Australia – In celebration of World Environmental Day which was celebrated on 5 June, felix mobile, a strongly-committed environmental-conscious telecom in the country, has put up a mural painting in Melbourne that is very much like a tree – using paint that absorbs CO2 emissions. 

Felix mobile is a telco startup that is certified carbon neutral and is powered by 100% renewable electricity. To double down on its support for the environment, it has made its mission to plant one tree for every active customer in a month.

Done in collaboration with hybrid creative agency Paper Moose, the mural is the centerpiece of felix mobile’s new national campaign, building off its brand platform ‘The Plan With A Bigger Plan’.

The mural is painted with CO2 absorbing paint made by paint manufacturer Graphenstone. It absorbs as much carbon dioxide as what a mature 250kg tree does in six months. The paint also emits ultra-low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to traditional commercial paints.

Kelly Rollason, the head of sales and marketing at felix mobile, said that they are proud to show the industry that by minimizing your impact on the planet, you in turn are able to maximize brand loyalty. 

“A billboard that consumes CO2 like a tree was the perfect execution to complement our existing efforts as a mobile provider that puts people and planet first,” said Rollason.

Meanwhile, Paper Moose’s Creative Director Jeremy Willmot, said, “It’s so rewarding to partner with a brand that’s not only committed to neutralizing their environmental impact, but are eager to embrace innovative new ways to do it too.”

Furthermore, the telco has announced its commitment to planting an additional 25,000 trees, in aid of their larger goal of 1 million trees planted.

The new campaign follows Paper Moose’s announcement on its imperative to work with more sustainable brands, with its goal to drive a positive and lasting change in the economy. Through a new program for clients, the agency will be donating time and creative resources to selected organizations that are on the mission to decarbonize the planet.