Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

ChannelAdvisor announces integration with Shopee

Australia – Cloud-based e-commerce solutions ChannelAdvisor has announced its integration with regional e-commerce giant Shopee. Through the partnership, ChannelAdvisor customers will be able to reach new consumers in the SEA region.

Customers can now extend their multichannel commerce strategies to new markets in the region, while leveraging the efficiencies of a centralised platform.

Some of the solutions include transforming product data to meet the unique requirements of each channel, optimising and managing product content from a centralised location, maximising reach without overselling by synchronising inventory quantity across channels, and identifying growth opportunities with powerful reporting and dashboard analytics.

Derek Conlin, VP for global business development at ChannelAdvisor, said, “We’re excited to announce our integration with Shopee, which will provide ChannelAdvisor customers with access to millions of new buyers in Southeast Asia and beyond.”

He added, “Brands and retailers keen on accelerating growth of their online business should evaluate selling on Shopee to increase visibility and sales in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.”

Technology Featured APAC

Delacon launches call tracking integration for Google Ads

Sydney, Australia – Digital marketing company Delacon has integrated its call tracking solution into Google Ads, enabling marketers to more effectively attribute campaign performance.

Delacon now surfaces in all Google Ads accounts, providing natively integrated call tracking data to its clients and others wanting to record and monitor call extensions, for a fuller understanding of the effectiveness of search campaigns.

The call tracking integration works with its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature – which captures the phone menu options pressed by a caller – provides a more granular layer of call attribution data.

“When a customer calls directly from a Google ad, marketers can see which keyword groups, ads and campaigns drove the engagement, all reported in real time. Delacon’s call tracking solution also monitors time, date, length and result of calls; geographical location; number of calls per web source; online browsing activity in the lead up to the call; campaign ID and the call outcome,” Delacon said in a statement.

Michael Center, CEO at Delacon, said, “Previously marketers would need to specify which phone number belonged to which campaign to track any phone calls made directly from a campaign ad. Now, as long as a phone number is attached to a Google Ad, call tracking data can drive additional value for businesses. This integration increases call tracking accuracy and gives greater visibility on calculating cost per lead and cost per acquisition, which in turn improves campaign optimisation and drives increased return on investment.”

He added, “As a leading global provider of feature-rich call analytics, we continue to identify new ways to innovate our offering. Partnering as a Google Analytics Certified Partner for this latest integration and becoming the first in Asia Pacific to deploy our platform across Google Ads, is recognition of our expertise and the talent within the team.”

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Klook unveils expanded integration with search engine KAYAK

Singapore — Klook, a travel and leisure e-commerce platform, alongside the travel search engine company KAYAK, has announced an expanded integration that will enable KAYAK users to access one of the largest inventories of Things-to-Do (TTD) across the Asia-Pacific region.

KAYAK will draw on Klook’s leading supply strength to enable its users to have seamless access to the APAC region’s best TTD. KAYAK users will benefit from a wider range of attractions and experiences as they will now be able to discover over 490,000 activities in over a thousand destinations through Klook on KAYAK’s TTD vertical.

Elia San Martin, VP and GM of KAYAK APAC, said, “We’re excited to be expanding our integration with Klook which will enable KAYAK users to have greater access to an extended variety of attractions and experiences. As travel continues to rebound in the APAC region – we are helping travellers access more travel options than ever before.”

Marcus Yong, VP for global marketing at Klook, commented that they’re delighted to announce this global integration with KAYAK and the enhanced API-connectivity between the two companies will enable the post-pandemic traveller to have seamless access to the best TTD and car rentals globally.

Yong added, “Borders in APAC are gradually opening up as measures ease. This is an opportune time for us to be at the forefront of travel recovery in the region and build on that momentum with KAYAK – especially as it brings more travellers over from the US and Europe to experience joy in Asia.”

Since the integration of car rentals last year, KAYAK users have access to Klook’s car rental coverage that spans over 9000 destinations across 500 vendors, unlocking one of the largest inventories in the Asia-Pacific region.

Technology Featured APAC

AnyMind Group integrates LiveRamp, PubMatic’s ID solutions into AnyManager

Singapore – Marketing technology solutions provider AnyMind Group has integrated data enablement platform LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and programmatic digital advertising company PubMatic’s Identity Hub into its publisher and e-commerce growth platform, AnyManager.

These integrations enable AnyMind Group’s online publishers and advertisers to communicate with enriched data, delivering greater measurability, whilst preserving audience privacy throughout the process.

Through these integrations, AnyManager’s header bidding solution for publishers will be able to provide connected demand sources with more information to better reach and engage with desired audiences. It also enables the easy implementation of LiveRamp’s people-based, privacy-first identifier, RampID, through the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS).

Once a publisher and AnyMind Group enter into an agreement, ATS is implemented on the login screen of the publisher’s site. ATS allows publishers to match authenticated user data with RampIDs in real-time, enabling advertising without reliance on third-party cookies or device-based identifiers. Advertisers leveraging RampID can unlock premium inventory, additional reach across browsers such as Safari and Firefox, and improved marketing tactics such as people-based audience targeting and frequency capping, amongst others.

Meanwhile, PubMatic’s Identity Hub integration enables publishers to simply turn on the integration with just a single button click on AnyManager for their header bidding wrapper and provides access to partnered ID solutions on Identity Hub including LiveRamp’s RampID, ID5 ID, and The Trade Desk’s Unified ID, amongst others.

