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The Corbett Foundation launches NFT initiative on Bengal tiger awareness

Singapore – In line with the Year of the Tiger and on the rising issue of Bengal tigers being endangered in their natural habitat, non-profit organisation The Corbett Foundation (TCF) has launched its latest non-fungible token (NFT) initiative called ‘Generative NFTs to Regenerate our Tigers’.

Unlike other NFT campaigns that are focused on art and other media, TCF wanted to use NFTs for a meaningful purpose, raising awareness for TCF’s commitment to helping Bengal tigers roam free across greater areas of land so they can repopulate and regenerate their numbers, in turn conserving the vast biodiversity of the nature reserves they inhabit.

Just like how each tiger stripes are one-of-a-kind, and unique to each tiger, TCF and its partners decided to use the original and distinctive tiger stripe patterns of real tigers from The TCF reserve, as inspiration for the NFT to bring awareness to the continued efforts in regenerating the tiger population in India.

TCF worked with partners BBDO Singapore and artist radarboy3000 to create a limited series of 2,967 NFTs based on real unique tiger stripes and put them up for purchase. All proceeds will be donated to TCF.

According to the artist, the generative art of the NFT tigers uses an algorithm which generates unique works of art by taking data from photos of actual surviving tigers in the wild.

“Just like each tiger’s stripes are unique, so is each artwork. Tigers in captivity can never be re-introduced to the wild. So, it’s imperative we protect them and preserve their habitat. I designed the work to be meditative, slowly evolving and revealing – signifying what is broken and lost, but also as a strong message of hope: that these beautiful animals will re-generate in numbers and be allowed to roam freely,” the artists said.

Meanwhile, Kedar Gore, director at TCF, said that working with their partners to create beautifully dynamic pieces of NFT artwork from actual photographs of tigers really helps bring the crux of the issue to life, and with the help of the sale of these NFTs, the rejuvenation of wild tigers.

“The natural world constantly faces evolving threats, and amongst the vast number of species facing extinction includes the five species of tigers left. Having been at the forefront of tiger conservation in India for nearly 30 years, TCF wants to take a modern approach to creating opportunities for the community to bring a new hope to the last remaining tigers in the wild,” Gore said.

The NFTs will be listed on fxhash, an open platform that enables artists to create, mint, and collect generative NFTs. fxhash is powered by Tezos, a power-efficient blockchain driven to provide green, clean blockchain innovation and technology.

Each of the 2,967 NFTs will be sold for approximately 2 tez (equivalent to US$8) and the proceeds raised will be donated towards TCF’s continued conservation work to keep tigers alive, roaming and growing.

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WWF Singapore raises awareness on tigers with latest island-wide tiger art trail

Singapore – As the Chinese New Year festivities are focused on the celebration of the Year of the Tiger, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Singapore has launched its latest awareness campaign on how climate change affects tigers in the world, with the launch of its island-wide tiger art trail called “AR-mazing Tiger Trail.”

The campaign, which will be unveiled this February, will feature 33 life-sized tiger art sculptures, designed by a collective of internationally-acclaimed artists in a bid to further awareness of the conservatorship of these magnificent creatures. Each of these sculptures present a unique perspective on the various effects of climate change on tigers.

Using art as an instrument to educate and effect change, WWF-Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail will explore the future of tiger conservation and ignite hope that positive change is possible if we unite with a common goal.

R. Raghunathan, CEO at WWF Singapore, said that they are delighted to be working with this incredible collective of artists to drive awareness for their tiger conservation mission in a fun, engaging, and approachable way.

“We hope that WWF-Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail will inspire our fellow Singaporeans and communities around the region to learn more about how our individual actions contribute to biological diversity. I also wish to thank our partners for supporting this important mission,” he said.

The artists hail from various countries, including Singapore, China, United Kingdom, Thailand, Australia, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Syria, and the United States.

Meanwhile, Chris Westbrook, curator of Tiger Trail 2022, commented, “The mission of WWF-Singapore’s AR-mazing Tiger Trail was particularly poignant as I connected with the various artists involved around the world. The Tiger is a majestic animal, and the passion for protecting this incredible species is evident through the various works. We cannot wait to unveil the full trail.”

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Tiger brings epic collision between streetwear, street food via annual street food festival

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As Tiger is dedicated to hyping up fans’ street food experience by continually introducing new and innovative features, the global beer brand from Asia has launched this year’s Street Food Virtual Festival, which presents fans an ‘epic collision’ between street food and an integral part of street culture – streetwear.

