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Subaru’s latest campaign with The Works showcases new WRX rally model

Sydney, Australia – Automobile brand Subaru has recently launched a new campaign to showcase its new all-wheel-drive Subaru WRX rallies, alongside The Works, an agency part of the Capgemini group.

The campaign drives home strong themes of desire and passion to the most loyal of the WRX fandom, with Subaru’s continued trend of emotive music selection playing a key role. This time set to the iconic Aussie track ‘Need You Tonight’ by INXS, the campaign is a celebration of the love and affection Australians have felt for the stylish performance rally model for over 30 years whilst simultaneously accelerating a sense of ‘exhilaration to a new generation’. 

Amanda Leaney, Subaru’s marketing director, said, “Built on decades of rallying heritage, the WRX is more than a legendary car, it’s a cultural icon synonymous with World Rally Championships, blockbuster movies, gaming and more. So, pairing the All-New WRX with the equally iconic sounds of INXS made a lot of sense.”

Meanwhile, Nathan Bilton, The Works’ creative director, shared, “It’s not often you get to work on an automotive icon. Pair that with some incredible locations from around Tassie, the spiritual home of rally in Australia, then let Mark Toia work his magic and you can see why the WRX has captured the hearts of fans for so long. And why the latest in a long line of legends is perfectly engineered to deliver the next generation of exhilaration.” 

The campaign will be available on TV screens this week, as well as across social, online, and digital.

In April 2022, Subaru has also launched a new campaign to showcase its sports car BRZ model. Created in partnership with The Works, part of Campgemini Group, the spot illustrates a sense of pure driving joy, brought to life by artist Chris Yee.