Singapore – AnyMind, a technology company specialising in business supply chain, has recently unveiled the launch of its latest influencer marketing solution tailored for mobile app publishers, developers, and marketers. 

Known as AnyTag, this new platform is designed to combine performance-driven influencer marketing with mobile application marketing. 

In particular, it utilises a performance-based model that measures the application’s download counts, making it a primary indicator for influencer marketing campaigns. 

Among its key features, users may also search through and choose from a global network of more than 610,000 influencers across the Asia Pacific to work on their app marketing initiatives. 

Leveraging accumulated campaign data and individual influencer performance data, on the other hand, influencers can also be identified and chosen for performance-driven influencer marketing campaigns and optimise designed creatives that are in line with end-user purchase volumes.

With this, they can now participate in the said influencer marketing campaigns by using Any Creator, the creator growth platform of the company. 

Talking about the launch, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder at AnyMind Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, saying “We’re now at an exciting inflection point in influencer marketing, where we’re seeing a convergence between influencer marketing and digital commerce. This presents a new range of opportunities for innovation in influencer marketing, such as tying influencer marketing to app marketing, further attribution opportunities in social and live commerce, and more.” 

“It is now up to vendors to further innovate and for marketers to embrace these changes,” he ended.

Singapore – AnyMind Group, the end-to-end commerce enablement company with a focus on Asia, is now officially part of TikTok’s marketing partners program, and will specifically join the list of enablers under the platform’s assistance for creative to brands. Through this, brands will now be able to plan and execute TikTok creator marketing campaigns within the group’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag

Through the integration, brands that use AnyTag will be able to access all the features of the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) – the official platform for brand and creator collaborations on the short-video platform. Brands will be able to tap into TikTok’s first-party insights on audience demographics, growth trends, and best-performing videos, amongst others to identify the right creators for creator and paid advertising campaigns.

In addition, marketers can tap on AnyTag to understand a creator’s posting insights – including the best times for a creator to publish a post to get the highest user engagement. The integration also omits the need for marketers to toggle between TTCM and AnyTag to run influencer marketing campaigns with different groups of influencers, with AnyTag now having integrated capabilities for influencer discovery, campaign activation, campaign management, tracking, and reporting for TTCM campaigns.

Purwa Jain, managing director of product growth for AnyMind Group, said, “TikTok is an entertainment platform that we’ve worked with across various levels, from market entry and on-the-ground collaborations to tech integrations, to help marketers and creators to glean increased value from both our companies and corresponding platforms. We’re looking to expand the partnership to enable marketers to leverage TikTok even more effectively, ultimately driving forward the ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Man, director of ecosystem partnerships for APAC & MENA at TikTok, shared that creators as the lifeblood of the platform make TikTok constantly think of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands. 

“We’re thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way,” Man said. 

At present, AnyTag enables marketers to discover influencers, and activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing campaigns, including affiliate marketing campaigns that leverage influencers.

Aside from AnyTag, AnyMind Group has also developed connections for its other platforms with TikTok. In August 2022, its e-commerce management platform, AnyX, was connected with TikTok Shop to help businesses and online merchants improve cross-channel operational efficiency on even more e-commerce channels across Asia, including e-commerce marketplaces, sites, and social commerce platforms.

Singapore – Marketing technology solutions provider AnyMind Group has recently announced that it is opening up its influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, to talent management agencies, influencer agencies, and multi-channel networks.

The AnyTag platform, which is already being used by marketing and public relations agencies across Asia, has a feature for influencer companies that enables deeper social media and channel analytics of their own influencers, identification of brand collaboration opportunities, and real-time campaign reporting. It also provides influencer companies with a single platform to better understand their talent and keep track of brand collaborations that their talents are working on.

Furthermore, influencer companies can also tap on AnyMind Group’s offerings in the direct-to-consumer space, including cloud manufacturing, e-commerce, and logistics, to enable their talents to create their own brands and sell their own branded products.

Following this endeavor, the company has also announced new features for marketers including lookalike modeling of influencers through natural language processing (NLP) where they can easily identify influencers who are similar to high-performing influencers from previous campaigns and easier identification of brands an influencer has worked with before which can also aid in decision-making when selecting influencers for a campaign.

Both initiatives aim to make influencer marketing more collaborative, addressable, and accurate.

AnyMind Group’s Chief Operating Officer Rohit Sharma said that they now have the technology and business infrastructure to drive greater industry advancement across Asia and beyond.

He further shared that over the years, they have built a highly robust platform not just with a keen focus on functionality, but also one where they help marketers unlock opportunities for big data utilization in influencer marketing – from understanding user conversions and conversations to predictions, recommendations, among others. 

“We will continue innovating and pushing boundaries in the technological aspect of influencer marketing and drive the next stage of evolution,” said Sharma.

Most recently, AnyMind Group announced the launch of the new features on its publisher platform, AnyManager, to help mobile and web publishers to tap on the continued growth of mobile usage. The company also announced a strategic partnership with Japan-based multi-channel network (MCN) UUUM to mutually utilize UUUM’s resources and AnyMind Group’s technology and data for influencer marketing and direct-to-consumer (D2C) offerings.