In November 2020, Tiger hosted its first virtual food festival in the Malaysian market. It included a virtual experience ‘exploring’ the virtual streets of Penang and Klang Valley, where users customized their avatar, likened to RPG, and won rewards through joining online activities and games.

The current mash-up aims to bring the two cultures together to create an experience for fans while breaking the boundaries of street food. The beer brand has partnered with renowned local streetwear brands to curate two limited-edition streetwear apparel each from EK Collective, TNT Co, The Swagger Salon, and Eversince, as well as Pestle & Mortar, and Dissyco.

One of the two streetwear merchandise will be included in the streetwear brand Hypefeast Drop, which comes with the street food dish that inspired the exclusive apparel, as well as a Tiger Beer and a Tiger Crystal, which has a limited quantity and is available on a first-come-first-served basis for fans residing in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, and Ipoh. Moreover, the Hype Store within the virtual world will showcase one brand each week for fans to make their purchases, while the other limited-edition merchandise will be available for anyone at the virtual festival to purchase at the Hype Store.

Meanwhile, as part of Tiger’s efforts to support the local street food scene, over 100 street food vendors that serve both classic and innovative dishes will be part of the festival. Fans are in for a heightened street food experience when they accompany their favorite street food dishes with ice-cold Tiger Beer and Tiger Crystal, all delivered to their doorsteps. 

According to the brand’s manager, Joyce Lim, the previous Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival garnered over 101,000 total unique visitors and together, they helped 88 various local street food vendors.

“This year, we have made the festival bigger by expanding into more cities so fans can immerse themselves in the virtual world where street food and streetwear cultures collide,” said Lim.

Another unique highlight at the virtual festival is the Tiger Coins, where fans can easily earn these coins when they take part in fun games and activities, and even from their food and beer purchases. The Tiger Coins can then be used to redeem vouchers to purchase even more dishes, beers, and exclusive merchandise. 

In addition, festival goers who want to uncover their playful side can express themselves through the exclusive streetwear apparel on their avatars from the Xclusive Store and earn even more Tiger Coins when they take an OOTD within the virtual world and share it on their social media platforms. Other ways to earn them are by playing the exciting Street Food Dash and Streetwear Hunt games at the festival. The avatars of Lizz Chloe and Joshua Michael will be present to host festival goers and bring them through the mechanics of the games. 

While fans explore the virtual streets and interact with one another, they will also get to enjoy RM30 off with a minimum spend of RM160 on Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal, excluding bundle deals, with the use of the promo code STREETFOOD30. More information and even more exclusive promotions can be found at

Tiger said that there are many other attractive promotions available for fans outside of the virtual festival too. They can purchase two 6-can packs or a carton of Tiger Beer or Tiger Crystal at hypermarkets and supermarkets to get RM5 and RM10 foodpanda vouchers respectively. Meanwhile, at convenience stores, fans can get foodpanda vouchers worth RM2 each when they purchase three cans of Tiger products. Consumers who order from selected participating local street food vendors on foodpanda will enjoy RM2 off their purchases of big bottles of Tiger products as well.

Fans can be part of the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival by signing up at its website, and earn one free can of Tiger Crystal, while stocks last.

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Tiger brand unveils latest global campaign for ‘Tiger Crystal’

Singapore – The global beer brand from Asia, Tiger, has just unveiled its newest campaign for one of its brands, ‘Tiger Crystal’, following the recent revamp it applied to its packaging before the start of the year. 

The campaign, which is developed for a global release, is a true testament to the brand’s personality and creative trademark – taking on the energetic and fierce attitude. 

Titled, ‘Brewed for your Fire’, the brand film captures four passionate individuals experiencing each of their exhilarating ‘on fire’ moments. These moments of passion and life are then best capped off with the equally “crisp, smooth” refreshment the Tiger Crystal drink gives.

Tiger describes the campaign as one that celebrates the spark of confidence that enables one to pursue his or her passions fearlessly. 

“At the peak of our confidence, we are in the zone, on a roll, ‘on fire’, doing something we truly love,” said the brand. 

Furthermore, the Tiger brand says that it knows what confidence and defying the odds mean the most, having been born at a time when few believed that an ice-cold beer could be brewed in the tropical heat of Asia, which was in the 1930s, and in a place where no barley or hops would grow. 

Sean O’Donnell, global brand director for Tiger, commented, “Tiger believes everyone should live true to their passions. It’s not always easy for people, especially in a world where there’s so much pressure to compromise, conform and fit in. But Tiger believes; be bold and go for it! Embrace your passions and ignite your inner fire.”

Tiger is currently present in 50 markets around the world. Aside from the brand film, the brand will also be rolling out a global through-the-line campaign starting this July 2021.