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Anzu tapped as in-game adtech provider for Saber Interactive’s ‘Dakar Desert Rally’

Tel Aviv, Israel – In-game advertising company Anzu has secured rights from game developer Saber Interactive to be its in-game adtech provider for its racer game title ‘Dakar Desert Rally’. The secured rights comes after the two companies partnered up in November 2021 to bring blended in-game advertising to Saber Interactive’s upcoming game titles.

Anzu is helping the team replicate that; advertisers will be able to run their banner and video ads within Anzu’s in-game ad placements, which will take the form of 3D objects like roadside billboards and banners. They will also be able to take advantage of a variety of custom integration options, including custom vehicles that can be painted with brand colours, logos, and even have the driver wear a custom uniform. 

In addition, there are also options for roadside flags that can be branded with a product logo and different colours, and garage takeovers, where brands can add custom wall banners and items to decorate the building.

Alex Yerukhimovich, VP for games at Anzu, said, “We’ve been working closely with Saber Interactive to ensure our ad placements are perfectly positioned to enhance both the player and advertising experience. This is a great opportunity for advertisers to showcase their campaigns in a visually stunning AAA title, and for players to experience races with real ads that are relevant to the setting alongside the track. Just like they would expect to see if they were watching a real race, making the experience all the more authentic.”

He added, “More and more advertisers are making in-game advertising a larger part of their digital ad strategies. As the anticipation continues to grow around this title, we’re looking forward to bringing many into the Dakar experience to reach its millions of diverse and dedicated fans who stretch across the entire globe.”

Meanwhile, Todd Hollenshead, head of publishing at Saber Interactive, commented, “Our goal is to bring Dakar to life in a realistic and fun way, and it’s been great to see that passion mirrored by the talented team at Anzu through their industry-leading technology and expertise. We’re working closely together to ensure these ads are implemented in a way that is immersive and serve to help faithfully recreate the real-life rally experience.”

Platforms Featured Global

Anzu, Saber Interactive sign deal to bring blended in-game advertising to upcoming game title

Tel Aviv, Israel – Global in-game advertising platform Anzu and game developer Saber Interactive has just signed a three-year deal enabling Anzu to bring blended in-game ads to a highly anticipated upcoming Saber game this year.

The move will mean Anzu’s placements will be implemented within the game from day one, giving advertisers an opportunity to reach players at launch via ads that are built into 3D objects that sit within the game’s environment. 

As part of its commitment to providing the best user experience possible, Anzu ensures its ad placements are not entirely dependent on an internet connection or ad servers. The platform displays a fallback image if the connection drops to ensure the user experience remains intact. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Saber Interactive. Over the years, they’ve released some extremely impressive and successful AAA games, so it’s great to be working with a team that has such a wealth of expertise and knowledge. We’re excited to collaborate with them on their promising upcoming project,” said Alex Yerukhimovich, vice president for games at Anzu.

Anzu’s software development kit (SDK) ensures high-quality direct traffic, complete control of ad placements, and precise audience targeting based on first-party data. The company’s blended in-game ads, which sit in the background of games mimicking placements you’d expect to find in the real world, are already being used by many of the world’s leading games companies, including Ubisoft.

“We’re excited to be working with Anzu to incorporate their in-game ad formats into our upcoming game. We are working closely to ensure the ad placements are only implemented into the gameplay where it feels natural, adds value, and does not detract from the user experience in any way. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the game, and this collaboration, soon,” said Todd Hollenshead, head of publishing at Saber Interactive.

Anzu has worked with some of the globe’s biggest advertisers, including Vodafone, Samsung, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and American Eagle.

Meanwhile, Saber Interactive is known for game titles such as ‘World War Z’, ‘NBA Playgrounds’ and ‘Snowrunner’.