India – Creative agency Wunderman Thompson Kolkata launches ‘#ItsOurNature’ film for Tata Tiscon, a GreenPro certified rebar brand, encourages people to act responsibly on World Environment Day.

According to Wunder Thompson Kolkata, enough and more has already been said about climate emergency and the need to adopt ways and means to reduce our impact on the environment. However, it’s not yet enough to trigger the world into action. The vast majority doesn’t yet see the need to adopt sustainable lifestyles. Therefore, despite all the climate talks by world leaders, rampant malpractices continue across the globe. 

‘#ItsOurNature’ is a digital film conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson Kolkata that was released on World Environment Day to get people to act responsibly towards their environment. The campaign has been rolled out under the Tata Tiscon Go Green, the sustainability initiative by the brand. 

Commenting on the brand’s new content, Satyajit Maity, chief of marketing and sales, branded products and retail, Tata Steel, said, “Tata Tiscon is not just India’s largest home building brand, it is India’s 1st rebar brand to receive GreenPro certification. It’s our nature to care for the environment through our processes, products and communications. We are also dedicated to promote this message across the value chain and stakeholders we touch upon.”

Meanwhile, T. V. Srinivas Shenoy, chief commercial officer, long products, Tata Steel, “At Tata Steel, we are going to great lengths to ensure sustainability of our products. We have taken special care to reduce water usage and energy consumption. We are also managing our wastes better and depending more and more on renewable energy. Sustainability is not adestination. It’s a journey and we are at it every day.” 

Commenting on the campaign, Arjun Mukherjee, VP & senior ECD, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata, said, “As a species, we humans have cared and nurtured ourselves for thousands of years against all kinds of hostilities and today we rule the Earth. But now is the time to see the environment threat as real and once again do whatever it takes to ensure our own survival.” 

Moreover, Vijay Jacob Parakkal, senior VP & managing partner, Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, said, “The World Environment Day is a wake-up call for us to cherish nature and care for it because that is the only way we can live sustainably. We at Wunderman Thompson Kolkata are proud to partner with Tata Steel to create this very relevant film for World Environment Day, for brand Tata Tiscon. The film portrays the harmony of nature with a gentle reminder to do our bit, lest we forget.” 

The film is the centrepiece of a larger campaign, #ItsOurNature, rolled out digitally to engage thousands of Tata Tiscon channels partners and customers across India.

Hong Kong – Following the success of the previous two Impossible™ Earth Month campaigns, Impossible Foods is launching a World Environment Month campaign running from 1 to 30 June in celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June. 

According to Impossible Foods, eliminating animal agriculture is humanity’s single most powerful way to put the brakes on climate change. Using science and technology, the company creates meats made from plants with a significantly lower environmental impact. The flagship product, Impossible™ Beef Made From Plants, claims to use 87% less water, 96% less land, contributes 89% less greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes 92% less freshwater pollution than beef from cows produced in the US. 

Moreover, as Impossible Foods continues to expand its presence in the Hong Kong market, this year’s World Environment Month campaign sees exciting new partners including Beans, Kam Kee Catering Co. Ltd., as well as Sweet Bandott and Knockbox Coffee etc. Diners will get to try a range of creative dishes using Impossible meat products.

Throughout the campaign this month, each dish ordered in restaurants and each product purchased in supermarkets will go towards a tree-planting program with non-profit organisation One Tree Planted. 

Consumers can also take part in the campaign at the comfort of their own home by purchasing Impossible Beef retail packs and Fresh To Go’s ready-to-cook meals.

At the end of the month, Impossible Foods will announce the aggregate environmental benefits throughout the month, as well as the number of trees planted as a result of consumers choosing Impossible™ products over meat from animals.

Singapore – Digital travel platform presents an exclusive art and food pop-up experience in Singapore, bringing sustainability and environmental consciousness to the fore this World Environment Day on 5 June. 

In a first-of-its-kind partnership with plant-based resto-bar Analogue Initiative, and artists Mama Magnet and Human Spectrum, the multi-faceted experience seeks to remind us all of our impact on the planet – a consciousness hopes to reignite amongst travellers, especially as many start to explore the world again. has specially commissioned collective Mama Magnet (Singapore) and artist Human Spectrum (Thailand), to create an interactive installation, titled “As We Move”. The light-focused piece invites visitors to interact with it via their own movements – challenging visitors to be more conscious of the imprint they leave behind, especially as they embark on their travels. 

