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Siam Piwat join forces with Takashimaya Group to expand three of its curated brands into Japan market

Thailand – Siam Piwat Retail Holding Company Limited, a retail innovation under the Siam Piwat Group, has joined forces with Takashimaya Transcosmos IC Japan Company Limited (TTICJ), a unit of Takashimaya Group, Japan’s well-known major premium department store chain, to showcase three of its owned and curated brands at the Meetz STORE, a new concept offline showroom. Among these brands are Absolute Siam, Ecotopia and ICONCRAFT. 

With this partnership, Thai SMEs and the Thai economy will benefit from Siam Piwat Retail’s strategy of promoting its own brands abroad and expanding its client base abroad, all while supporting the Thai economy.

The three Thai brands are Absolute Siam, Ecotopia, and ICONCRAFT, each with distinctive outstanding features but united in their unique Thai craftsmanship and creativity. The products include innovative art and contemporary craftworks by skilled artisans, designers, young eco-conscious creators, and SME entrepreneurs from across Thailand.

Usara Yongpiyakul, CEO of retail business group of Siam Piwat Co Ltd., said, “Siam Piwat has long been conducting business with large companies in Japan, and Takashimaya is one of the key partners, having opened the first branch in Thailand at ICONSIAM. This collaboration is thus an extension of our close business relationship. For this initiative, TTICJ (Takashimaya Transcosmos I.C. Japan) will bridge the knowledge gap and share the experience responsible for its long-standing success in Japan, while we bring our expertise in presenting a diverse range of distinctly Thai products and creating unique and extraordinary experiences in the Japanese market.”

Yongpiyakul added, “Japan marks the third country in Asia in our international expansion following Malaysia and Taiwan in a period of only five months since the beginning of 2022. Under Meetz Store, a new O2O e-commerce platform that connects customers from offline to online channels, this will enhance the opportunities to increase the international presence of Thai brands to the target groups and promote their ability to better cater to the needs and the shopping behaviour of Japanese customers.”

Meetz STORE held at Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku, Tokyo, from 29th April 2022 onwards and Siam Piwat Retail will commence its operation in Meetz STORE at the end of June 2022. More importantly, Meetz STORE aims to tap into nationwide 5.7 million cardholders of Takashimaya Group. 

Meetz STORE is the evolution of merging offline showroom stores with e-commerce platforms to spur offline-to-online (O2O) shopping experience and stimulate spending everywhere across Japan. Meetz STORE features a variety of carefully selected product categories, endorsed and promoted by Japanese well-known curators in their expertise fields. The presentation of Siam Piwat’s brands aims to be curated and endorsed by Mr. Mao Sakaguchi, a creator of well-known for his ethical consumption concepts and curation of eco-friendly and socially responsible products, which have been growing in popularity among Japanese consumers.

This collaboration does not only drive Siam Piwat’s retail arm forward and further strengthen the business partnership between Siam Piwat and Takashimaya Group, but more importantly commercializing SPW own curated concept brands to different countries with new business models that will enhance SPW and partners to achieve mutual benefits and growth sustainably in the long run.

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Siam Piwat partners with Kantana Group to boost O2O customer experience

Thailand – Two leading organizations in the retail and entertainment industry in Thailand have partnered to enhance the emerging O2O customer experience in today’s business ecosystem. Siam Piwat, the owner and operator of prestigious retail destinations Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery has announced a strategic partnership with Thailand’s leading entertainment company Kantana Group, to create an even better O2O experience for each of their target consumers. 

The partnership will present both offline and online collaborations and will leverage the OneSiam SuperApp platform; but one of its biggest collaborations to date will be the upcoming ‘Up Rank’ project by Kantana, involving the new titular movie. 

OneSiam’s shopping centres have spent over 10 million baht on offering special privileges to Kantana’s The Up Rank participants that span to online shopping at OneSiam SuperApp. Participants will also receive discount coupons from leading stores located in the shopping centres such as LOFT, ALAND, Absolute Siam Store, Ecotopia and ICONCRAFT. 

“This is digital lifestyle marketing merged with customer experience program to capture new generation customers and other potential communities,” said Siam Piwat. 

On the partnership, Piyarat Kaljaruek, VP of Kantana Group, said that producing lifestyle and fashion content for the Thai market is, in fact, a very challenging task and that synchronized marketing communication with other key players is crucial. 

“Siam Piwat is the leader in luxury fashion and the key to success for all Kantana’s contents. Our strategy efficiently combines online and offline communications that attract new target groups and audiences, especially those digital-native Gen Y and Gen Z [consumers],” said the entertainment group.

Katana airs a number of fashion- and lifestyle-centred shows. Face2Face Thailand, a TV program that has become an online buzz, features luxury fashion and lifestyle in which the filming location has been supported by Siam Piwat’s ICONSIAM. 

Siam Piwat also cites the partnership as a pivotal element of its plan to create ‘The Universe of Co-Creation’, that aligns with the company’s business strategies to cultivate a value-sharing ecosystem for “thriving and sustainable success for all entities.”

