Singapore – Super apps – mobile applications that can offer multiple services within a single app – are here to stay, with around 51% of Singaporeans reported to have used them at least a couple of times every week. This is according to the latest data from Qualtrics, with support from SAP and Center for Experience Management in Singapore.

According to the data, the most frequent use cases are shopping for general items, buying groceries, ordering food and ride-hail services, paying for items in-store, and arranging for items to be delivered. 

In terms of which super app features are mostly used, digital wallets come out on top. Around 59% of respondents said they have used a digital wallet to make a physical purchase in the last 12 months, and 64% said they intend to use a super app to make a physical purchase in the next six months.

Meanwhile, it is also revealed that consumers have less intent to use a super app for listening to music, messaging friends, playing games, and buying insurance.

When it comes to factors that would increase super app usage, feedback suggests overcoming consumers’ concerns with privacy and security is one of the main areas to address. The study also revealed that consumers are looking for improvements in mobile app ease of use and payment options, across many of the brands and apps that they interact with.

“Equipped with the right customer insights, brands can tailor how they deliver services via super apps to ensure this new channel complements their customer experience for the people that are using them, while maximising the investments they’re making in the space. And simultaneously, by knowing what customers aren’t using super apps, organisations can take important action to ensure no-one is left behind by the change underway,” the research noted.

Singapore – Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics has launched its new Video Feedback, a new way for organisations to collect qualitative feedback on the Qualtrics XM Platform™. This will allow organisations to now capture video feedback from their customers, analyse both words and emotions, and use that data to make business decisions quickly and with confidence.

Video Feedback brings consumers’ thoughts and feelings to life by empowering respondents to describe their experiences in their own words. It automatically translates and transcribes audio, saving researchers time and speeding up the action. Additionally, sophisticated text analytics built directly into the product enables researchers to quickly surface themes from video responses, analyse them to highlight the most important responses, and set up automated alerts to prompt action. With this, marketing, CX, and HR teams will be able to use Video Feedback to integrate richer insights into their feedback programs.

Moreover, with editing capabilities built right into the product, researchers can also edit videos and build highlight reels to tell data-driven stories and help people easily understand experience data to make faster, more accurate decisions about their business. 

According to Qualtrics, Video Feedback is the first of a number of qualitative research features that Qualtrics will introduce over the coming months. Because it is built on the Qualtrics XM Platform, organisations can bring together Video Feedback with all of their experience data—from survey responses to unstructured feedback such as social media posts, product reviews, and chats— and easily turn large volumes of feedback into insights that drive action.

“Now more than ever, companies need to make decisions with empathy, speed and scale. With Video Feedback, Qualtrics is defining the next era of research and empowering organisations to understand what really matters to the next generation of consumers and design the products, services and experiences they want now and next,” said Michel Feaster, Qualtrics’ chief product officer of research.

Singapore – Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics has announced new XM Benchmarks that will give organisations insights to make critical decisions based on Qualtrics’ vast experience data and industry-leading analytics. 

The new XM Benchmarks are powered by organic feedback from Qualtrics’ nearly 17,000 customers spanning dozens of industries around the globe, in addition to targeted panel data from surveys.

According to Qualtrics, many organisations have a wealth of customer and employee experience data from surveys, support conversations, chat, and social media posts, but lack the ability to use it to decide what to prioritise and what actions to take. Using these benchmarks, organisations can compare their customers’ satisfaction, patients’ perceptions and employees’ engagement against their industry peers and competitors, in order to uncover their biggest risks and opportunities and make the right decisions to address them.

Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) benchmark data shows shifting employee expectations. For example, Qualtrics’ EX benchmark data demonstrate changes in employees’ satisfaction with pay and benefits – a major driver for their intent to stay with a company. Qualtrics’ proprietary data shows that the share of employees who felt they were paid fairly for the work they did decline in the U.S. (from 58% to 56%), UK (from 51% to 49%) and Australia (from 61% to 57%) between 2020 and 2021. Similarly, in 2020, 63% of employees believed their companies offered competitive benefits packages, but that number fell to 57% globally in 2021. The drop-off was particularly steep in Australia (from 58% to 51%) and the UK (from 57% to 48%).

A company using the EX benchmarks can compare these results to their own employees’ responses globally and within their industry, and identify risks to retention in various parts of the world.

Brad Anderson, Qualtrics’ president of products and engineering, noted that amidst inflation, spending cuts and a tight labour market, organisations must find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and keep employees engaged and productive.

