Singapore – Food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has doubled down on its commitment to its delivery partners with ‘panda hearts’, its flagship programme aimed at uplifting and supporting delivery partners.

Through panda hearts, foodpanda aims to drive the program to improve the safety, well-being, and personal development of their delivery partners, alongside community and welfare perks.

Going into detail, panda hearts will be focusing on providing its delivery partners with health screenings, mental health assistance programmes, insurance, exercise and sporting events. This is then supplemented with initiatives that encourage delivery partners to prioritise their safety on the road.

Furthermore, the program provides delivery partners with a range of opportunities for growth, including upskilling courses, financial literacy workshops, bursaries, scholarships, and entrepreneurship opportunities. These help to support the aspirations of foodpanda’s delivery partners, beyond their day-to-day delivery tasks.

The program also aims to build a dependable support system, where delivery riders can easily access in-app communication channels, like roving roadshows or focus groups, to share feedback. Lastly, panda hearts offers delivery partners a wide range of additional benefits to help alleviate the cost of living such as fuel subsidies, supermarket vouchers, discounts on motorbike rental or mobile network plans.

Talking about the program, Bhavani Shankar Mishra, senior director of operations at foodpanda, said, “We recognise that gig work is here to stay, and our responsibility as a company is to ensure that our delivery partners thrive in their roles. We want them to feel valued, supported and empowered so they feel good about partnering with us.”

“To do this meaningfully, we regularly engage with them to understand what matters most to them, and learn how we can improve what we’re currently doing to provide the necessary resources and support,” he added.