Mayuree Chaipromprasith, the president of corporate affairs and communications at Siam Piwat, said, “Fundamentally, Siam Piwat’s key foresight is to create a premium world-class business ecosystem. We have transcended domestic competition and geared towards new business opportunities that can expand beyond all boundaries. Our establishments are positioned as global destinations and we have cultivated strong communities of both local and international customers.

The company further reiterated, “our business goes beyond retail offering that relies simply on products and services, instead, we strategically position our business as the place to discover new and multi-dimensional customer experiences, both in [the] physical and digital realm.” 

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Siam Piwat, ICONSIAM merge physical, digital art with ‘Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022’

Thailand – Parent real-estate developer Siam Piwat in Thailand and one of its top lifestyle destinations, ICONSIAM, have partnered to bring the ‘Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022’; a digital art event that features physical artworks categorized by artistic techniques and skill level, as well as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). 

The exhibit, which has opened on 5 March and to run until 20 March, will allow attendees to appreciate the masterpieces of their favourite artists from both the digital and physical world, and will enable them to view the unique techniques of over 140 artists through more than 1,400 artworks. 

Aside from Siam Piwat and ICONSIAM, the event was also developed together with Baandam Museum and also KASIKORN X, creator of Coral platform, a marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Mayuree Chaipromprasith, Siam Piwat’s president for corporate affairs and communications, said, “As [a] pioneer in retail of the future, Siam Piwat, under the concept of Co-Creation and Creating Shared Values, has joined forces with top partners from various industries to create a greater commercial ecosystem. The iconic collaboration of Siam Piwat and KASIKORN X through Coral platform creates new digital art experience and promotes Thai Art on the international stages.”

Every week during the event, there would be NFT Special Forum by NFT artists and creators to share their thoughts and experiences on NFT and all aspects of digital arts. In addition, customers who are interested in the event can view samples of the artist’s artworks in the ONESIAM SuperApp. 

Siam Piwat said in a statement, “The boundless connection of digital art spheres does not feature only Thai artists, but also ‘Thainess’, and Thailand to the world. Some artists are already featured in the digital world, while some are just starting. We would feel the never [ending] self-development and [open-mindednes] for new learnings among them. The eagerness to move forward into digital world empowers everyone in art and also other industries to achieve the breakthrough towards upper levels.”

‘Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022’ (TDAF2022) runs from 5-20 March 2022 at ICONSIAM. 

Just very recently, Siam Piwat has also marked a notable partnership with Malaysia’s Pavilion Group to bring its concept stores Ecotopia, Absolute Siam, and ICONCRAFT to the SEA neighbour.

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Siam Piwat brings Thai concept brands to MY with Pavilion Group partnership

Bangkok, Thailand – Siam Piwat, leading real estate developer in Thailand, brings concept brands Ecotopia, Absolute Siam, and ICONCRAFT to Malaysia through a cooperation with Pavilion Group, the largest shopping centre developer in Malaysia. The brands are grouped under ‘Discover Siam’. 

Ecotopia is an eco-product store, while Absolute Siam is a fashion and lifestyle store. Meanwhile, ICONCRAFT sells contemporary art and craft items. Siam Piwat said that said brands showcase the height of contemporary and traditional Thainess intertwined together to produce one-of-a kind offerings. The stores have been opened at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, a new forefront project in Malaysia under cooperation with Pavilion Group.

ICONCRAFT at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Usara Yongpiyakul, CEO of the retail business group of Siam Piwat, shared that while many industries may have stumbled or may have been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai brands are still gaining attention from different countries where the group have continuously been receiving inquiries about selling abroad. 

“Partnering with Pavilion Group, owner and executive of high-end shopping centres in Malaysia, bringing the identity of everything about Thai by using innovative, contemporary but yet retaining the originality of crafts to be shared with a wider group of customers. I know this will only lead us, the retailers to offer cutting-edge plus multi-cultural shopping experience. This is in line with Siam Piwat’s vision of making a difference through creating a sense of wonder, extraordinary and unprecedented experiences,” said Yongpiyakul. 

Absolute Siam at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

The stores are designed with different art features and installations located at the entrance and different areas, generating unique and fascinating ambience to bring awe and ‘wonders’ to Malaysian shoppers.

For Ecotopia, it commissioned one of its long-supporting artists to create an art installation called ‘Siam Yak’ which was constructed using discarded and recycled plastic parts and other materials, reflecting the core value of Ecotopia. 

For ICONCRAFT, meanwhile, it had its space designed and decorated by Khun Suwan Kongkhunthian, the owner of the Thai furniture brand YOTHAKA, who seamlessly combines handicrafts with design. For Absolute Siam, it brought in the well-known ‘Tuk-tuk’ from Thailand to serve as the landmark of the area with some of the innovative Thai fashion brands, such as Mahanakhon, TA.THA.TA, and CORALIST. 

Yongpiyakul further shared that this is just the first step of a plan to promote and support the talent of Thai entrepreneurs and designers in the wider international market. 

“By the end of this year, we expect to explore different distribution channels for Thai brands through Siam Piwat’s global business partners to at least 12 countries, all of which are in the discussion process. We believe that this will be another important stage that will build and support local heroes becoming real global heroes, and for Siam Piwat to be successfully expanding into international markets,” added Yongpiyakul.