New York – Customer data platform Amperity has been selected by beauty brand Shiseido Americas as the foundation of its first-party data strategy, to assist with creating connected and personalised digital customer experiences across all of its brands.

As consumer shopping preferences and behaviours evolve, Shiseido Americas will be using the assistance of Amperity in bringing a comprehensive solution to managing multiple data sources across its various brands to advance their marketing goals. 

In this partnership, Shiseido Americas will be aiming to target shoppers with affinity-based, personalised communications throughout their journey using Amperity’s patented, AI-powered identity resolution and unified customer profiles. 

Commenting on this collaboration, Kristin Morseman, senior vice-president of digital transformation at Shiseido Americas, said, “As an omnichannel retailer, we are laser-focused on understanding our customers and the channels they want to interact in, while ensuring we are delivering consistent customer experiences. With Amperity, we can unify and activate all of our customer data with the goal of creating a seamless omnichannel journey for our customers.”

Meanwhile, Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity, mentioned, “The luxury beauty market is at the forefront of digital innovation, and they are finding unique ways of using data to gain a competitive edge in an omnichannel retail environment. By partnering with Amperity, Shiseido Americas now has the critical data foundation required to enable them to deliver real-time personalised customer experiences across in-store and digital worlds.”

Tokyo, Japan – Cosmetics company Shiseido has released a new film in commemoration of the company’s 150th anniversary. The company was founded in 1872.

The film, titled, ‘Our Mission: A Journey of Beauty’, presents Shiseido’s aspiration to create truly happy and fulfilling days for people around the world for the next 150 years through the power of beauty, which they have cherished since their founding.

In addition, the film also presents future possibilities for beauty delivered by bold innovation, which the company has pursued since their founding, and leveraging their expertise in science.

“Going forward, we will continue to pursue innovation toward addressing social issues such as environmental problems and realising diversity and inclusion and will strive to bring about a sustainable world where people can enjoy happiness through the power of beauty,” the company said.

The campaign for Shiseido’s 150th anniversary started off on June 1, with it conveying to the world SHISEIDO’s enduring focus on life as the essence of beauty and its ongoing pursuit of uncovering the mechanisms that connect beauty and life.

Japan — Cosmetics company SHISEIDO celebrated its 150th anniversary with the launch of the ‘From life comes beauty’ campaign that started on June 1. The campaign conveyed to the world SHISEIDO’s enduring focus on life as the essence of beauty and its ongoing pursuit of uncovering the mechanisms that connect beauty and life.

No matter how much times change, people continue to seek beauty. Based on this conviction, SHISEIDO has been pursuing the essence of beauty for 150 years, driven by its mission to create products that add a healthy vibrance to your life.

Ryota Yukisada, chief brand officer of SHISEIDO, said, “In today’s era of uncertainty and hesitation, what kind of beauty are we seeking? Our conclusion? Life. If people around the world, regardless of age, gender, and region, continue the conversation about how beauty and life are related, we believe it will inspire changes for a better world.”

The campaign conveyed the enduring spirit of SHISEIDO, which has been handed down in an unbroken line for 150 years, and its hope for the future, embodied in the phrase “From life comes beauty.” Additionally, SHISEIDO launched three limited-edition products to mark its 150th anniversary, the fruits of its unique Life Science research conducted in its ongoing pursuit of the relationship between beauty and life.

The three limited-edition products individually symbolize ‘Heritage,’ ‘Living Innovation,’ and ‘Future’ to signify the company’s past, present, and future. Their designs use an arabesque motif featured on wrapping paper created in the Taisho era of Japan by Sue Yabe, a member of the design department at that time. Using 3D software, that original design was turned into a three-dimensional form, then photographed from a variety of angles and used to decorate the containers and outer cartons. The designs express the dynamism of life that opens up a new future while harnessing the assets of the past bearing 150 years of history.

A special website was also created consisting of three content themes: ‘STORIES’ in which seven people active in various fields talked about beauty; ‘INNOVATION,’ which introduced the spirit of scientific inquiry into life as the essence of beauty; and ‘HISTORY,’ which presented SHISEIDO’s 150-year history. The website conveyed how the brand has continued since its foundation to pursue the link between beauty and life.

In addition, advertisements were rolled out featuring professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe, singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada, and actress Ursula Corbero, and campaign messages were posted on social media from celebrities with connections to SHISEIDO.