Singapore – Leading aluminum and glassworks firm Oculus Collective has appointed brand consultancy 8traordinary as agency of record to revitalise the company’s branding and strategy and enhance its market presence and customer engagement efforts. 

The year-long strategic partnership gives 8traordinary the responsibility to guide the overhaul and help recalibrate, streamline, and curate a new strategy to revitalise the brand. 

The agency will lend their expertise to oversee the rework of the firm’s brand identity, creative content planning, and social media strategy and management.

Oculus Collective is set to see a brand new identity this October. The brand is known for its exclusive Signature Glass Door Series, which has the thinnest profile in the industry. For 15 years, it has continued to present an abundance of customisable options, carefully crafted to meet the needs of their diverse customer base without compromising quality. 

Prior to the partnership with Oculus Collective, 8traordinary has collaborated with a diverse portfolio of brands in branding, digital creative content, and social strategy works. 

Benson Aw, founder of Oculus Collective, said, “We saw the magic that 8traordinary has worked into other brands, and we wanted that transformative experience. As Oculus Collective continues to create milestones and perfect our craftsmanship to the next level, we needed someone who could effectively communicate what we have to offer to our target audiences.”

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Lim, founder and managing director at 8traordinary, believed Oculus Collective’s strive for excellence and pride in their work very much aligned with that of his agency’s. 

“Every brand deserves a voice, and Oculus Collective has a distinct voice to be heard. The firm has been consistently perfecting their craft to offer their clients imagination and individuality in their pursuit of the perfect space, whether at home or at work. We look forward to partnering them in combining science with art to create new living experiences across the various channels.” 

Singapore – 8traordinary, a digital brand consultancy, has acquired stakes in regional influencer marketing agency X10 Media to improve the influencer marketing capabilities of both companies strategically.

This partnership primarily focuses on finding new ways of combining branding and word-of-mouth to create meaningful connections with consumers and benefit brands, consumers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers.

Jeffrey Lim, founder and managing director of 8traordinary, emphasizes the importance of authenticity in this hyperconnected world. He believes establishing authentic connections is the key to standing out in the data-saturated industry.

With X10 Media’s newly developed proprietary technology, called Leadgram, will enable brands to effectively retarget consumers and significantly enhance conversions derived from Instagram campaigns, which ultimately drive positive outcomes in the competitive digital realm, according to Sky Lim, regional CEO of X10 Media.

8traordinary and X10 Media’s collaboration will take influencer marketing to new levels, using their expertise in branding, storytelling, and vast influencer network to reinstate the power of word-of-mouth impact for both brands and consumers.

As travel is fast coming back to its feet, Shangri-La, the global hospitality brand, meets this rebound halfway, amplifying its loyalty programme to now be called the new Shangri-La Circle

With an incredible feat to rebrand both the creative and the marketing of the programme, the hospitality company rightly tapped its agency partners to fuse creative and intelligent hands and bring this transformation to the table. For the programme’s digital marketing and communications, digital creative agency 8traordinary was brought on board to steer the wheel. 

Watch the full interview with 8traordinary’s Jeffrey Lim.

The remit of the agency comes out as our top story for the month of July. To further learn about the behind-the-scenes and the craftiness put into the digital campaign, we conversed with Jeffrey Lim, 8traordinary’s founder and managing director

The agency’s scope included creative content planning, social media strategy, influencer marketing, and community management. 

Influencer marketing had been a huge part of the campaign and to make this happen, the agency roped in influencers around the region such as Nathan Hartono, Lennard Yeong, Erwan Heussaff, Zahra Lari, Goh Jin Wei, and more than 150 other key opinion leaders across different countries to spread the news about the launch. 

On the criteria they used in selecting which KOLs, Jeffrey shared that they try not to focus too much on the usual metrics which are an influencer’s follower count and number of likes as these are quite achievable through paid media. What they looked into instead is the individual’s ‘authenticity’ and the motivation behind why people are looking up to the personality.

