Singapore Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global media measurement and optimization platform, has announced an extension of its brand safety and appropriateness measurement reporting on TikTok. The upgrade features new category exclusion and vertical sensitivity segments, which allow marketers to avoid a greater range of content that may be incompatible with their brand.

This extension uses IAS’s AI-driven Total Media Quality (TMQ) product to further improve and optimise the way advertisers measure and protect their campaigns on TikTok. It guarantees that marketers can develop their brand presence on one of the biggest and short-form video entertainment platforms globally with certainty.

IAS is adding 11 more nations to its brand safety and suitability measurement on TikTok, bringing the total to 62 countries in 34 languages. IAS’s AI-powered total media quality offering for TikTok makes use of multimedia technology, which combines frame-by-frame video analysis with audio, text, and image information. This makes it possible to classify material accurately and at scale in the for you Feed in accordance with four risk levels and 12 GARM brand safety & suitability categories. 

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, said, “The rapid adoption of short-form video on social platforms like TikTok created demand for next-generation solutions that can provide protection and performance for advertisers. As the first independent, third-party digital media quality provider offering an end-to-end brand safety solution for TikTok, global advertisers now have access to AI-backed solutions to safeguard and scale their brands across one of the largest and fastest-growing social platforms around the globe.”

Meanwhile, Chen-Lin Lee, global head of measurement and data partnerships at TikTok, stated, “TikTok is continuously building and refining our brand safety and suitability solutions for advertisers, and evolving to stay ahead of emerging needs. We are excited to be partnering with trusted third-party measurement provider Integral Ad Science to complement our own TikTok Inventory Filter, and our new brand suitability controls Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity, so advertisers are confident in the tools that empower them to connect with our community.” 

Singapore – Unified customer experience management platform Sprinklr has announced the integration of TikTok Video Shopping Ads directly into the Sprinklr platform. This enables international brands to optimise ad performance and create a variety of TikTok Video Shopping Ads kinds. 

These advertisements can target and captivate both new and returning audiences, allowing brands to boost engagement, increase TikTok sales, and maximise their return on ad investment.

Any activity that a user or customer performs on their website or app can be recorded using data connections. With more knowledge of the shopper’s user journey, which includes holiday planning, gifting, celebrating, indulging, sharing, and more, the system is able to reach users with holiday messaging and Video Shopping Ads that will resonate with them.

To maximise the benefits of data connections, brands should set up both TikTok Pixel and Events API before the start of Q4 to ensure the ad delivery in preparation for the holiday season. This not only allows for integration between the platform and the user’s systems, but it also improves TikTok Ads Manager’s ability to precisely determine the optimal timing and placement for ad delivery, increasing the potential for the conversions. 

Sprinklr signed on as TikTok’s first advertising partner in 2020, and in 2022 it grew by adding a content marketing specialty. Sprinklr has recently added video shopping ads, to be able to help marketers manage, carry out, and optimise campaigns for both organic and paid content on TikTok.