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Vistar Media, Broadsign announce mutual integration of mediation layers for OOH media

Australia – Out-of-home (OOH) advertising technology developers Vistar Media and Broadsign has announced a mutual integration of its mediations layers, which allows simplification of OOH media buys across both supply-side-platforms (SSPs), as well as unlocking access to additional demand.

Through the partnership, it allows both companies to have an open and fair play auction regardless of which firm’s mediation layer is used, and lowers the operational burden for media owners while facilitating advertiser access to OOH inventory.

For media owners using or planning to use both companies’ SSPs, the mediation layer integration enables them to streamline their programmatic inventory allocation. They can access media buyer demand from both platforms, without having to manage each one separately. 

Moreover, mediation will allow media owners to have both SSPs compete in a fair auction based on price, creating a level playing field and ensuring that media owners can maximise yield on any programmatically-sold inventory.

For Eric Lamb, SVP for supply at Vistar Media, unified auctions unlock the true value of programmatic for media owners, allowing them to benefit from centralised demand and increased competition.

“We’ve already seen significant value delivered to media owners activating mediation, and are confident that this partnership and broader adoption of mediation will drive further growth for the DOOH industry,” Lamb said.

Meanwhile, Frank Vallenga, vice president of SaaS sales at Broadsign, commented that as demand for programmatic DOOH continues to grow, this type of collaboration represents a huge leap forward for the industry, making OOH transactions much simpler, while also giving media owners more flexibility with their programmatic strategies and solving for operational headaches.

“Our work with Vistar on this integration closely aligns with our broader vision to make digital-out-of-home more accessible to modern media buyers, so that OOH can ultimately represent a larger portion of omnichannel media buys,” Vallenga said.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Broadsign appoints Veronica Ong as sales director for SEA

Singapore – Amidst continuing its growth in Singapore and the broader Asia-Pacific region, marketing technology developer Broadsign has appointed Veronica Ong as its new sales director in Southeast Asia. She will be responsible for supporting the regional sales team in strengthening Broadsign’s partner offering and growing its portfolio of DOOH clients across the region.

Ong brings with her a strong background in OOH and sales. In her previous roles, she led the team of JCDecaux’s strategic and airport advertising accounts where she collaborated with major global brands buying ad space on the OOH leader’s network. She also managed sales for all media platforms for street furniture, retail malls, cinema, and large format advertising in the Singapore region.

Even before joining JCDecaux, she held a range of sales roles across multiple advertising mediums, including publishing at SPH Magazines in the fashion and beauty division.

Remi Roques, general manager at Broadsign, commented, “We’re incredibly thrilled to have Veronica join the team, especially at a very exciting time when we’re expanding our platform’s capabilities to support customer growth in 2023 and beyond.”

Roques added, “Her industry experience and passion for OOH are a tremendous asset to our team, and will help us continue reaching our goals.”

Meanwhile, Ong commends Broadsign for its offering and customer service which she personally experienced on the client side of her former role.

She added, “It has built the best OOH platform available for media operators of any size, and I look forward to working with the team to continue growing the business.”

Technology Featured Global

Broadsign rebrands programmatic DOOH portfolio

Québec, Canada Out-of-home (OOH) ad tech company Broadsign rebrands Campsite DOOH demand-side platform (DSP) as Broadsign Ads, extends platform to support new regional markets. 

The pDOOH-specialty demand side platform (DSP) helps agencies and brands plan and execute impactful DOOH campaigns with a streamlined workflow that resembles online and mobile DSPs. 

Broadsign has been working with a number of early adopter agencies and brands throughout the U.S. and Australia to launch campaigns via Broadsign Ads in each market. With the Broadsign Ads rebrand and geographic expansion, media buyers in the U.S. and Australia can now access the platform’s intuitive, powerful campaign workflows, which helped pave the way for pDOOH in Canada. Platform advantages include: 

John Dolan, VP and global head of Media Sales at Broadsign, said, “Between increasing consumer screen fatigue and the target on the cookie’s back, DOOH is approaching a new era of growth. Broadsign fAds makes DOOH ad buying more transparent and as accessible as online and mobile. It combines the core functionality of Campsite with Broadsign best practices and technology.” 

Moreover, Dolan shares that the rebrand of Broadsign Ads and its expansion into the U.S. and Australia represents a crucial next step in DOOH’s evolution, enabling new and seasoned digital marketing agencies, brands, and local businesses to realise the full potential of OOH.