Singapore – AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced two leadership appointments including Steven Tan, managing director of e-commerce enablement for Malaysia, and Koichiro Izawa, managing director of accounting and financial control.

Tan and Izawa’s appointments serve to strengthen the e-commerce business and finance department of AnyMind Group, alongside its goal of consistent global expansion.

Tan joins AnyMind Group through the acquisition of Arche Digital, a Malaysia-based e-commerce enabler that he founded in 2015, and continues to serve as managing director of the company. He also worked as a research scientist and research scholar, before taking up managerial and leadership roles in medical supplies and electronics companies.

Izawa on the other hand, joined Sakura Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) in 1998. After working for a major audit firm, he joined a venture company in 2005 and took it public, leading the development of its management structure after the IPO. After that, he worked as a finance director for several foreign manufacturers in Japan and Southeast Asia, where he was involved in a wide range of operations centred on accounting and finance.

On his appointment, Tan said, “As we continue expanding synergies between Arche Digital and AnyMind Group, I am looking forward to playing an active role in supporting the management of the wider group. I believe that both companies will continue going from strength to strength, and I’m keen to use my experience gained throughout my career to help AnyMind accelerate business growth in Malaysia and beyond and enhance AnyMind’s BPaaS capabilities.”

On his appointment, Izawa also mentioned, “AnyMind is a rapidly growing company in the global marketplace, and strengthening the finance department is essential to further accelerate our growth. I hope to contribute to AnyMind’s sustainable growth by leveraging my past experience to strengthen AnyMind’s finance structure. In particular, I will help AnyMind to increase the company’s transparency and credibility by improving its accounting processes’ efficiency and accuracy as well as accurate financial reporting.”

Meanwhile, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, commented, “We have appointed two leaders to strengthen internal structures in our e-commerce business and finance department. We will continue to expand our business globally and advance a borderless world where everyone can do business more easily through our technology.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – RHB has announced brand new enhancements to its RHB REFLEX Premium Plus digital platform, the all-in-one financial management solution for SMEs. The enhanced version brings forward an integration that offers more options for accounting and payroll connectivity, as well as provides a more holistic ecosystem proposition for business owners.

The all-in-one financial management solution helps businesses manage and automate daily operations such as financial, sales, accounting, and people management including accounting & HR-related transactions. Chung Chee Kai, the head of group transaction banking of RHB Banking Group, said the accounting and HR solutions via API integration within RHB REFLEX Premium Plus allow for seamless and secure connectivity to third-party service providers, which in turn provides them with better control and improved cost and operational efficiencies through the automation of various accounting and HR functions.

“At RHB, we are focused on delivering market-leading and seamless customer experience that holistically addresses our customer’s business needs. RHB REFLEX Premium Plus addresses the increasingly sophisticated needs of our SME customers and today, more than 2,000 of our SME customers are already using this facility. We target to [onboard] a total of more than 15,000 SME customers to this enhanced digital platform by 2025,” said Chung Chee Kai.

Through this first-in-market API integration of accounting and HR solutions, RHB’s SME customers are able to seamlessly automate payroll and other accounting functions, such as viewing their banking account balances and preparing invoice and salary payments, directly via the partner’s platform without the need to go on different channels. Furthermore, customers can retrieve essential information via an all-in-one financial dashboard as well as automate bank reconciliation and retrieve on-demand/periodical bank account statements.