Insider’s Katie Nguyen, who serves as the company’s senior regional marketing manager for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines; has been named as one of the winners of ‘Empowered Women in Marketing’ category at MARKETECH APAC’s inaugural recognition initiative for women leaders in the industry, Empowered Women Awards 2023.

Nguyen has been with Insider for over two years, with her roles revolving around strategic marketing endeavours for the company. She was also a marketing leader for software development company fram^ and the co-founder of smart lifestyle app OKGO.

Leadership defined through brand exposure and client satisfaction

To strengthen the company’s offering in certain markets in Southeast Asia, Nguyen has been heavily involved in some of the company’s efforts to help build their brand in the region. These range from brand recognition campaigns to content series that feature senior executives across various industries.

Some of these initiatives Nguyen spearheaded include the ‘Reshape On Tour’ campaign which highlighted Insider’s creative solutions, as well as the ‘CxO Beyond the Title’ content series, which used insights from interviewed executives to angle the company as a respected industry leader and useful resource in the corporate world.

With these initiatives, Nguyen has used these critical contributions to help Insider cement its place as a leading B2B unicorn company in the region. Moreover, it has helped the company to expand its services and continue providing clients with unmatched business value over time.

Setting by example through accountability, empowerment, and innovation

Nguyen describes her leadership style in the three aforementioned pillars. For her, this allows her to give her team members autonomy in their work, therefore promoting a culture of innovation and excellency.

Moreover, she adds that as part of her empowered leadership, she makes sure that there is a responsibility to identify and capitalize on each team member’s individual qualities in order to assist them realise their maximum potential.

She also understands the value of young professionals in the industry, hence she makes sure that she works with her team to continually work to increase their collective knowledge and expertise in their field.

Giving back to fellow female industry leaders

Outside of her leadership role, Nguyen is actively involved in various initiatives to give back to the growing community of female industry leaders. These include close-knit gatherings for female industry leaders to share valuable insights; as well as mentoring young and aspiring women in overcoming the obstacles presented by the field and achieving their objectives by sharing their experiences and views.

A key example of said women-focused leadership events is the ‘Insider Growth Maker Club’ in Vietnam, which has helped in improving the marketing skills of 300 marketers by increasing their sector knowledge and competence. 

For her, if women can have the tools and resources they need to succeed, they can create a more diverse and inclusive sector that benefits everyone.

“Women are the heart and soul of any successful team.” It is critical to provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunity to succeed in the job and beyond,” she said.

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New York, USA – Cross-channel experience platform Insider has appointed Faraaz Khan as its new chief strategy and corporate development officer in order to further its fast growth through strategic mergers and acquisitions,as well as channel and technology partnerships.

In his new role, Khan will drive Insider‘s corporate strategy, spearhead inorganic growth by leading mergers and acquisitions, and drive organic growth through channel and technology partnerships. 

He has spent almost a decade driving growth at B2B enterprise software companies of various sizes, including Sitecore, Intercom, and Thomson Reuters. Faraaz led and advised on numerous mergers and acquisitions across the martech space including digital asset management, customer data platforms, e-commerce, marketing automation, AI search and merchandising, and front-end-as–a-service.

Speaking on his appointment, Khan said, “Insider has seen remarkable growth over the past few years and has been recognized as a Leader by Forrester, Gartner, IDC and most importantly by its loyal customers on G2 Crowd across a host of categories. All of this has been achieved organically, largely on the back of our direct sales channel in Europe and Asia.” 

He added, “The goal is to accelerate growth further through strategic mergers and acquisitions into categories that will add even more value to our customers, and by growing and enabling our loyal partner network. I am extremely excited to be joining the company as it enters the US to establish Insider as the #1 marketing platform trusted by marketers and analysts alike.”

Meanwhile, Hande Cilingir, co-founder and CEO at Insider, commented, “Following our journey to democratise AI and marketing technologies in most of the toughest markets in the world and providing our technology globally at this scale, the time has come for Insider to extend its remarkable go-to-market expertise over the businesses that are scaling up.” 

He added, “This will unlock greater growth opportunities for Insider. Faraaz brings immense experience and the required perspective to support our growth organically and through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Looking forward to achieving our aggressive growth targets together with Faraaz.”

