience within the start-up sector have helped SMU IIE in driving their capabilities in creating a sound eco-system that enables start-ups to grow their ideas while also fostering entrepreneurial spirit with students.”

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APRW, PRHUB to launch ‘specialised’ start-up practice for APAC under IPREX

Singapore Singapore based integrated communications agency APRW Pte Ltd announced its partnership with India-headquartered PRHUB, a leading integrated communications agency, to launch a specialised communications practice targeted at start-ups looking to expand within and beyond the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. 

The new practice is established under US-headquartered IPREX. It will be led by Anu Gupta, director of APRW and Xavier Prabhu, regional president for APAC, IPREX and founder and managing director of PRHUB. This practice will serve burgeoning communications needs of start-ups looking to grow within and beyond APAC region by tapping upon deep communications expertise of IPREX partners. 

The APAC start-up ecosystem has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. According to market intelligence firm Preqin, start-ups in APAC have secured US$152 billion in venture capital deals within the first nine months of 2021, matching the previous record of US$152 billion set in 2018. As per Statista research there were close to 200 unicorns in APAC with only the United States possessing a greater number of unicorns. The vibrancy and diversity of APAC’s start-up ecosystem indicates a strong potential for start-ups to expand regionally and beyond through targeted communication campaigns and strategies.

Commenting on the new practice, Julie Exner, IPREX global president, said, “Spread across India, China, Indonesia and Singapore among other countries in the region, there is absolutely no doubt that the start-up ecosystem in the APAC is one of the most dynamic and thriving ecosystems globally.” 

Exner commended that APRW and PRHUB are highly established partners with deep understanding of the ecosystem. “With their expertise and support from other partners in key markets, I am confident that the new practice will be a success and bring start-ups to greater heights,” added Exner.

Anu Gupta, APRW’s director, said, “I am thrilled to be launching this practice with PRHUB under IPREX. As a highly diversified & fragmented region, APAC presents an exciting multitude of opportunities and challenges. APRW has since expanded into Indonesia, which has emerged as a vital market for expanding start-ups, in 2020, as part of our commitment to better serve that market.” 

Gupta expressed that through IPREX, APRW is now able to build an expertise-led practice and offer strategic consultancy across key growth markets including China, Japan & Australia. “We hope to propel more start-ups to achieve greater success within and beyond APAC with this timely initiative,” added Gupta. 

In his comments, Xavier Prabhu, IPREX regional president for APAC and founder & managing director at PRHUB, said, “Many start-ups are looking to scale beyond their home markets and leverage the many opportunities that APAC has to offer. As they grow, they will require communication agencies who can provide holistic regional communications strategies to boost their visibility and strengthen their reputations.”

The specialised communications practice will provide a full suite of communications services for start-ups by leveraging IPREX’s global network of communication partners and tapping upon the expertise of Anu and Xavier. As communications veterans, both bring deep industry expertise coupled with strong understanding of APAC and the start-up ecosystem. They have also worked closely with several regional start-ups located in India and Singapore.

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APRW launches new business unit, appoints Sharon Koh as its MD

Singapore – Integrated communications agency APRW has announced the launch of its new business unit Digital Studio by APRW in a bid to meet the clients’ burgeoning needs in all things digital and for the web. As part of the new business launch, Sharon Koh has been appointed as managing director for Digital Studio by APRW.

The new business is an end-to-end digital solutions outfit, which will have deep capabilities in various technical areas to enhance its value-add to all digital stakeholders’ communication needs. In addition, the new business will drive its suite of digital services alongside APRW’S thriving PR practice. The plan to elevate the digital business is not a surprise, as technology and digital communications is the nervous system that links corporate strategy, finance, innovation, operations, and talent in today’s organisations.

“Digital Studio by APRW will comprise of professional specialists leading several functions – including performance and influencer marketing, video production, design and creatives, content marketing, account servicing, strategy and business development,” Koh said.

