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IAS comicizes ad verification awareness for JP marketers through manga series

Tokyo, Japan – Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global digital ad verification company, pushes for the awareness of ad verification by using everyone’s favorite medium – Manga comics. 

IAS launched its first Manga info book titled ‘Understanding Ad Verification with Manga!’ in an aim to raise awareness and deepen understanding of ad verification specifically for Japanese marketers, by introducing the basic concepts and approaches of ad verification.

With an even stronger digital activity today, the presence of fraudulent ads is fast becoming a pressing issue, and proper ad verification is looked to as one of the best possible solutions to combat this. Ad verification is a process that enables advertisers to verify if ads are placed in the right context, such as being situated on the right websites and therefore, displayed among the right audiences.

Digital ad verification is the company’s prime solution. The specially crafted manga series by IAS is an easy-to-understand overview of the basic concepts of ad verification, solutions, and use cases, seeking to support those in the field of digital advertising, as well as those at companies and agencies who are working to optimize and improve the health of their advertising.

It centers around the main character, Rinosuke Adobe, a young digital advertising manager at a fictional automobile manufacturer, and his team member, Tsugumi Suehiro, and their journey in solving problems such as brand risk and ad fraud by using ad verification.

“Although awareness of ad verification as a solution to media quality issues such as brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability in the digital advertising ecosystem is growing in the Japanese market, efforts to understand and implement the solution are still in their early stage,” said IAS.

Takeshi Yamaguchi, IAS Japan’s sales director, said, “Japanese digital ad budgets continued to grow even throughout the challenges of H2 2020, while ad fraud rates have also increased. IAS created this manga comic book to help creatively communicate the importance of ad verification and present the verification solutions in an easy-to-understand format for our partners.”

The new manga booklet is available for free download on the IAS website.

Japan has been bolstering its efforts on creating a safe environment for ad publication. The country has launched the Japan Institute for Certification of Digital Advertising Quality (JICDAQ), a third-party organization that provides third-party certification of the quality of digital advertising. Aside from this, a report by the Cabinet Office’s Digital Market Competition Council has also been released that outlines issues and recommendations for ensuring the fairness of transactions and improving transparency for the sound development of digital advertising.

Technology Featured ANZ

IAS, dentsu ANZ’s latest partnership to make ‘Total Visibility’ available to local advertisers

Sydney, Australia – Integral Ad Science, a global digital ad verification company, has announced a new partnership alongside the ANZ arm of advertising and public relations company dentsu to make IAS’ Total Visibility product more accessible to local advertisers.

‘Total Visibility’ allows advertisers to see not only the percentage of wasted media but also the financial impact, allowing them to optimize campaigns toward paths and publishers that are delivering cost-efficient and quality media. 

Using a single tag, Total Visibility provides access to the cost of video impressions that were partially viewed, mostly viewed, completely viewed or not viewed at all. Advertisers can then refine verification settings to reduce waste and better utilize every media dollar.

Dentsu is the latest to partner with IAS, furthering its commitment to deliver a comprehensive set of programmatic transparency solutions for marketers who need their campaigns to be highly effective and cost-efficient. Dentsu will now be able to combine the power of IAS’s Quality Impressions™ metric, with programmatic cost and the supply path data to inform and optimize their programmatic buying strategies while also driving media cost efficiencies for their clients.

Angela Tangas, CEO at dentsu ANZ, stated that advertiser clients want greater visibility on the full programmatic supply chain and to understand where their money is being invested end-to-end, just as consumers want to know how their products are made, where they are sourced from, and whether ethical and equitable practices are used in the supply chain.

“We’re committed to driving trust and transparency across all our media and digital advertising practices. Partnering with the IAS, a market leader in digital ad verification, to offer our clients access to a tool like Total Visibility is an important step to building trust and credibility in our industry,” Tangas stated.