Singapore – Advertising and public relations company dentsu has announced a partnership with cross-channel experience platform Insider which combines dentsu’s integrated capabilities in client support and execution with Insider’s AI-powered cross-channel marketing platform in delivering personalized customer experience journeys at scale.

Through the partnership, brands will be able to seamlessly access a holistic understanding of their online audiences, across different channels and platforms. This will allow marketers to anticipate audience behavior and deliver personalized online experiences at scale to fully address the needs of customers, while reducing the cost of customer acquisition, activation and retention.

For Prantik Mazumdar, managing director for CXM Group at dentsu Singapore, their company’s data-led and technology-driven approach to building omni-channel personalizations is etched in their company DNA, and that their end goal is clear: they are laser-focused on helping their clients cut through the data noise to drive meaningful customer journeys that build brand love.

“As such, we appreciate the complementary value that Insider’s AI-backed model for connecting data, predicting behaviors, and individualizing experiences brings to dentsu’s integrated capabilities. By unlocking these offerings, we will be able to even better collaborate with our clients to help them deliver captivating customer experiences faster and with precision,” Mazumdar said.

Meanwhile, Patrick Steinbrenner, managing director for APAC at Insider, commented that they look forward to collaborating with the team at dentsu to bring more enhanced customer service experience for their clients.

“Having the right recommendation algorithms powered by AI will help enterprises deliver precise individualized cross-channel recommendations and uncover their full revenue potential. Dentsu’s strategic client support and data-led execution with Insider’s platform capabilities will take marketing to the next level,” Steinbrenner said.

The partnership offerings will be available in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Singapore – As the pandemic continues to prolong the lifting of travel restrictions, airlines are doing everything they can to offset the heavy drop in demand, developing various initiatives to engage their customers. With this, Scoot, the low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, has decided to partner with cross-channel marketing platform Insider, to further enhance the experience on its digital channels.

Insider assists enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with a built-in AI intent engine, and orchestrate individualized customer experiences at scale. Its platform delivers experiences across channels like web, app, web push, and email, as well as SMS, and ads, among others. 

As part of the partnership, Scoot will be utilizing Insider’s AI-powered platform to create personalized, multi-channel experiences for customers on its website. Using The platform, the airline will be releasing travel requirements at different parts of the customer journey, communicating flexibility options on its website quickly, and addressing the fluidity of global travel regulations with agility. 

Furthermore, Insider’s AI-backed segmentation module will be assisting the airline to serve relevant web push messages to users with a high likelihood of booking a flight.

Scoot’s Chief Commercial Officer Calvin Chan commented that the partnership with Insider has been instrumental in how they support the customers in these challenging times, as Scoot’s motto has always been to re-define the customer experience in the low-cost sector, and a large part of the experience is delivered via digital channels.

“Insider has been a valuable partner in improving our overall site engagement and new customer acquisitions with personalized overlays and engagement features. The ease of use of the platform has also enabled us to be operationally agile and so keep our customers abreast of the latest changes in travel regulations,” said Chan.

Meanwhile, Patrick Steinbrenner, Insider’s managing director for APAC, said, “We’re proud to power digital experiences for one of the world’s best low-cost airlines and are happy to have supported them during this pandemic. For the post-COVID recovery phase, we will be stepping up our partnership even further to deliver personalized journeys for Scoot’s customers across the web, mobile web, mobile apps, and ad channels.”

Scoot has also announced that the visitors to its website will benefit from ‘Smart Recommendations’ based on their previous browsing history for a more relevant user experience. The website’s exit surveys will improve its customer experience constantly.

Singapore – GrowthOps, an APAC-based growth and technology consultancy, has announced a partnership with growth management platform Insider to boost e-commerce multi-channel personalized offering for clients seeking to improve their return of investment (ROI).

The partnership will enable GrowthOps’ multidisciplinary teams to leverage Insider’s AI-powered growth management platform, giving e-commerce clients a deep and holistic understanding of their online audiences, across different channels and platforms.

This, in turn, allows clients to be able to anticipate audience behavior and deliver personalized online experiences for their customers, addressing their needs more fully, while reducing the cost of customer acquisition, activation and retention.

