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IAS to provide brand safety measurement suite for TikTok

Singapore Integral Ad Science, global solutions for digital media quality, has announced the addition of a post-bid brand safety and suitability measurement solution to its ongoing partnership with TikTok.

Through an integration with the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), IAS provides advertisers campaign insights into brand safety and brand suitability aligned to Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) standards on the TikTok platform in select markets. 

The new partnership allows brands and agencies to effectively monitor the quality of their media buys on TikTok, giving advertisers confidence that their media investments across TikTok are appearing next to content that is brand safe and suitable.

“We are excited to continue to grow our partnership with TikTok and provide valuable tools that allow brands to make the most of their pre-bid and post-bid campaigns,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS

Utzschneider added, “As one of the largest video platforms, offering a holistic solution for advertisers planning their digital ad campaigns with the platform is more important than ever.” 

IAS’ current TikTok brand safety solution provides comprehensive brand safety measurement and protection on TikTok for pre-bid ad placement in select markets.

The post-bid brand safety measurement offering will provide third-party measurement which gives advertisers campaign insights of the content ads appeared adjacent to. Powered by the OM SDK, which is owned and governed by IAB Tech Lab with IAS being a founding member, the OM SDK is designed to facilitate transparent third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile apps and open web environments. 

Furthermore, it offers an industry-aligned safety and suitability measurement in line with Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) categories and floor, which provides clear insights. It also promises a 100% artificial intelligence and machine learning brand safety technology, which combines video, audio, and text to accurately classify content on the feed at scale. 

“At TikTok, we strive to create the most trusted environment for brands, built on a foundation of safety, transparency and accountability. We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with IAS to offer both pre- and post-bid brand safety solutions to businesses of all sizes,” said Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships at TikTok

She added, “Bringing IAS on board as a global brand safety and suitability measurement partner will give our brands the confidence they need to ensure they are protecting their brand reputation.”

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Native ad platform Dable partners with IAS for added safety capabilities for advertisers

Seoul, South Korea – Native ad platform Dable, which is also a content discovery platform, has announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to deliver additional brand safety capabilities for advertisers.

Through the partnership, the Dable Native Ad platform will integrate integrated IAS’ brand safety solutions, which offer advertisers the ability to avoid content that most brands would consider inappropriate. 

This in turn, allows brands using Dable Native Ad to avoid risky content based on their preferences across categories such as adult content, alcohol, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, hate speech, offensive language, and violence. IAS brand safety controls are available on a pre-bid basis, so marketers only bid on brand-safe impressions and reach their clients in trusted environments. Working with IAS, Dable also provides insight on bids that are removed due to brand safety risk.

For Chaehyun Lee, CEO of Dable, he stated that they are committed to providing the best advertising experience for brands with the greatest level of brand safety, stating that brand safety is crucial when a company wants to communicate and continue to engage with clients.

“IAS is the leading company solving brand safety with excellent technologies. With this partnership, I believe our global advertisers can deliver their message confidently in a trusted environment and achieve their marketing goals,” Lee stated.

Beyond just analyzing keywords or URLs, IAS examines multiple elements of web pages that display Dable Native Ad to identify the content’s context in depth. Advertisers can control whether to include or exclude categories in their campaigns, helping them to reach clients alongside content that is safe and meets their brand standards. Advertisers can now benefit from IAS’s brand safety solution at no additional cost and avoid spending their budgets on objectionable content.

“We’re very pleased to work with Dable and provide our brand safety offerings for even more marketers. We are committed to helping our customers make every ad impression count, by providing insights and technology that protects their advertising investments from unsafe environments and drives results. We will continue to help protect advertisers’ brand equity through new partnerships with industry leaders like Dable,” said Laura Quigley, SVP for APAC at IAS.

Dable’s partnership with IAS also reflects the ongoing stride in creating brand safety measures for advertisers, as IAS had also recently signed a partnership with The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) to help brands avoid misinformation, ensuring journalistic integrity and reaffirming support for quality news sites.

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DoubleVerify partners with Facebook to launch expanded brand safety, suitability integration

Singapore – DoubleVerify (DV), the global software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has partnered with Facebook, to expand brand safety and suitability integration.

DV provides advertisers with comprehensive brand safety and suitability controls, category options, and languages. The platform’s brand safety technology protects a brand’s equity and reputation across all media environments and is built for the modern brand suitability era.

The partnership aims to extend verification to new premium inventory channels such as Facebook In-Stream Reserve, which is Facebook’s invite-only program that gives certain, high-quality ‘video pages’ access to premium advertising opportunities, while providing new tools to boost control and efficiency. With the expansion, DV will now offer comprehensive brand measurement solutions on Facebook and Instagram, optimizing campaign quality.

Through the partnership, the advertisers on Facebook using DV can now manage brand safety and suitability settings with precision and accuracy using 53 content avoidance categories and 39 supported languages, as well as to create ‘Allow Lists’ for Facebook In-Stream Video inventory, supporting brand and content suitability and alignment. Furthermore, the advertisers can create ‘Block Lists’ that work across In-Stream Reserve, In-Stream Video, and Instant Articles, as well as Facebook Audience Network. And lastly, they can improve operational efficiency with automated Allow and Block List updates and delivery.

In addition to its brand safety and suitability capabilities, DV has partnered with Facebook for fraud protection and viewability measurement across their inventory. The platform enables advertisers to leverage a single viewability metric to measure performance across Facebook, Instagram, other large platforms, and publishers, as well as open exchanges. With DV, brands gain a holistic view of viewability performance across platforms and can use those learnings to validate their media plan and adjust budget allocation.

“We are excited to enter this phase in our work with Facebook. We are expanding our partnership to ensure an even more brand-safe and brand-suitable advertising environment for the global brands we serve across the Facebook ecosystem,” said Mark Zagorski, the CEO of DoubleVerify.

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Ad-tech Criteo integrates Oracle Data Cloud to boost brand safety capabilities

Singapore – Criteo, a global ad-tech company, has announced the integration of marketing data services Oracle Data Cloud in their system to strengthen brand safety capabilities of marketer clients.

Through the new service integration, Criteo will use Oracle Data Cloud as a way for their clients to build up brand safety capabilities while maintaining brand scalability and performance. 

Citing a study from Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), over 77% of industry professionals stated brand safety as a key priority in 2020, gaining prominence over marketers in the mid of the rise of misinformation and sensitive news topics.

“With growing concerns over data and transparency, Criteo focuses on delivering the highest advertising experience for all partner advertisers and publishers. This integration with Oracle Data Cloud is an example of our incremental steps towards the best, most personalised and relevant ad experience possible. We’re pleased to partner with Oracle Data Cloud as we continue to meet industry and client standards when it comes to brand safety,” said Taranjeet Singh, managing director of Criteo SEA and India.

Chris Stark, senior director of product management at Oracle Data Cloud commented, “We’re pleased to work with Criteo to provide industry professionals the right technology solution to address ongoing and fast evolving brand safety concerns. Together, our goal is to give advertisers more control of their ad placements and shift the growing conversation surrounding brand safety to focus on long-term brand suitability.”

The newest service integration is already available across all Criteo clients with no additional cost.