CheeChien Chung, LiveRamp’s director of addressability for SEA, shared that the deprecation of third-party cookies and other identifiers has been a forcing function for innovation and improvement across the advertising industry, but more importantly, it’s highlighted that people-based marketing delivers superior performance, today.

“Publishers leveraging LiveRamp’s solutions via AnyMind can easily enable their inventory to be accessible to advertisers looking to buy and measure at the person-level on RampID, and can achieve outsized business results at scale, without compromising privacy,” said Chung.

Meanwhile, Hitoshi Maruyama, AnyMind Group’s managing director of publisher growth, said that web publishers in Asia have started exploring new business models such as media commerce and other means of content monetisation, whilst the ad tech industry has innovated to provide means for publishers to continue benefiting from ad revenue. 

“AnyMind Group is now where the facets of next-generation commerce, ad monetisation and media improvement meet, providing web and app publishers with various possibilities for exponential growth,” said Maruyama.

Technology Featured East Asia

SCMP Magazines integrates IAS’ Publisher Optimisation Solutions

Hong Kong – Hong Kong’s magazine publisher SCMP Magazines has integrated global digital adtech Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) Publisher Optimisation Solution, aimed at delivering quality impressions for its advertisers.

By activating the IAS Publisher Optimisation solution, SCMP Magazines aims to directly improve its ad inventory’s viewability and match its advertisers’ brand risk threshold by avoiding risky content. The partnership entails measurement and optimisation toward low IVT rates in real-time to ensuring its traffic is worth the investment and to reduce the redundancies of manual campaign optimisations.

Jennifer Tsang, SCMP Magazines’ VP of digital, shared that their goal has always been to uphold high standards of MRC viewability and brand safety for advertiser campaigns running on Cosmopolitan, Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, and Esquire Hong Kong websites. 

“IAS’ Publisher Optimisation Solutions allows us to do so effectively through intelligent ad inventory management and optimisation,” said Tsang.

Meanwhile, Laura Quigley, IAS’ SVP for APAC, said that their Publisher Optimisation solution seamlessly integrates publishers’ ad servers and powers inventory to automatically optimise ad delivery down to the placement level for direct and programmatic deals. 

“We’re very excited to partner with SCMP magazines to help advertisers ensure that they continue to invest in digital safely and efficiently,” added Quigley.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Havas Group adds Frontier Australia to its global network

Australia – Havas Group has integrated Australia’s independent performance marketing agency, Frontier Australia, into its global performance marketing network, Edge Performance Network (EPN).

Over the past 20 years, Frontier Australia has been continually innovating and improving the way it utilises data and insights to develop campaign solutions for its clients. By leveraging both online and offline media alongside bespoke creative solutions, it has been delivering for local clients including, Temple & Webster, Global Shop Direct, and BlueBet, as well as EPN international clients including Norton/Lifelock and Noom.

Havas Group said that Frontier Australia will continue using its brand locally while adding branding representatives to its EPN membership.

Yannick Bolloré, Havas Group’s chairman and CEO, said that Frontier Australia’s addition to their global network will provide localised performance marketing expertise and valuable insights across all channels for the EPN network and its extensive roster of global clients looking to expand into the Australian marketplace. 

“We are thrilled to officially welcome the Frontier Australia team to our Group,” added Bolloré.

Meanwhile, Steve Netzley, EPN’s CEO, said that they’ve had tremendous success partnering with Frontier Australia over the past few years, and the success they’ve enjoyed with them made their recent decision to formally add them into EPN an easy decision. 

“Australia is a very important territory globally for EPN and our clients, and Frontier Australia is the perfect complement to the other EPN agencies around the world both culturally and through their ability to deliver for our clients,” said Netzley.

Steven King, Frontier Australia’s co-CEO, commented that they can’t speak highly enough of the global EPN network, run by Netzley and his leadership team, and their commercial vision, entrepreneurial mindset and focus on delivering what is really important to clients is completely aligned with ours. 

“In them, we feel like we have found a true and trusted partner. Together, we very much look forward to continuing what has always been our priority – to grow our clients’ businesses and have a materially positive impact on their success,” said King.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

Influencer marketing platform Capssion announces integration with Tiktok

Hong Kong — Capssion, an all-in-one influencer marketing platform based in Singapore and Hong Kong and founded by two ex-Lazada executives Thibault Couperie Eiffel and Koussey Goupil, has announced that their software now integrates TikTok on its platform to allow e-commerce brands in the region to find, manage, and monitor performance with TikTok influencers.

With influencer marketing campaigns becoming increasingly complex to manage, and in the bid to streamline the over-abundance of tools and social media platforms marketers have to cope with, Capssion has been aiming to innovate through choice integrations with best-in-class software to become the all-in-one influencer marketing platform for e-commerce brands in the Asia Pacific region. Historically, Capssion allowed brands to run campaigns on popular platforms namely Instagram and YouTube.

Thibault Couperie Eiffel, CEO and co-founder of Capssion, says, “More than 50 percent of the brands operating on Capssion have dedicated budgets for TikTok in 2022. Four in 10 of our influencers creating content on Instagram are now also creating content on TikTok.”

With the successful integrations of Shopify and Aftership that saw significant results, Capssion plans to grow its integrations and partnerships even further. The platform aims to be a facilitator for brands to find, manage and compensate influencers, as well as monitor their performance at scale, all in one place.