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Megabangna launches new loyalty program for kids

Thailand – Thailand shopping centre Megabangna has launched a new programme called, ‘Mega Smile Kids’, an extension of its Mega Smile Rewards loyalty programme which aims to raise a total membership by 20% while driving repeat traffic for tenants.

The ‘Mega Smile Kids’ programme, which is in line with Megabangna’s 2022 strategy to provide an inclusive lifestyle experience to all groups of mixed-generation customers, offers special promotions and privileges to families with children under the age of 12. The first phase of the programme will cover 40 participating shops and partners offering free workshops and classes, special menus and cash vouchers, among others. There are also numerous benefits and promotions from participating in child-centred shops, schools and specialized academies, restaurants, and lifestyle shops. 

‘Mega Smile Kids’ members can enjoy various privileges like the welcome pack, a gift pack that includes a backpack, a pin, a water bottle, and special discounts coupons at certain shops, as well as an M-Gen Card from Mega Cineplex, and an adorable set of limited collection stickers from ‘I Found Something Good’. The members can also gain kids rewards such as discount coupons, gift vouchers and premium gifts available for exchange all year round, as well as ‘E-Discount Coupons’, which enable large discounts at participating shops.

Moreover, they will also have birthday privileges, which include surprise birthday gifts with special menus from some of the kids’ favourite restaurants at Megabangna, and lastly, events and workshops to help them gain experience, learn skills, and develop creativity provided by schools and academies at Megabangna.

Sirinchat Sangsri, Megabangna’s vice president of marketing, noted that they launched the Mega Smile Rewards loyalty programme in May 2019 via their Megabangna application, to provide loyal customers with special benefits and promotions. Moreover, it also has the added benefit of staying connected through CRM with their core group of customers.

She further shared that the programme currently has over 300,000 members who can accumulate points via the Megabangna app, which can be exchanged for premium items, discounts, and other benefits, including cash vouchers of 100 baht for every 30 points that can be used at participating shops, as well as use the points to receive benefits and vouchers from participating petrol stations and the country’s leading hotels.

“In 2022, we are preparing to upgrade our Mega Smile Rewards programme to embrace all generations of customers. We believe that building good customer relations should not be limited to parents but should also extend to their children who play a key role in the purchasing decisions of their parents,” said Sangsri.

Members of Mega Smile Rewards are now eligible to apply for Mega Smile Kids membership for their children under the age of 12 for free. The programme details and conditions are available on Megabangna’s website.

Megabangna said that it is also transforming every square inch of space in its shopping centre into ‘Your Everyday Meeting Place’, where customers can enjoy a memorable experience with family and friends, while adhering to strict pandemic precautionary measures.