Singapore — InMobi, an independent marketing cloud company headquartered in Singapore, has released its annual Mobile Marketing Handbook 2022, entitled ‘The Indisputable Magic of Mobile’. The guidebook underscores the way to navigate towards the current mobile behaviour within Southeast Asia’s digital economy. Aside from that, the handbook also dives into the potential of the metaverse and other technological advancements currently rolling out in the region’s mobile marketing sector.

The handbook goes into detail about salient points in mobile shopping, forecast on the maturity of the mobile market in Southeast Asia, and the reasons behind the hyperconnected consumerism through mobile channels during the pandemic. The guide also offers a way to introduce marketers to gaming in the Web3 metaverse and how they can make cautionary but informed decisions through purpose-led marketing, building programmatic capabilities, investing in data privacy and analysis, and defining clear purchase paths for consumers during this transition to blockchain economics.

Rishi Bedi, vice president and general manager for Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea at InMobi, said that the peak of mobile is potentially upon us as it increasingly becomes the channel of choice for addressing even the most basic of needs in Southeast Asia. He added that as the region’s mobile market rapidly grows and evolves, marketers must keep up with these changes to keep their audiences engaged.

“Our mobile marketing handbook is intended to provide guiding knowledge that may empower marketers to re-evaluate and pivot their mobile marketing strategies to sustain audiences and to try and stay ahead of their competition,” Bedi said.

InMobi has also spent the past year building a number of consumer and industry reports for the industry of mobile marketing. Recently, their report on the insights of mobile gaming’s presence in Indonesia was named MARKETECH APAC’s Insight of The Year.