Singapore – iFly Singapore, the skydiving destination in the country, aims to strengthen its positioning in the sports and lifestyle spaces, and it has recently partnered with integrated communications agency Ruder Finn Asia to handle all of its public relations business. 

Ruder Finn Asia is the Asia Pacific subsidiary of New York-based Ruder Finn. iFly Singapore has tapped the agency for a one-year remit, where it will be responsible for providing strategic counsel and management of media relations with the aim to enhance the brand’s entire spectrum of marketing campaigns. Beyond PR, the agency will also be iFly Singapore’s digital partner for all publicity campaigns. 

iFly Singapore, which is situated in the Beach Station in Sentosa in Singapore, provides a themed indoor skydiving facility with a wind tunnel that allows both first-time flyers and professional skydivers to enjoy the sport. The destination was put up in 2011 and this year, it marks its 10th year in the business. 

The celebration will be one of the agency’s marquee campaigns for the brand which is currently in the works. Furthermore, a component of the whole appointment covers venue publicity for Sky Garden Sentosa – the rooftop event space owned by and located at iFly Singapore. 

Brian Witte, Ruder Finn Asia’s deputy general manager, said that the agency is delighted to have partnered with iFly Singapore, one who has been making a great impact in Singapore’s sports and lifestyle sector. 

“We are focused on helping the brand transform its purpose communications approach and more effectively engage with the people who matter most to the brand,” commented Witte. 

Meanwhile, Lawrence Koh, CEO of iFly Singapore, expressed similar sentiments, “We look forward to our collaboration with Ruder Finn Asia to touch the hearts of everyone through our sport. Since our inception 10 years ago, iFly Singapore has achieved many milestones, from setting new Guinness World Records with special needs students to grooming gold medallists in international indoor skydiving competitions. We want to continue this momentum beyond 2021 and strongly position indoor skydiving as a sport for both beginners and enthusiasts in Singapore and the region even more.” 

iFly Singapore’s wind tunnel has been home to a number of Guinness World Records in Skydiving. In 2019, it broke its own record of 227 flights in indoor tandem skydiving to achieve a new record of 300 flights. This was achieved by a team of 80 people which comprised a mix of volunteers and teachers, and some skydivers from iFly Singapore. Special-needs students were also part of the feat.