The new business unit is also a strategic move to attract and retain talents. It provides present and incoming team members with many career and growth opportunities – including different career pathways for the various functions, either a specialist or generalist track; and the possibility of job rotation. 

“Digital Studio by APRW will groom aspiring young talents under the guidance of senior colleagues who will provide mentorship and training to build upon their expertise, and nurture them to become experts in their respective practice. They will also be encouraged to deepen their expertise through continuous learning programmes,” the agency said in a press statement.

Koh further explained that the vision for Digital Studio by APRW was birthed when she first joined APRW to start its digital practice, with a strong focus on social media and Content Marketing. She noted as well that it has been an exciting, rewarding yet challenging journey over the past eight years and APRW’s existing digital practice has grown from strength to strength. 

“We are grateful to have gained trust and confidence from clients across multiple industries, establishing a solid foundation to pave the way for Digital Studio by APRW. With the various specialty functions in place, dual goals are achieved – value-add to our clients with expanded integrated digital solutions, and expand the knowledge base and capabilities of our team members,” she concluded.

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APRW taps seasoned corp comm Debora Prescillia as associate director for Indonesia

Singapore – APRW, one of Singapore’s earliest and largest integrated communications agencies, has announced the expansion of its local team in Indonesia with Debora Prescillia, former head of marketing & corporate communication of MNC Life Assurance, joining as new associate director.

Aside from roles in MNC Asset Management and MNC Life Insurance, Prescillia joins APRW with a long career journey of more than 10 years of corporate experience, including with Pertamina, McDonald’s Indonesia, Eculine Indonesia, and Pos Logistics Indonesia. She was also a former journalist in Koran Jakarta and MNC Media Group. 

Cho Pei Lin, APRW’s MD, said that the addition of Prescillia to the team is part of the firm’s commitment to serving the Indonesian market, believing that a strong foothold in Singapore combined with the local expertise in the Indonesian market will play a vital role in unlocking the potential of the clients from a communications standpoint. 

“Debora will focus on leading the operations in Indonesia, ensuring that the agency continues to provide strategic communication consultation, and to oversee the business development opportunities,” said Cho Pei Lin. 

Prescillia comments on her appointment, “I’m excited about leading the APRW Indonesia team and furthering the role that APRW plays in supporting and being a reliable communication partner for our clients in Indonesia. It is also important for us to build camaraderie with the team to have fun, grow and be fruitful in the work that we do and the projects entrusted to us by our clients.”

APRW said the Indonesia team will continue to work closely with its counterpart in Singapore, to be overseen by Anu Gupta, Director of APRW, to provide expertise and support to clients in the startup and technology industry.

Last September, APRW announced a partnership that seeks to empower future comms professionals for its 25th anniversary. The tie-up was with Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (NTU WKWSCI) in Singapore with APRW-NTU WKWSCI Student Development Fund at the center of it. The fund aims to help students fund their final-year projects at the school and recognize and celebrate the best ones.

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Comms agency APRW partners with NTU WKWSCI for project that would prep next gen comms professionals

Singapore – Just recently, a new partnership has been launched that involves the Singapore academe with the aim to serve the communications industry through the nurturing of future and next-generation communications professionals. 

The partnership is between integrated communications agency APRW and Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (NTU WKWSCI) who launched the APRW-NTU WKWSCI Student Development Fund. The fund aims to help students fund their final-year projects at the school and in addition, to recognize and celebrate the best projects with the APRW Excellence Award.

The program is part of APRW’s 25th-year anniversary celebration. Through the fund, APRW hopes to empower and enable students of NTU WKWSCI to be one step closer to achieving their dreams as communications professionals. 

APRW plans to raise S$160,000 for the APRW-NTU WKWSCI Student Development Fund, and will be galvanizing its community including clients and partners to contribute to the fund.

To mark the launch of the fund, APRW and NTU WKWSCI jointly held a panel discussion titled ‘Towards Effective Public Messaging Strategies: Implications for Post Pandemic Communication’. The panel highlighted key considerations for the communication of public health issues and research findings on the critical role of mainstream news media as public education tools to correct misinformation during public health crises.

