Auckland, New Zealand – In its truest sense that best represents the online consumer behavior of Kiwis using their platform, local-based auction and classifieds site Trade Me has launched a new campaign alongside advertising and marketing holdings Clemenger Group.

Directed by Wade Shotte of production company FINCH, the campaign enlists every ‘relatable’ searches one could imagine when visiting the site, from essentials like ‘new apartment spaces’ or ‘a new work setup’, to the most relatable like ‘a seven seater SUV’ for the whole family, to some tongue-in-cheek choices like ‘a potato that looks like a bear’ or selling your ‘stupid golf clubs’ when someone’s not scored enough in a golf gameplay.

The diversity and uniqueness shown by the campaign utilizes real search data collected by Trade Me, signifying the site’s versatility to cater to everyone’s need, whether a life essential, or plainly just for a hobby.

“Trade Me is an icon of Kiwi culture. Everyone uses it, but we all use it differently. Celebrating these differences is a core focus of the campaign,” said Levi Slavin, chief creative officer at Colenso BBDO.

Meanwhile, Trade Me’s Head of Brand, Sarah O’Leary, commented, “We’re delighted with the new campaign. It conveys the trust Kiwis have in Trade Me, helping them find the stuff they need, while capturing our brand’s unique and charming tone.”

Both Colenso BBDO and Clemenger BBDO Wellington collaborated in this campaign, which has since then rolled out to TV, OOH and social media campaigns.