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Meta to provide free AR, VR training to Australian creators via learning academy

Australia Tech giant Meta, in collaboration with social enterprise Code Like a Girl and global creative studio T&DA, has launched the Meta Immersive Learning Academy in Australia — a global initiative to support the next generation of creators for the metaverse.

Through this partnership, Meta will be training a cohort of over 200 women and Code Like a Girl community members in 2023 to impart the confidence, tools, knowledge, and support they need to enter the world of immersive technologies.

The academy will provide free, guided training in immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, as well as a place for community building, mentoring and even monetisation opportunities. The curriculum also features the work of prominent Australian AR creators, Jess Herrington and Raymond Leung. 

Over an eight-week period, Meta will provide learners with training and coaching, and participants who complete the course will be able to develop face filters, target tracker, and world effects through its AR studio Meta Spark. It will also give participants information sessions and community-building events for women to connect and build networks.

Lastly, the participants can apply for a formal Meta Spark certification upon completion of the course.

Meta will also be launching free, self-guided Meta Spark training modules, which will be available on the MILA Australia website. 

“As so many companies build for the metaverse, we’re seeing exciting opportunities for creators to build their business – whether it’s through creating new experiences; designing accessories for avatars; or making the effects that bring augmented reality to life – we want to support creators to make a living,” said Mia Garlick, Meta’s regional lead for APAC.

Ally Watson, CEO and founder of Code Like a Girl, also commented, “We’re delighted to bring this program and cutting edge curriculum to the Code Like a Girl community where it will introduce a much-needed diverse range of creators into the Metaverse – leading us towards more equitable experiences for all genders.”

Raymond Leung, creative director at T&DA also shared his excitement over the Meta Spark curriculum. He likewise mentioned that the program will teach Australians how to effectively use Meta Spark to drive innovation and growth. 

“As the demand for digital skills continues to rise, we believe it’s essential to equip individuals and businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. By leveraging our expertise in education and training and META’s cutting-edge technology, we are confident that the Meta Spark Curriculum will provide valuable insights and practical applications for individuals at all levels,” he added. 

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