Manila, Philippines – A good news for foodpanda users in the Philippines – its premium subscription service pandpro is now available in the country. 

Accordion to a report by Noypigeeks, the pro membership has already been rolled out in late October, with foodpanda only releasing its official promotions Sunday morning.

For a monthly subscription fee, users are granted three main benefits – free delivery, additional discounts, and more vouchers. 

For a minimum order of P400, foodpanda will be waving users’ delivery charge for the first five orders of the month. With discounts, members will be getting an unlimited extra 5% off of pick-up orders, albeit, not to be topped up on an existing promo. Meanwhile, the subscription also provides three additional 10% discount vouchers. 

The free delivery feature is applicable to all restaurants and shops. In addition, pandapro members will be able to receive other exclusive discounts of 20% and up. Both the subscription and application of benefits are available only through the mobile app.

Pandapro has been earlier rolled out in other Southeast Asia countries, such as in Singapore in February of this year.