“Qualtrics has more experience benchmark data within our XM Platform than any other company. The insights our platform delivers allow our customers to identify performance gaps, opportunities and best practices across industries and geographies and take action – all within the XM Platform,” said Anderson.

Moreover, Qualtrics’ new Employee Engagement Benchmarks are composed of data from over 250 science-based questions, including EX25, to measure the 25 key drivers of every employee’s experience including work-life balance, respect and collaboration. The benchmarks also include data for Qualtrics’ validated DEI solution and the Wellbeing solution, enabling companies to attain or maintain a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, and make improvements that impact employee well-being. And lastly, the new Employee Technology Experience (ETX) Benchmark offers organisations comprehensive benchmarking of their entire technology experience, including speed, reliability, change management, knowledge management, and other aspects of IT.

Meanwhile, the CX Agent Performance Index Benchmark uses three key attributes, namely friendliness, knowledge, and understanding, to help organisations compare their customer care agent performance against competitors and peers based on operational characteristics including contact centre size, support team size, CRM system, industry or country. While, the CX Support CSAT Benchmark allows customer care teams to compare their overall satisfaction scores and support performance against competitors and peers based on operational characteristics like contact centre size, support team size, CRM system, industry, or country.

Utah, USA Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics has announced a partnership with SAP Sevice Cloud, a business technology platform, to bring Qualtrics XM Discover’s AI and machine learning capabilities into SAP Service Cloud® and help customer service teams resolve customer issues, increase resolution rate and improve customer satisfaction.

The integration enables XM Discover to analyse all the structured and unstructured data coming into SAP Service Cloud, such as agent notes, support conversations, chats, and more. By leveraging this integration, agents can understand the intent and emotions behind customer interactions.

Ritu Bhargava, President & chief product officer of SAP Customer Experience, said, “Experience Management is foundational for any intelligent and sustainable enterprise, helping them achieve higher levels of customer loyalty.”

“Organizations leveraging the power of SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics XM Discover can unlock deeper customer understanding, take real-time action to streamline their business processes, ultimately improving the customer experience and increasing life-time value.”

By combining operational data from SAP with experience data from Qualtrics in a single platform, organizations will have a 360-degree view of their customers’ purchases, interactions, experiences, and feedback over time. This information allows organizations to more efficiently predict retention risks or upsell opportunities, and take action to address issues with individual customers or groups of customers.

XM Discover also summarises and categorises every customer interaction, speeding up after call work (ACW) and allowing agents to focus on higher priority tasks.

Teams can also act in real-time to orchestrate workflows and alerts by creating new cases within Service Cloud or through an existing integration between SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics xFlow, a low code/no-code workflow engine.

Meanwhile, Fabrice Martin, chief product officer of Qualtrics XM Discover, said that as organizations navigate uncertainty, listening and acting with empathy is more important than ever.

“By bringing XM Discover capabilities to SAP Service Cloud, organizations can uncover unmet expectations and build the products, services, and experiences people want–with speed and scale,” Martin said.

The integration will be generally available in the second half of 2022 to SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics XM Discover customers.

Utah, USA – Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics has launched a new customer service tool called ‘Social Connect’ which enables contact centre, marketing and CX teams to capture, analyse and respond to customer service requests received through chat, email and social media.

The new tool can help social and digital support teams achieve higher customer satisfaction, fewer repeat contacts, and more case resolutions in less time with a single unified inbox, automated chat responses, and deep insight into the social trends and real-time customer sentiment, intent and emotions through XM Discover natural language understanding capabilities.

In addition, consumers can now engage with brands 24/7 across a broad spectrum of channels, including social media, chat, on the web and via the call centre – generating huge volumes of unstructured data that contains critical insights companies don’t want to miss.

“The combination of Qualtrics Social Connect and XM Discover enables organisations to spot and respond to potential product issues, consumer trends, changes in brand awareness, or changing competitive influences online by analysing direct messages, reviews and social media interactions alongside social data like mentions, keywords, engagement, reach, and comments,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, Fabrice Martin, head of product at Qualtrics Customer Care, commented, “Businesses that fail to connect and build relationships with their customers over digital and social channels risk massive losses in customer loyalty and revenue. Qualtrics Social Connect helps companies meet their customers where they are, understand their expectations and deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and trust, while avoiding costly escalations to their contact centres.”

Singapore – ServiceNow, a business workflow solution, and experience management provider Qualtrics have unveiled new joint capabilities that aim to help companies deliver personalized service experiences. Combining ServiceNow’s digital workflows with Qualtrics’ experience management technology, the new capabilities will help organizations harness and act on customer and employee experience data on the Now Platform in real time, to quickly resolve issues and improve engagement, loyalty, and retention. 

