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APL unites football in Australia, launches new brand ‘A-Leagues’

Australia – The Australian Professional Leagues (APL) has revealed its new ‘A-Leagues’ brand which will unify the men’s, women’s, and youth football leagues.

As part of the change, the men’s and women’s elite competitions will be recast as partners at the top of the game, with A-Leagues using football’s position as the country’s most inclusive sport to grow the game for everyone. 

Moreover, the A-Leagues will be moving to a unified social media channel for men’s and women’s football on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in the coming months and will re-launch a new A-Leagues website, creating a single destination for fans of professional football in Australia and significantly increasing the profile and reach of women’s football.  

Danny Townsend, the managing director of APL, said the new A-Leagues brand has a simple idea at its core, and that they are committed to growing the game for everyone in  Australia, which means delivering a world-class experience on and off the pitch and inspiring the next generation of A-Leagues superstars to fulfill their highest potential. 

“This is just the beginning of our ambitious, long-term vision for the growth of football in Australia,” added Townsend. 

Meanwhile, Ant Hearne, APL’s chief commercial officer, said, “We know our fans live and breathe football so we want to create the best possible experience in the stadium, at  home, on the move, through gaming or fashion or food – however fans want to connect with football, we will deliver.”

APL said that the new A-Leagues 2021 to 2022 season will kick off on 19 November for A-League Men and 3 December for A-League Women. 

In addition, the A-Leagues will be soon revealing a digital football platform to become the home of football in Australia, bringing fans closer to the world’s game. It will also continue to showcase emerging Australian talents, including emerging stars who have already played central roles at the Olympics after making headlines on the domestic stage last season.