With food a big part of how Singaporeans travel, A Conscious Affair spotlights food as a medium to get visitors to reflect on what and how they consume on their travels. Partnering with Singapore’s fully plant-based restaurant and bar, Analogue, which also marks the restaurant’s first travel collaboration – this unique tasting menu is inspired by iconic destinations around the world such as Japan, Spain and Morocco. 

As the light installation activates sight, sounds and the sense of touch (through kinetic movement), the intimate menu takes over the other human senses of taste and smell – giving visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the experience, where they will hopefully be encouraged to think about the small but important steps each of us can take – how we consume, move and act – to make a real difference, as the world opens up again.

This dining experience will be open to consumers from 3 to 5 June, at Analogue.

Australia – In celebration of World Environmental Day which was celebrated on 5 June, felix mobile, a strongly-committed environmental-conscious telecom in the country, has put up a mural painting in Melbourne that is very much like a tree – using paint that absorbs CO2 emissions. 

Felix mobile is a telco startup that is certified carbon neutral and is powered by 100% renewable electricity. To double down on its support for the environment, it has made its mission to plant one tree for every active customer in a month.

Done in collaboration with hybrid creative agency Paper Moose, the mural is the centerpiece of felix mobile’s new national campaign, building off its brand platform ‘The Plan With A Bigger Plan’.

The mural is painted with CO2 absorbing paint made by paint manufacturer Graphenstone. It absorbs as much carbon dioxide as what a mature 250kg tree does in six months. The paint also emits ultra-low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to traditional commercial paints.

Kelly Rollason, the head of sales and marketing at felix mobile, said that they are proud to show the industry that by minimizing your impact on the planet, you in turn are able to maximize brand loyalty. 

“A billboard that consumes CO2 like a tree was the perfect execution to complement our existing efforts as a mobile provider that puts people and planet first,” said Rollason.

Meanwhile, Paper Moose’s Creative Director Jeremy Willmot, said, “It’s so rewarding to partner with a brand that’s not only committed to neutralizing their environmental impact, but are eager to embrace innovative new ways to do it too.”

Furthermore, the telco has announced its commitment to planting an additional 25,000 trees, in aid of their larger goal of 1 million trees planted.

The new campaign follows Paper Moose’s announcement on its imperative to work with more sustainable brands, with its goal to drive a positive and lasting change in the economy. Through a new program for clients, the agency will be donating time and creative resources to selected organizations that are on the mission to decarbonize the planet.

Hong Kong – To commemorate World Environment Day which was celebrated on 5 June, AXA Insurance in Hong Kong and Macau has launched the first film for its ‘Know You Can’ local hero campaign series. 

The ‘Know You Can’ local hero campaign series is a lineup of videos that aims to promote environmental awareness. It hopes to inspire and encourage AXA customers to support and adopt a green lifestyle. AXA has been active in its sustainability advocacy implementing e-services called Emma by AXA which replaces physical policy documents with eStatements or eAdvices. Through the series, the company also aims to encourage consumers to use said services. 

The kick-off video seeks to make a positive difference in the community by sending the message of the value of protecting the earth through ‘confidence, passion, and action’. The pilot film features Lance Lau, a Hong Kong-based 12-year-old youth climate activist, where he sends across his belief that big change begins with little things, echoing AXA’s strong belief in combating climate change. 

According to Andrea Wong, the chief marketing and customer officer at AXA Hong Kong and Macau, the local hero series was launched as an extension of their global brand campaign in an aim to further reinforce their brand promise ‘Know You Can’ and bring to life their purpose ‘Act for human progress by protecting what matters’. 

“Through such a genuine story of Lance, we hope to inspire people to embrace the future with confidence and combat climate change together. Lance’s video is only the first in our ‘Know You Can’ video series, we will be sharing more stories of local heroes who have demonstrated the power of leveraging confidence to create a better world,” said Wong.

The series is already running across digital, social media channels, as well as the AXA website, where audiences are also reminded of the ways they can join hands with AXA to pitch in the ‘Go Green’ movement.