Guest-of-Honour and the Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of National Development, Kiat How Tan, was also present in the signing ceremony which was held at NTU campus on 8 September 2021.

Pei Lin Cho, APRW’s managing director, believes that the success of a company lies not just in the growth, but how they have a greater role as a homegrown company to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation. 

“Together with the support of our clients, business partners, and media friends, we want to contribute our part towards creating a shared future through this partnership with NTU WKWSCI,” said Cho.

May Lwin, the chair of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, shared that as part of its curriculum, NTU WKWSCI’s Final-Year Project (FYP) aims to provide students with opportunities to apply the knowledge and abilities they have acquired at WKWSCI to real-time societal issues. 

“Our final year projects in various tracks like strategic campaigns, journalism, film, and research have produced output that contributed to improving society on numerous fronts. This is therefore opportune that APRW’s collaboration with WKWSCI will enable our final-year projects to progress even further,” said Lwin.

APRW has also commissioned one of its clients, local e-coffee company Hook Coffee, to create a signature blend called Brew Your Mind to support the fundraising efforts. About 50% of all proceeds from the sale of this coffee will go towards the APRW-NTU WKWSCI Student Development Fund.

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PR agency Asia PR Werkz marks silver year with major brand revamp

Singapore – In commemoration of the agency’s celebration of 25 years in operation, Singapore-based public relations agency Asia PR Werkz undergoes a major brand revamp, including transitioning to a new name, APRW, which is an acronym of the agency’s name.

In addition to the shortened new name, APRW has also unveiled a new agency logo, which speaks to the agency’s new phase of growth and reflects its forward-looking communications approach. Said logo, designed by brand consultancy Evye in Singapore, captures the essence of the firm’s progressiveness while preserving a piece of history. 

Boldly inked, the APRW name represents the firm’s adventurous spirit in challenging new frontiers while placing increasing importance on digital and social media in the area of public communications.

Ginny-Ann Oh, director of APRW, who leads the rebranding efforts, shared that the rebranding has been a year-long exercise for them as the team came together to take stock and reflect on their identity and accelerate towards their goal of becoming the agency of choice in the countries they are in, and beyond.

“The new logo retains our signature orange in the form of a speech bubble, symbolizing our aim to spur inspiring and meaningful conversations and nurture the next generation of communications professionals. The orange embodies our long-held bold and vibrant spirit, and youthful energy that we will continue to carry as we venture into new territories,” Oh said.

Part of the symbolism that plays in APRW’s new logo is the way the letters are stylized. Most noticeably, the letter ‘W’ distinctly charges ahead at a dramatic angle, illustrating the continuous forward momentum of the firm in the years to come. The leading letter ‘A’ pays homage to the firm’s heritage and original logo by retaining the Serif font to evoke enduring tradition and trustworthiness established over the years. 

“Overall, the logo symbolizes APRW’s desire to continuously spark conversations and be at the forefront of the communications industry. It symbolizes the firm’s commitment to engage in meaningful and omni-channel conversations in the world we live in,” the agency said in a press statement.

Established in 1996, APRW has built a strong portfolio of clients across diverse areas like government, public affairs, FMCG, education, health, hospitality, travel and tourism. To date, the agency has also set its sight on the regional market, aiming to enter new markets including Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam within the next five years. The firm is also currently in the final stages of a partnership discussion with one of Singapore’s leading universities.

“It is no mean feat for a local, independent agency to have grown to a team of 50 and counting, with the breadth and depth of expertise in communication across many sectors, in just 25 years. We have evolved with the changing times to develop new capabilities and service rising industries to remain at the forefront of the industry,” said Cho Pei Lin, managing director at APRW.

She added, “Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has posed, we continue to expand our professional networks. We are heartened by the support and trust that our clients have placed in us over the years. As we welcome a new era, we are excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary with our employees, clients, media friends and partners alike.”