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Telekom Malaysia welcomes Krish Datta as new EVP of digital services

Malaysia – ​Malaysian-based telco Telekom Malaysia has appointed Krish Datta, former CEO for JAPAC and the Middle East at global data solution provider BackOffice Associates, to the newly created role of executive vice president of digital services. 

With over 34 years of technology industry experience, Datta has built and led several enterprise technology-based businesses across ASEAN, India, Japan, and Australia, as well as the Middle East. Aside from his role at BackOffice Associates, Datta has also held leadership positions at SAP APAC for over 16 years, where he established the company in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. He also went on to hold the position of president of SAP Southeast Asia, where he is responsible for all aspects of the business from sales, marketing, sales operations, and presales, as well as partner and eco-system, amongst others.

In his new role, Datta will be bringing his deep expertise in building Telekom’s technology businesses, alongside a broad, diverse set of experiences and skills.

Commenting on his appointment, Datta said, “I am excited to join TM, for more than one reason. I love building sustainable tech businesses, and this opportunity to build a technology-focused team offers me the ability to create, from the inside, another reliable TM brand, a new identity for Enterprise Technology along with a scope to help a country I love.”

Meanwhile, Imri Mokhtar, Telekom’s group CEO, shared that in this new role, Datta will deepen their commitment and ability to enable their Enterprise and Public Sector customers’ digital transformation, as they help them improve and accelerate every area of their business with simplicity and confidence.

“Krish at the helm of our new digital services arm marks the start of an exciting new chapter for us. As our customers in the Enterprise and Public Sector space continue to build the future of business, he will help TM realise our opportunities in B2B digital services. I am excited to see what Krish and his team will deliver,” said Mokhtar.

Platforms Featured ANZ

Study shows how a lagging app still ought to be blamed to brands

Sydney, Australia – As more and more brands are now migrating towards digital service channels to communicate their brand purpose and message, many Australian consumers are now expecting these brands to do better in their digital services, and this rate is furthermore increasing, new data from business observability platform Cisco AppDynamics shows.

According to their latest report, the number of apps consumers are using daily has jumped by 30% compared with two years ago. Over the last 18 months, Aussies have not only increased their reliance on apps and digital services to go about their day-to-day lives, but also raised their expectations for flawless and engaging digital experiences. And, when these experiences fail to deliver, due to an outage or performance issue, they take note.

In terms of data regarding customers and app performance, they note that 92% say they expect reliable and consistent performance, while 76% say it’s the responsibility of the brand to ensure that the digital service or app works perfectly.

“Whether it’s within the application itself – such as pages loading slowly, downtime, or security failures; or external factors like internet connectivity, slow payment gateways or technical issues with third party services—to the consumer there is no distinction and they will now place responsibility firmly on the brand,” the report stated.

Such statement is also supported by data across the Australian respondents, who noted that 58% of respondents say brands have ‘one shot’ to impress them with their digital experiences before they switch to another provider. In addition, 63% say their expectation of digital services has changed forever and they won’t tolerate poor performance any more.

Despite these statements, 73% of Australian respondents say they are grateful to brands that invested in digital during the pandemic so they could get access to the services they love and rely on.

For Linda Tong, vice president and general manager of Cisco AppDynamics, applications have become the lifeline to normality for people in every corner of the world and consumers are no longer willing to settle for anything less than a perfect digital experience.

“Technologists are now under more pressure than ever to deliver the ‘total application experience’ to users within their first interaction,” she stated.

Technology Featured ANZ

NZ’s DIA taps TTC as first supplier of Web Accessibility services for ‘Government Marketplace’

Wellington, New Zealand – TTC, a global software assurance provider in New Zealand, has been approved by the country’s Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) to be the first Web Accessibility service supplier on the Government Marketplace, a platform that allows businesses and government agencies to engage with each other by facilitating the direct buying and selling of products and services between the two parties.

TTC helps organizations modify their technology deliverance, increasing the speed and quality of technology development while reducing risk and cost.

Through this initiative, TTC will be providing technology services including but not limited to accessibility testing & audit, training, and digital accessibility consulting, broadening the scale, reach, and ease of providing accessibility solutions within the government’s procurement process, and enabling the practice of greater digital inclusion and usability practices.

Grant Borrie, founder and director of technology at TTC, expressed they couldn’t be more thrilled to be given the green light to offer their services for Web Accessibility on the Marketplace.

“Creating inclusive digital experiences is something we firmly believe should be a priority for all businesses. We understand that improved digital accessibility and inclusion benefits employees, customers, and service users, so to be part of an initiative that will allow the conversation and capabilities around accessibility to expand even further is something we’re ready for,” Borrie said.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

TaskUs’ new brand identity highlights expansion of digital services

Manila, Philippines – Technology service provider TaskUs has announced a revamp of its brand identity, highlightings digital transformation services beyond customer experience (CX) including AI operations and content security. 

Part of TaskUs’ digital transformation is to grow its current work-from-home framework, Cirrus. Initially introduced earlier this year, Cirrus was built on the foundation of information security combined with modern virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, which recreates an in-center environment on a computer at home. 

“TaskUs has long been known for its fast, efficient, innovative work with hyper growth companies. 2020 forced companies to embrace digital transformation with speed and focus unlike ever before. Our customers turned to TaskUs to unleash these solutions for customers and employees alike,” said Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs.

The local outsourcing company is focused on supporting customers across multiple channels, including chat, in-app, voice, and social, Furthermore, support experts allow clients to focus on scaling and expanding their businesses, and also providing CX support for other tech brands.

The brand revamp, as seen on TaskUs’ official website.

In addition, the company is also focused on creating systems to protect online users. TaskUs Content Security professionals moderate tens of millions of pieces of content per month and are developing and enforcing content security policies in several areas, including intellectual property, job and commerce postings, objectionable material, and political advertising.

The old version of TaskUs logo.

“We are more than equipped to take on the toughest challenges when others cannot, and continually develop ridiculously good solutions一for the success of our clients and for the wellbeing of our teammates. We are always looking ahead to the next era of growth for our company. And our revitalized brand represents an affirmation of our position as a proven innovator, a leader in putting our people first, and the trusted partner for companies looking to transform their digital operations and customer experience right now,” Maddock concluded.