One of [our] key criteria, when we worked with Shangri-La Circle, is we want to look for [a] personality or [an] individual who is authentic, and we want to look at how can they use their passion and their authenticity to influence

Jeffrey Lim, Founder, Managing Director, 8traordinary

In line with Shangri-La’s main message of ‘Live the good life’, he also shared that they looked into tapping as much as a diverse group of influencers and not limit to the popular macro influencers, as ‘living a good life’ can mean differently for each person. 

“We want to showcase to the world that whoever you are and wherever you are…there’s a specific ‘good life’ that we at Shangri-La can present to you in its own unique way,” said Jeffrey.

The full conversation with Jefferey is now live on MARKETECH APAC’s YouTube and Spotify. In the interview, Jeffrey shared more about the challenges that came with developing the campaign as well as his expert insights into how brands can stand out in a period where there is overflowing content presented to consumers.

Singapore – Shangri-La began a new chapter in its well-known Asian hospitality with the revamp of its Golden Circle loyalty programme, launching the new Shangri-La Circle, a contemporary travel and lifestyle platform that goes beyond the traditional hotel loyalty programme by offering members more: simplicity, flexibility, privileges, recognition, and convenience.

Building on the success of JEN by Shangri-La’s rebranding partnership with 8traordinary, Shangri-La Group has partnered anew with the creative digital agency to launch their newly-transformed Shangri-La Circle. 

Formerly known as the Golden Circle, this rebrand will pave the way for deeper engagement with customers and transform the programme into being more than just a loyalty programme, but a powerful and aspirational direct-to-consumer travel lifestyle platform that promises more flexibility, simplicity, recognition, and rewards. 

With a consistent narrative for the brand leading with the platform, guests are engaged in a variety of ways and brought on a journey across the Shangri-La portfolio to experience the best of both East and West. 

Driven by the group’s commitment to delivering great experiences for guests, Shangri-La Circle offers its members exclusive access benefits and privileges across the 100 hotels and resorts in 22 countries and 76 destinations to live the good life. 8traordinary was brought on board to help curate, create and present these experiences online. 

Shangri-La Circle comprises four membership tiers, including Polaris, a new, invitation-only membership tier offering the highest level of personalised privileges. Benefits include unrestricted access to Shangri-La facilities worldwide—even without staying overnight—a dedicated global Polaris concierge, Polaris Discovery experiences, and Diamond status gifting to share memorable experiences with loved ones.

Members also have access to the new Shangri-La Circle App, where they can plan a getaway, reserve a table, or shop for merchandise in the Shangri-La Boutique. Through the app, members can also manage their account in one convenient place, and decide whether to use cash or points—or a combination of both—for bookings.

8traordinary’s scope included creative content planning, social media strategy & management, influencer marketing & management, and community management. 

Kevin Siew, VP and head of Shangri-La Circle, said, “We’ve had a great and longstanding working partnership with 8traordinary. They understand our brand, our guests, our members, and know-how to bring relevant content, campaigns and communications to them. With their help, we can use different online channels to tell the Shangri-La Group story and engage our community as we move from a hospitality brand to encompassing many more facets as a lifestyle brand, content curator and digital platform. We are excited to invite our valued Shangri-La Circle members into a new age of lifestyle experiences that this programme provides, adding the magic of discovery along the way.”

Jeffrey Lim, MD of 8traordinary, commented, “Shangri-La is a well-loved hospitality brand globally and we are extremely honoured to be part of this transformation journey. Having a first-hand understanding of the new experiences and benefits that Shangri-La Circle brings, we are more than happy to leverage our expertise and bring these offerings online. Working with influencers & content creators across different countries and community members from different walks of life, it’s been truly awesome to curate, share and enjoy the good life with Shangri-La.”

As part of the campaign launch, Shangri-La Group is working with 8traordinary to collaborate with popular influencers like Nathan Hartono, Lennard Yeong, Erwan Heussaff, Zahra Lari, Goh Jin Wei, and more than 150 other key opinion leaders across different countries to spread the good news. 

Meanwhile, in preparation for Shangri-La’s first member’s day post-launch on the 6th of June, 8traordinary also developed a creative AR filter to help spread the campaign message that “Life isn’t meant to be square” and everyone deserves to live the good life.