One of the winners of the marketing category in MARKETECH APAC’s Empowered Women Awards 2023 is creative leader Heidi Hamester. Hamester is the digital design lead at marketing technology platform TASK. The said recognition initiative inaugurates MARKETECH APAC’s awarding platform for women leaders in the industry. 

Heidi has been with TASK for 8 years. She joined the company in 2015 as a digital designer and soon moved up ranks to become TASK’s digital design lead. 

Moving the needle in business through inspiring visual communication 

To create stunning visuals that impress is one thing, but to craft creatives that encourage meaningful action is another story altogether. Heidi’s vision and prowess as a digital design leader is able to accomplish both – building a brand that looks the part and is the part. 

TASK provides products in enterprise management, managing point of sale, online ordering, and managing loyalty and membership programs. Heidi is responsible for shaping the creative body of the said martech capabilities – and this includes TASK’s main website. 

Heidi allows design thinking approach to direct her decisions and choices in visual creativity and in turn, she’s able to continually build a brand within TASK that empathises and resonates with the consumer. 

This human-first principle in design spearheaded by Heidi enables the company to expand its market reach, grow revenue, and strengthen its customer relationships.

Fostering collaboration and mentorship within a creative team 

Leading a creative team is a challenge in that such department requires the paradoxical combination of both autonomy and collaboration. As a passionate creative leader, Heidi takes on this responsibility gracefully and ensures that she is able to nurture both amongst her constituents. 

Innovation can come from anywhere which is why Heidi is dedicated to empowering and prospering thinking creative minds. She mentors junior designers and encourages them to grow and develop their skills. By cultivating a culture that emphasises growth and learning, she has created an engaged team that isn’t afraid to trail blazes. 

“I believe that women play a significant role in the workplace and the community. Empowering women to achieve their goals and reach their full potential is vital for progress and equality,” said Heidi. 

Being a role model inside and outside the job

Heidi is an inspiring leader that values the importance of recreation outside the workplace. Through this work-life balance, Heidi is able to exemplify that exploring the world outside will only polish and refresh creative professionals with renewed space to explore and juggle dynamic ideas. 

She brings her passion for visual storytelling outside the realm of business. As a photographer, she uses her creativity and artistic skills to capture moments of nature and daily life. When not behind the lens, meanwhile, she flexes quite her athletic streak and rides the waves through surfing. 

Truly, leadership isn’t only about showing how hard you work but also demonstrating how much passion you actually put into the job by keeping a healthy personal life and in turn, becoming the best version of oneself in order to pour from one’s cup. 

Heidi shows she is an empowered woman by being a role model both inside and outside of work. 

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