Singapore – Gupshup, a conversational engagement platform for businesses, has announced the acquisition of AskSid, a conversational AI provider. This shortly comes after Gupshup acquired Active.Ai, conversational AI platform for BFSI companies.  

Through the new acquisition with AskSid, Gupshup’s customer experience (CX) solutions will be strengthened by AskSid’s full-stack AI solution, which includes the Retail AI brain, and will help make the entire shopping journey -pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase phases fully conversational.

Bengaluru-based AskSid have helped  enable major businesses such as AkzoNobel, Danone and Wolford create engaging shopping experiences to customers through AI-powered discussions, resulting in increased sales. The tech startup has operations in more than 25 countries and supports more than 100 different languages. 

Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup, commented that conversational commerce is about to transform shopping, both online and offline.

“Gupshup is building the most comprehensive conversational commerce solution and AskSid’s deep-domain AI offering will help us bring even more advanced capabilities to ecommerce and retail businesses worldwide,” Sheth said.

Sheth added, “We welcome the AskSid team onboard and look forward to collaborating with major brands across the world to enable next-gen shopping experiences.”

Sanjoy Roy, Co-founder and CEO of AskSid, commented, “Per a recent report by McKinsey, ecommerce could grow up to 5x faster compared to pre-pandemic times. 

“This presents a huge opportunity for Retail and ecommerce brands – but only if they are able to provide expert guidance anytime, anywhere to their consumers, which is exactly what AskSid delivers. Together with Gupshup, we will help businesses drive richer conversational experiences,” Roy adds.