Mumbai, India – Blockchain technology firm Xfinite Ventures and influencer marketing agency MAD Influence have entered into a strategic partnership to help influencers and fans enter the Web 3.0 economy, including NFTs and the metaverse.

The Web3 economy refers to the iteration of the world wide web based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralisation and token-based economics.

In the coming months, Xfinite and MAD Influence aim to provide a platform for influencers to transition to creator first digital communities in the metaverse, spread awareness about the potential for blockchain applications like NFTs in everyday life, and help fans gain exclusive access to their favourite personalities.

Speaking on the partnership, Swaneet Singh, CEO of Xfinite and Mzaalo, said, “The future of the digital economy will be built on the content, commerce, and community model. Creators and their fans are at the centre of this. In that regard, we’re very excited to partner with MAD Influence to make this future a reality. With their expertise and ecosystem of creators, we want to show what blockchain-powered tools can do.”

Meanwhile, Gautam Madhavan, founder at MAD Influence, commented, “We are really excited to partner with Xfinite on this new journey. With their expertise of the blockchain universe and our expertise in the Influencer universe – I’m sure we will be opening up a new economy for this market. NFTs and Metaverse not only will benefit our influencers but also to the brand ecosystem that are associated with us.”

Xfinite’s soon to be launched NFT marketplace, MzaaloNFT will connect consumers and NFT collectors to native and globally acclaimed artists, celebrities, athletes, millions of digital collectables, and more. The ecosystem is powered by the Xfinite Entertainment Token (XET) built on the Algorand blockchain.

New Delhi, India – Social media influencer marketing company in India, Mad Influence, has offered its newly opened platform Mad Studio to twin sister duo Surabhi and Samriddhi, who are popularly known as Chinki and Minki, for their new entertainment show ‘Twinterview’.

The newly opened studio provides a dance studio, VFX studio, photoshoots, and a variety of other first-rate facilities needed to generate content that will capture the attention of influencers from the represented brand’s intended audience.

‘Twinterview’ presents a diverse range of renowned TV and OTT celebrities providing amusing responses to some hot questions. Each episode is organized into three sections, namely promotion, confession, and confusion. The first portion will be soothing which would relax the superstars, while the second portion focuses on diving into the deep and personal lives of the famous visitors, and lastly, the third game includes the hosts asking visitors perplexing questions about themselves.

The sisters commented, “It is time to say goodbye to the quintessential celebrity interviews. This is not a regular interview – this is a ‘Twinterview’.” 

Gautam Madhavan, Mad Influence’s founder and CEO, said, “Mad Influence is all about new opportunities and providing a platform for every form, and with this, we have not only extended our family but also shown everyone what Mad believes in. We wish the twins very good luck for their future episodes.”

The show’s first episode featuring Indian comedian Bhuvan Bam has already aired on the duo’s YouTube channel last 12 January at 2:00 pm IST.

India – Mad Influence, social media influencer marketing company in India, is marking its fourth anniversary this 2022 with an office expansion to Dubai. Aside from the new office, Mad also revealed that it plans to go crypto by launching an NFT marketplace for content creators and celebrities, called Mad Fan.

The company started only as a team of two and has now grown to be a firm that offers creative and operational solutions in the field of digital marketing, social media management, content marketing, and other consulting services to businesses from all around India and to the world.

The company currently has Mad Influence, its influencer network; Mad Productions, its in-house production support; Mad Media, its media marketing team; Mad Content, its division for content strategy and communication; as well as Mad Link, its in-house campaign tracking tech; and Mad Studio, the company’s dedicated space for content creators and celebrities to shoot content and network.

Still coinciding with its anniversary celebration, the company spilled that it is also planning to launch subsidiary businesses like Mad Talent to expand the talent division globally, a live streaming and e-commerce division called Mad Streaming, and Mad Vox, which is a completely new vertical as an artist service for the company’s exclusive talents where music videos for the artists will be launched.

Gautam Madhavan, founder and CEO of Mad Influence, said the aim was to build a mad house or a home for the content creators and become the world’s largest influencer marketing network.

“If anyone says influencer marketing is on a boom, I’d say this was just the trailer-picture,” said Madhavan.

Madhavan adds, “It will soon be a $50 billion global industry. This year, our focus will be on working hard for our clients and influencers with ten times the dedication and persistence.”

Aman Narula, the head of influencer marketing operations, commented, “I remember starting out as an intern at this company when the whole team consisted of 3 members. The jump from 3 to 50+ happened because of the collective mindset aimed at growing and achieving our vision together. When you have a team like that, there’s only one way you can go, and that’s upwards! In 2022, we intend to scale up all our ventures and expand globally.”

Very recently, Mad Influence was behind the influencer campaign by Boro Plus, the antiseptic cream brand under skincare company Emami, which leveraged Instagram Reels that aimed to promote self-love. The campaign was kickstarted by well-known dancer and choreographer Shakti Mohan

India – Boro Plus, the antiseptic cream brand under India’s skincare company Emami, has launched a new social initiative aimed at promoting self-love through the use of the newly-rolled out feature on Instagram – Instagram Reels.

The campaign, which was developed in collaboration with media agency Mad Influence, targets to promote the importance of appreciating the numerous small moments in people’s everyday lives, drawing attention to a very relevant problem faced by today’s generation – ‘self-appreciation’.

Titled ‘#EkJhappiForMe’, the campaign was kickstarted by well-known dancer and choreographer Shakti Mohan on Instagram Reels. Mohan has shared a short video about the importance of ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’, encouraging her fans to participate in this social initiative by sharing their self-love moments on the app with the hashtag ‘#EkJhappiforme’ and the Boro Plus Social Initiative audio.

Moreover, several well-known content creators, including Roshni Walia, Vaishnavi Rao, Ishpreet Dang, and Kanika Mann, have taken part in the socially beneficial initiative.

MARKETECH APAC has reached out to Emami for a comment.