For David Isaac, Chief Growth Officer at GrowthOps, the needs of top-quartile CMO and CPOs have become increasingly complex, with their roles expanding to include growth and technology. He added that competitive businesses need a sustainable solution that de-risks innovation for product-led growth.

“Together, we will enable our C-suite clients to deliver compelling customer experiences by integrating customer behavior and engagement data from product, marketing, and technology platforms, such as Insider. GrowthOps is built from the ground-up to support APAC businesses to lead in their category with new digital platforms, across more channels,” Isaac said.

Meanwhile, Patrick Steinbrenner, Managing Director for APAC at Insider, commented, “GrowthOps’ expertise as a growth consultancy enables clients to scale with enterprise-grade execution and support. Combined with Insider’s AI-powered platform capabilities, they will take their targeted marketing to the next level, enhanced with precision and personalization.”

The unique combination delivers relevant, memorable, and loyalty-inducing customer experiences, enabling CMOs and C-suite professionals to meet ever-changing customer demands. GrowthOps maintains multidisciplinary teams in-house to deliver the scale, synergy, and agility clients need to perform at the top of their industries.

Singapore – Data and artificial intelligence (AI) company ADA and growth management platform Insider have announced a new partnership to aid enterprises in achieving a greater return on multichannel personalization and marketing campaigns through AI and data analytics.

The partnership entails unifying ADA’s newly formed MarTech-as-a-Service offering and Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform (GMP) which will empower enterprises to scale up and predict customer behavior in real time. Marketers can also seamlessly personalize and streamline campaigns to acquire, activate, and retain customers.

“We’re really excited to be working with Insider. We believe this partnership will help our clients realise more value by allowing us to offer an end-to-end solution that covers the full marketing and sales funnel. We have big goals to continue to expand our business in Asia; so, ADA and Insider’s strong MarTech proposition will help us achieve our ambitious targets,” said Chris Wiseman, head of marketing technology at ADA.

For Patrick Steinbrenner, managing director for APAC at Insider, he believes that with the right recommendation algorithms powered by AI, enterprises can deliver precise individualized cross-channel recommendations and uncover full revenue potential. 

“ADA’s digital and data maturity models’ expertise combined with Insider’s platform capabilities will take marketing to the next level. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with the team at ADA to bring more value to our end customers,” Steinbrenner stated.

Singapore – Insider, a growth management platform, has announced the launch of a new design system that aims to deliver a consistent experience for enterprise marketers building cross-channel experiences.

Through the new user experience (UX), marketers can now find and use products based on use cases and goals such as product discovery, as well as easily understand all their cross-channel marketing efforts and monitor ROI metrics closely in a single dashboard.

Furthermore, the new UX can help create streamlined campaigns and delivery across channels like website, email, and push notifications to speed up execution, as well as easy tagging and filtering to organize campaigns, streamlined reports for faster insight discovery, and time-saving features to boost marketers’ productivity.

According to Muharrem Derinkok, co-founder and VP of product at Insider, the new UX responds to the major concern of marketers mulling whether they should invest in upgrading their UX, specifically for an enterprise setting. Insider hopes to break the impression among marketers that enterprise UX is “clunky, slow-to-load platforms that require significant training.”

“The underwhelming experience is precisely the ceiling we wanted to shatter with our fresh and thoughtful approach to designing our new platform. With over 25% of our 2020 roadmap invested in our design system – we’re thrilled to bring a breakthrough experience to enterprise marketers,” Derinkok said.

Another feature in the new UX is creating cross-channel journeys easier with another Insider product, Architect. Architect is an Insider product that helps marketers develop individual online channel journeys for consumers online to get them to buy a product by means of various online advertising platforms such as email marketing and Facebook ads.

“The new experience is further enabling brands to accelerate their time to market, leading to bigger, better, and faster results. Our clients have always looked up to us for taking bold steps in solving some of the most pressing problems of experience disruptors who are behind the growth of top global brands,” said Hande Cilingir, co-founder and CEO at Insider.

Clinger added, “We have helped our customers to deliver hyper-personalized and delightful experiences to their customers. It’s now their turn to experience the same intuitive experience in their daily workflows as we redefine what’s possible for enterprise marketing technology.”