Meanwhile, Jessica Miles, country manager at IAS ANZ, commented, “Programmatic advertising growth in Australia and New Zealand continues to surpass expectations, and with this partnership, we are bringing even greater transparency to dentsu’s programmatic buys, which is a win for advertisers across the region. 

She added, “With Total Visibility, dentsu ANZ can better understand the percentage of wasted media and the financial impact in real-time, enabling them to optimize client campaigns toward paths and publishers that deliver the highest quality media and cost efficiencies.”

Technology Featured Global

Video ad solutions Aniview team up with White Ops in providing ad inventory protection

Singapore – Video advertising solutions Aniview has partnered with global cybersecurity company White Ops to protect its client’s ad inventory through White Ops’ ad verification feature.

Through the partnership, Aniview will integrate the White Ops Advertising Integrity solution to help optimize protection and ensure its customers’ safety from malicious and sophisticated cybersecurity risks. As a result, publishers and advertising networks have another avenue by which they can access White Ops protection for their inventory. 

Furthermore, Aniview and its customers can leverage White Ops’ privacy-sensitive detection technology to identify threats and automated fraud attempts, ensuring their advertising inventory can be trusted and fraud-free. This then allows Aniview to provide its clients an effective solution to identify and prevent malicious video-bot traffic. The partnership represents the next step in Aniview’s mission to provide verified traffic and protection against video ad fraud. 

“The most common types of video fraud occur when malicious fraudsters misrepresent their display units as video inventory in programmatic exchanges. These sophisticated bots are deployed through malware embedded in software, essentially performing device-hijacking on a mass, organized scale. With the significant dangers ad fraud poses to the video supply chain, safety has become an increasingly critical issue and, as such, dangers are being met with innovative solutions,” White Ops said in a press statement.

White Ops operates two key features for video advertisers to use: White Ops Advertising Integrity, where platforms can tap into comprehensive pre-bid prevention and post-bid detection capabilities to verify the validity of advertising efforts across all channels, and the White Ops Fraud Mitigation Platform, which spots and stop sophisticated bots and fraud by using technical evidence, continuous adaptation, machine learning, and threat intelligence. 

“We’re excited to join together with Aniview in the optimization of fraud-free video advertising solutions. This partnership strengthens our presence in digital video while providing easier access to our platform for publishers and networks. The more partners that we have in this fight, the bigger our knowledge base grows and the better we can optimize our tactics against potential new threats from bad actors,” said Ellie Windle, vice president, global strategic partnerships and alliances at White Ops.

Meanwhile, Roy Cohen, CTO of Aniview commented that the recent partnership with White Ops responds to the greater need for protection against ad fraud as online video content is booming.

“Working with White Ops and our internal fraud detection tools, we will develop greater application integrity by identifying and blocking bot traffic with the highest degree of accuracy and speed to stay ahead of adversaries,” Cohen added.

Technology Featured Southeast Asia

Ad verification IAS acquires ad transparency Amino Payments

Jakarta, Indonesia – Digital ad verification Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the acquisition of programmatic ad transparency provider Amino Payments in response to IAS’ expansion of solutions to the market.

Entailed in the new acquisition is the acquisition also of Total Visibility, an existing Amino Payments solution designed to provide insights into digital media quality and corresponding supply path costs. The product offers advertisers impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to optimize campaigns in real-time and helps advertisers determine media quality including viewability, fraud and brand safety, by offering critical insights and control to optimize campaigns toward supply paths that deliver cost-efficient and high-quality media.

In addition, Total Visibility can save advertisers up to 15 percent of their programmatic media spend by optimizing their advertising investments toward the most impactful placements through the most cost-efficient supply path.

“As even more digital media is transacted programmatically, the need for transparency will continue to be critical for advertisers. The Amino Payments team is thrilled to join IAS, the market leader in verification, to pursue a joint vision to bring unprecedented transparency into programmatic advertising.” said Will Luttrell, CEO of Amino Payments.