The Now Platform is ServiceNow’s flagship product which includes core capabilities, such as configuration management database, service level management, and machine learning, that help companies to quickly and efficiently digitize workflows. 

Organizations can now access additional customer experience data from Qualtrics on the Now Platform via the Qualtrics CustomerXM™ and ServiceNow Customer Service Management integration. The data help service teams to create personalized workflows and automate support experiences, increasing loyalty and spend and to reduce operational costs. 

The partnership aims to solve organizations’ pain points that still struggle with siloed systems and disconnected customer insights which hamper their ability to design and deliver the experiences customers want. According to research from the two parties, 80% of respondents have switched brands because of poor customer experience, and it being the number one reason why.

“What it means to truly know your customer has changed. Organizations need to deliver empathy at mass scale in every interaction to retain customers and drive growth in 2022,” said Michael Ramsey, VP for customer workflow products at ServiceNow

“Access to rich customer insights allows agents to respond to individual needs and powers digital workflows that drive great experiences, customer loyalty, and empathy,” adds Ramsey. 

Meanwhile, Jay Choi, chief product officer at Qualtrics, commented that great experiences are the currency of modern business, where the experiences that companies deliver today can become their greatest competitive advantage moving forward. 

“Companies who understand and act on experience data – the feedback that employees and customers share with them – to deliver incredible service experiences will successfully build long-term, meaningful relationships,” said Choi.

The new capabilities are now available on the ServiceNow Store and the Qualtrics Marketplace. Qualtrics said that the partnership will be rolling out additional integrated capabilities in 2022, targeted at helping teams visualize sentiment and profile data directly on the Now Platform, giving agents and frontline teams a more holistic view of the customer and employee. 

Singapore – Financial services company Aviva Singlife has partnered with global experience management (XM) provider Qualtrics to improve capabilities and insights for better customer experience (CX).

With Qualtrics’ CustomerXMTM, the company’s listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, and full closed-loop actioning capabilities, Aviva Singlife will be able to deliver premium financial services support and products aligned to the customers’ changing needs. 

It will also standardize its CX and create a new, continuous listening platform, which will allow to make regular, targeted, and meaningful improvements to the customer journey, and interact with its 1.5 million customers at key moments across a number of different engagements and channels – such as when buying insurance products or making a claim.

Moreover, Qualtrics will be helping Aviva Singlife to rapidly resolve issues and close the loop with every customer. Intelligent, automated workflows will immediately alert the customer service team of engagements requiring their attention. Qualtrics will also help in conducting deeper analysis to help guide Aviva Singlife’s growth.

Lara Truelove, Aviva Singlife’s head of customer experience, shared Qualtrics will equip them with intelligent capabilities to continually develop and deliver products, services, and support, aligned to the customers’ changing needs.

“Importantly, the rich insights will also help us remove the complexity and confusion often associated with insurance, empowering our customers to make confident decisions,” said Truelove. 

Mao Gen Foo, Qualtrics’ head of SEA, said that by standardizing and taking full control of its customer experience with Qualtrics, Aviva Singlife will be able to get to know and service customers better at every touchpoint. 

“This is a significant ability, helping the company create a world-class customer experience helping it attract and retain customers in the financial services industry,” said Foo. 

Qualtrics said that Aviva Singlife, partnered with Qualtrics Research Services, has also conducted a large market research study into changing consumer needs and expectations in the industry, to further strengthen the propositions being brought to market. The findings from the study have been made available throughout the organization, equipping every department with valuable insights to guide and inform future decisions – from product innovation to the type of advice provided.

Singapore – The global measurement and data analytics company, NielsenIQ, has announced a new partnership with global experience management (XM) provider Qualtrics, to help brands drive sustainable growth.

The partnership aims to create comprehensive brand experience solutions, providing organizations with a real-time, 360-degree view of their brand health based on consumer feedback. Through this, NielsenIQ will be using Qualtrics BrandXM™ to power its measurement solution Winning Brands, turning consumer insights into action to differentiate themselves and expand their customer base. 

Winning Brands is NielsenIQ’s proven model for measuring brand awareness, consideration, and image before, during, and after brand exposure to consumers. Qualtrics BrandXM will be identifying essential brand drivers among potential customers, empowering businesses to accelerate customer acquisition and increase their brand value.

Yuneeb Khan, NielsenIQ’s global president for consumer insights, shared NielsenIQ’s best-in-class methodology, combined with Qualtrics’ experience management technology, which will help brands adapt and be successful in any business environment. 

