London, United Kingdom – IPG Mediabrands, Interpublic Group’s media and marketing solutions subsidiary, global adtech firm PubMatic, and SeenThis, an adaptive streaming firm, have signed a landmark deal to establish the Climate Action platform (CAM), the industry’s first green advertising platform.

CAM takes advantage of adaptive streaming technologies from SeenThis, PubMatic’s flagship inventory, as well as the technological competence of IPG Mediabrands’ performance agency, KINESSO.

Since 2021, IPG Mediabrands and SeenThis have worked together to achieve better campaign performance, creative outputs, and the possibility of transferring less data when compared to traditional advertising technology, which would minimise carbon emissions. Beginning in Q2 2024, all clients of IPG Mediabrands will have access to the new service. By lowering carbon emissions and utilising the advantages of collaborating with Orion opted-in partners, CAM seeks to advance sustainability.

With the least amount of data waste, SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology loads creatives promptly in the best quality. The digital carbon footprint of a brand is decreased because data is only transported for the purpose of seeing creative assets. With the new arrangement, all campaigns may make use of SeenThis’s adaptive streaming, which offers a better performance and viewing experience while consuming a lot less bandwidth than traditional advertising technologies. 

Using PubMatic’s premium supply, SeenThis’ video-in-display systems provide reduced data waste and cost-efficiency. SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology cuts load times, removes file-size constraints, and avoids wasteful data transfer, lowering CO2 emissions while providing performance benefits. Clients of IPG Mediabrands can integrate CAM into their go-to-market investment strategy at no additional expense.

Speaking about the agreement, Martin Bryan, global chief sustainability officer at IPG Mediabrands, said, “Our advertisers strive to deliver campaigns of the highest quality and meet performance goals while simultaneously integrating strategies to minimise carbon emissions. With our Climate Action Marketplace, we can deliver on all fronts. By leveraging SeenThis adaptive streaming technology as a default across our media delivery, we can make an enormous positive impact for our clients and reduce data transfer – thus carbon emissions – in the process.”

Meanwhile, Kyle Dozeman, CRO at PubMatic, stated, “Our partnership with IPG Mediabrands and SeenThis provides brands with a solution that delivers incredible advertising experiences on premium content while also reducing their carbon footprint. It’s exciting to collaborate with other companies that are creating solutions that deliver both performance and sustainability at a global scale as we seek to build a better, more responsible supply chain for digital advertising.” 

Lastly, Susan Kravitz, head of commercial partnerships at SeenThis, said, “IPG Mediabrands is taking a bold step forward to create immediate improvements for their own business and for their clients. With SeenThis’ proprietary adaptive streaming technology, IPG Mediabrands is embracing the next generation of digital advertising with better performance, beautiful viewer experiences and reduced carbon emissions.”