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Ad platform Nativex joins TikTok’s Marketing Program in SEA

Singapore – Nativex, a mobile-first advertising platform, has announced that it has entered the TikTok Marketing Program in the Southeast Asian region, making it one of TikTok’s partners present in the regional market.

According to the official partner page, Nativex will offer primarily their XMP service, which is a multi-channel media-buying tool that allows cross-channel campaign management. Furthermore, XMP by Nativex also offers a full-suite of features designed to give brands full transparency and granularity over the creative component of your campaigns and AI-powered data analytics that focus on improving campaign return of investment (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS), and lifetime value (LTV).

Qualifying technology companies inducted into the TikTok Marketing Partners Program have passed a vetting process anchored by different evaluation criteria. Partners have demonstrated diverse specialities and industry expertise, as well as proven track records in creating, implementing and measuring advertising campaigns that drive success and business outcomes for marketers and brands. 

At the moment, Nativex offers a suite of services and tools for brands across a range of verticals, such as gaming and e-commerce. These include ‘XploreChina’ which is a one-stop mobile marketing solution empowering brands to break into the China market, including acquisition, monetization, and creative services; and ‘TopWorks Creative Studio’ which is a global creative network that helps brands develop excellent creatives, equipped with data and insights from local markets.

Irene Yang, managing director at Nativex, has expressed that they are proud to be recognized as a TikTok Marketing Partner, and join a select handful of top agencies that have been consistently delivering campaign results for brands across the platform.

“This stands testament to the strong relationships we have with our customers, as well as our ability to achieve exceptional outcomes across different verticals and industries. As we continue to drive campaigns and expand our footprint globally, we are committed to broadening our expertise and service offering, and bringing greater value to our partners and customers,” Yang stated.

Marketing Featured East Asia

China’s mobile-first ad platform Nativex revamps mobile marketing initiative, ‘XploreChina’

Guangzhou, China – As complexities within the Chinese business landscape and the shift in consumer behavior toward e-commerce continues to increase, Nativex, the mobile-first advertising platform that helps brands drive sustainable growth through universal access to digital channels across the east and the west, has launched its revamped ‘XploreChina’ initiative a one-stop mobile marketing solution.

‘XploreChina’ initiative is designed to help clients achieve success in the Chinese market, offering acquisition, monetization, and creative services at scale and across multiple verticals. It provides a wide range of transparent tools and solutions tailored to all lifecycle stages. 

Under the ‘XploreChina’ umbrella, Nativex offers three distinct solutions for brands including China Top Media, KOL Marketing, and Android Solutions, as well as customized marketing solutions for public relations, and social media, among others.

The China Top Media solution grants advertisers instant access to premium inventory across China’s closed mobile ecosystem through strategic partnerships with ByteDance, Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba, as well as Kuaishou, while the Android solution provides clients with the required documentation for launching their app in China’s Android ecosystem. It also includes support for app management and monetization on China’s mainstream Android app stores.

And lastly, the KOL Marketing solution helps brands run successful influencer campaigns in China by connecting them with over 40,000 Chinese influencers and more than 200 Multi-Channel Networks, including XingTu (Douyin), Magnet (Kuaishou), and HuaHuo (Bilibili). 

According to Nativex, the country’s US$14.28T economy continues to present a broad range of business opportunities for companies, especially those from emerging markets such as SEA, but without a strong understanding of market characteristics and knowledge around consumer preferences, companies seeking to enter China may encounter difficulties in building brand awareness and engaging with local audiences. As a result, leveraging the expertise and connections of a partner such as Nativex will help brands across various industries scale quickly and effectively in China. 

Irene Yang, the managing director at Nativex, shared that breaking into the Chinese market can be incredibly complex for marketers who do not have boots on the ground or localized expertise to lean on, due to its unique media ecosystem that’s dominated by domestic tech giants and its fragmented mobile audience. 

“Here at XploreChina, our unrivaled understanding of the Chinese market and strong connections to China’s top media platforms allow us to make the transition into this unique media ecosystem for brands seamless and effective. As more brands look to break into China, we are able to guide marketers every step of the way,” said Yang. 

Nativex has also announced that as part of the ‘XploreChina’ rebrand, advertisers also have access to ‘Nativex XMP Media Buying’ tool, which allows companies to reach hundreds of millions of users across the country’s leading ad platforms such as Wechat, Douyin, and Bilibili, as well as Nativex’s in-house creative studio TopWorks, which offers premium creative services. 

In addition to XploreChina’s three distinct solutions, brands will also have access to public relations, search engine optimization, and social media services to ensure brands of all shapes and sizes have the right online presence in China’s massive mobile market.