“We are proud to be partnering with Qualtrics to provide brand leaders deeper insights in real-time, allowing them to gain a leg up on their competition,” said Khan.

Meanwhile, R.J. Filipski, the global head of ecosystem at Qualtrics, said that the experiences every organization delivers have never been more important.

“Bringing together NielsenIQ’s leading Winning Brands model with Qualtrics’ proven ability to help organizations deliver what consumers want will give brands a significant advantage in rapidly changing markets. The insights will empower brand leaders to serve consumers on a global scale faster than ever before,” said Filipski.

NielsenIQ said that the joint solution will allow brands to capture key brand metrics, such as Brand Equity Index, a barometer of consumers’ purchase intent correlated with market share, on a single platform. It will align them with business outcomes including awareness, consideration, and usage.

In addition, the solution will provide pre-built analytics, automated workflows, and interactive dashboards from Qualtrics.

Singapore – In response to the evolving health journeys of Singapore, healthcare technology company, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), has selected global experience management (XM) provider Qualtrics for its customer experience (CX) program, to continually refine and optimize the CX on its digital health portal HealthHub and mobile app.

IHiS’ HealthHub offers a nationwide suite of digital health services and personalized advice and has emerged as an anchor service for Singapore residents to access their COVID-19 vaccination records and test results, alongside a range of evidence-based health information topics and e-services across public healthcare.

With the rapidly growing user base and the surge in the use of its services in recent years, IHiS believes that its health portal needed a listening engine to capture the voice of the customer in a timely manner. By using Qualtrics’ predictive intelligence capabilities, the platform expects to now easily collect and aggregate feedback from its users across mobile and online channels in real-time to analyze user sentiment, identify critical feedback, and pinpoint emerging trends. 

Moreover, the insights collected will enable IHiS to understand how current capabilities and new innovative features in HealthHub are meeting the evolving needs of its users and delivering meaningful customer experiences. 

Mao Gen Foo, Qualtrics’ head of Southeast Asia, shared that experience management is now critical, and believes that with the new tie-up, they will be able to help IHiS enhance its capabilities to more efficiently listen, understand, and act on feedback to ensure HealthHub delivers meaningful and long-lasting value to users across Singapore. 

“The recent opening of the Qualtrics data center in Singapore, alongside our plans to hire 1,200 new employees in the region, is a game-changer for local businesses and governments embarking on experience transformations. Organizations will benefit from local access to the Qualtrics Experience Management Operating System and our industry-leading experts, equipping them with the insights, capabilities, and support to quickly and confidently respond to our changing world,” said Foo.

Qualtrics said that IHiS is one of the first organizations to use the new data center located in Singapore, which opened in mid-2021.

Singapore – Global experience management (XM) provider Qualtrics has announced that it has entered a definitive agreement with conversational analytics platform Clarabridge, during a stock transaction valued at US$1.1b.

Said acquisition will feature a merge of global-centric features: Clarabridge’s sophisticated AI-powered platform that allows companies to capture and analyze customer feedback from indirect sources such as social media, emails, support calls, chats and product reviews, and Qualtrics’ platform for enabling organizations to ask their customers and employees the right questions to understand how they’re feeling about their company, products and brand experiences–– and then use that data to take action across their business.

For Zig Serafin, CEO at Qualtrics, with their acquisition of Clarabridge, they are accelerating their growth and leadership as a global experience management company and taking the category they created to an entirely new level.

“Together, we’ll give companies even greater power to build deep, trusted relationships with their customers and employees and deliver incredible experiences that everyone will love. We’re excited to welcome the Clarabridge team to Qualtrics,” Serafin stated.

Meanwhile, Mark Bishof, CEO at Clarabridge, commented that what they currently deliver is far more powerful as part of Qualtrics, and that they have had an incredible opportunity to accelerate their growth and innovation as part of Qualtrics.

“Clarabridge’s ability to help companies discover what their customers are saying about them across unstructured sources and provide meaningful, actionable insights is a perfect complement to the Qualtrics platform,” Bishof added.

Clarabridge’s platform has the power to discover and understand critical human nuances such as effort, emotion, and intent – capabilities that are unmatched in the market. Through highly sophisticated natural language understanding that spans 23 languages and more than 150 industry models, Clarabridge helps organizations discover how easy or challenging it was for a customer to accomplish their goal, the intensity of a customer’s feelings about the experience, and how that experience is likely to affect their willingness to do business with the company again.

With the combination of Clarabridge and Qualtrics, companies will be best-positioned to truly understand what customers and employees are saying across every channel and deliver personalized experiences at an incredible scale.