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Wendy Clark to leave Dentsu International following restructuring

London, United Kingdom – Wendy Clark, the current chief executive officer of Dentsu International, is set to leave the company following a global restructuring as mandated by dentsu’s head office in Japan. The restructuring is part of dentsu’s initiative to transition towards a ‘one management team’ system.

In a LinkedIn post, Clark reflected on her time with Dentsu for two years, including a 17% growth in the agency for the first quarter of 2021, and the massive wins of Dentsu Creative Bengaluru for their campaign with Vice.

“Make no mistake, this is progress not perfection. While we lead in certain aspects of our strategy, we have work to do in others and areas we need to improve upon as a company,” she said.

Clark added, “But this performance is ahead of our mid-term management plan and as such the time is right for Dentsu International to integrate into Dentsu Group, led by Hiroshi Igarashi and one management team. As the outgoing DI CEO, I will help Igarashi-san and the DI Exec Team with this transition through the end of this year.”

Clark’s resignation from Dentsu International takes effect on December 31 this year, as well as stepping down from her role as director and executive officer of the company. 

Through the global leadership restructuring, Dentsu Group will have its business operations conducted in four regions—Japan, Americas, EMEA, and APAC. The upcoming “one management team” led by president and CEO Hiroshi Igarashi will comprise a culturally diverse group of leaders with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In addition, the Dentsu group will globally integrate each of its corporate functions to build a common management platform. On September 15, the group will launch a dedicated integration office to drive a seamless transformation process.