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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group appoints Forsman & Bodenfors as global brand agency

Hong Kong – Hong-Kong based international hotel group, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, has named Forsman & Bodenfors as its global brand agency. Forsman & Bodenfors will partner with media agency Assembly to deliver an integrated offering of brand, design, social, performance marketing, and media services. 

The appointment comes after a 4-month pitch process which was led by client-agency marketing consultancy AAR Group out of London. The remit was made to support Mandarin Oriental’s future expansion of the business and the evolution of its brand to meet the evolving needs of the luxury consumer. 

The global creative collective Forsman & Bodenfors will work with Mandarin Oriental’s brand and marketing team to develop a new brand strategy and approach. 

London advertising which was the one who pioneered the group’s star-studded ‘I’m a Fan’ campaign will continue to support celebrity management and its current campaign commitments. Launched in 1999, the ‘I’m a fan’ campaign features international celebrities who regularly stay at the group’s hotels and are considered ‘true fans’ of Mandarin Oriental.

Joanna Flint, chief commercial officer of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group said, “Forsman & Bodenfors challenged our thinking throughout the process, and their integrated approach alongside Assembly was seamless and impressive. We are really excited to see what comes next.”

Toby Southgate, global CEO of Forsman & Bodenfors added, “Our mission as a business is to make ‘ideas that change things’ and the Mandarin Oriental business has a bold and inspirational vision for their future. We have been enthused about this opportunity from the very start and we wanted to show every step of the way that we are the right partner for this business. On behalf of Forsman & Bodenfors, and Assembly, we’re delighted to be taking these steps together with our new partners.”

Forsman & Bodenfors and Assembly are both under the Stagwell Group of companies.

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Meet Kami, the world’s first virtual influencer with Down syndrome

London, United Kingdom – Down Syndrome International (DSi), an international disabled people’s organisation, has teamed up with creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors and global digital modelling agency The Diigitals to create the world’s first virtual influencer with Down syndrome named Kami.

Kami, which is short for Kamilah, will be active on her Instagram account to give people a peek into her daily life, her likes, her quirks, her friends, and her interests. In addition, she will exist to shine the spotlight on people with Down syndrome while fulfilling a bigger and more powerful mission to make the digital world more inclusive with #TheKamiPledge.

The three organisations involved saw an opportunity to revolutionise the digital space by creating the world’s first virtual influencer with Down syndrome.

“By intentionally giving Down syndrome to someone who is universally known as ‘perfect’ in the social sphere, Kami will be a powerful representation that Down syndrome is not a flaw, or a mistake, and that she does not need ‘fixing’,” DSi said in a press statement.

For Kami to be a truly authentic representation of real women with Down syndrome, a panel of over 100 young women volunteers with Down syndrome across the DSi global network were consulted to collaborate on her creation as a virtual model – acting as the faces, physiques, gestures, voices, and personalities that Kami will embody.

Rachel Kennedy and Firrdaus Yusoff, creatives at Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore, said, “In a world filled with pixel perfect virtual models, creating Kami is a way to completely reframe Down syndrome in the online space. We want to make it impossible to ignore Kami and everything she stands for. As we get to know her, Kami’s true potential will depend on how the world embraces her in her virtual form.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Boys, executive director at DSi, commented, “We have always been acutely aware that the digital space has had little or no place for people with Down syndrome. Creating Kami as a welcoming and relatable representation in the digital space for young women with Down syndrome is an incredible milestone for DSi. We have high hopes for Kami and the transformation she can bring to digital diversity.”

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Forsman & Bodenfors SG names Deborah Abraham as director of PR strategy, communications

Singapore – Advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors in Singapore has appointed Deborah Abraham, former director of communications at creative agency TBWA\ Group Singapore, to be its new director of PR strategy and communications

Abrahan is a former journalist turned communications professional with over 20 years of experience in the APAC, where she has played a key role in securing high-profile visibility for both agency and clients. Aside from her previous role in TBWA\ Singapore, Abraham has also worked as the regional communications director at creative firm BBH Asia Pacific. 

The integrated role will see Abraham as an active strategic PR counsel across both the agency’s internal communications and client work.

Commenting on her appointment, Abraham said, “Forsman & Bodenfors appreciation of an integrated PR approach to creative communications is critical to the cultural and business impact we’d like to make, and to be able to fully utilize my potential here is the best opportunity I could ask for.”

Susanna Fagring, Forsman & Bodenfors’ CEO for Singapore, noted that a fundamental understanding of the power of PR and how to start conversations in society is part of Forsman & Bodenfors’ core offering and an intimate part of our creative process. 

“Deborah’s solid experience and reputation in this market make her a fantastic addition to our team,” said Fagring.