Singapore – Grey Group Singapore’s latest account win is a multi-client approval to create a new Singapore-based sustainability youth incubator. In its development, the agency will be partnering with top organizations for sustainability – organization for wildlife conservation and endangered species, World Wildlife Fund, (WWF); Temasek foundation, the state sovereign fund’s non-profit organization (NPO), and Green Is The New Black, media and events platform for sustainability.

The incubator will host a series of masterclasses and boot camps as well as a 6-month mentorship program to inspire and support the next generation of sustainability doers and creators. The initiative has already started and delivered masterclasses with top speakers from Project Drawdown, an NPO for climate solutions, and abillion, a discovery platform for vegan food and products, among other companies

The movement is called ‘We Got This’ and is currently recruiting boot camp applicants.

Lim Hock Chuan, chief executive of Temasek Foundation Liveability, said that the youth today embrace global sustainability issues and digital conversations and that there is a skills gap that needed to be bridged in sustainability advocacy among them.

“Temasek Foundation is happy to be part of the team to bring together like-minded partners to launch #WeGotThis, with a focus on helping our youths to do, try, test, speak up, and build small wins one upon another,” said Lim Hock Chuan.

Konstantin Popovic, CEO of Grey Singapore Group, remarked on the next generation of marketers, “We are welcoming people from all walks of life, and that includes the next generation of marketers. Whether you are in university, an intern or just starting your marketing career – if any aspect of sustainability is your passion, we want you to join.”

The project is working with partners and mentors to identify 50 youth in Singapore and South Korea to launch their own sustainability movement. Support will be provided to young people selected through an intensive boot camp application process in understanding how to use digital media platforms available to talk about sustainability, understanding issues better, and increasing a change towards a more positive future.

The agency’s Executive Creative Director Aaron Phua added, “Our movement is deliberately positive, non-accusatory and truly looking for young (and young at heart) problem-solvers who deserve our support.”