Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 7-ELEVEN has partnered with The Shout Group’s creative arm, FCB SHOUT, for its latest campaign, which features a live-action music video and a new brand ambassador. 

FCB SHOUT’s latest campaign for 7-ELEVEN aims to appeal to the younger generation, promoting the retail giant to Malaysian consumers’ hearts and minds once again. 

The campaign includes an animation mixed with a live-action music video and a hip-hop track produced from scratch. Titled ‘Senang Lenang Dengan 7-ELEVEN’ (Easy Peasy With 7-ELEVEN), the vibrant music video adds a much-needed youthful feel. 

Furthermore, the music video also introduced Malaysians to 7-ELEVEN’s newest 3D brand ambassador, the friendly, trendy, and rap-loving ‘Even’. 

‘Senang Lenang Dengan 7-ELEVEN’ is currently running across all 7-ELEVEN Malaysia’s social and digital channels in conjunction with the Hari Raya festive celebration.

Commenting on the project, Syahriza Badron, general manager at FCB SHOUT, said, “A big shout out to the amazing team at 7-ELEVEN Malaysia for entrusting this campaign with us. We know brand campaigns are not usually part of 7-ELEVEN’s marketing plans, so for them to hand this huge responsibility to us as they seek to regain their dominance in the ultra-competitive retail space reflects the quality of work that we delivered during the pitch. Instead of merely answering the brief given, we challenged it and came back with an idea that made a lot more sense for the brand to sustain and continue building on in the long run, instead of just another one-off project that’d be forgotten as soon as the campaign ends.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Chan, creative director at FCB SHOUT, shared, “The clients wanted a brand ambassador for 7-ELEVEN to spearhead this campaign. But we knew that creating a character using a real person would cost the brand a lot of money, and they would only be able to use the ambassador for this short campaign period. So, we drew inspiration from cultural icons like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and even The Stig to create a masked character that the brand could not only continue using for a long time but truly own and call their own as well. We then worked closely with our production partners to bring this character named Even to life via 3D animation and created a Hari Raya music video to introduce the character alongside an original rap song, which comes complete with a 7-ELEVEN iconic doorbell jingle.” 

“With Even as the hero, the energetic music video showcases how easy it is to celebrate a memorable Hari Raya with 7-ELEVEN’s wide variety of goods. The campaign came out better than we expected given the tight deadline, and a lot of credit has to go to our partners at KDCo, TELL Enterprise, Grey Common Studio, and Max Fx Studio for the incredible work,” he added. 

Thailand Alipay+, the cross-border mobile payments and marketing network run by Ant International, unveils that all 14,500 7-Eleven locations in Thailand are now set up to take digital payments from extra visitors via 13 payment applications, with 9 additional international e-wallets. 

This initiative fits in with their ongoing digitization efforts to meet the growing needs of travellers, particularly as they prepare for the busiest travel period around Chinese New Year. Counter Service connects Alipay+ to the 7-Eleven retail network, enabling the integration. 

The e-wallets that have recently been integrated are MyPB from Public Bank Berhad in Malaysia, GCash from the Philippines, Hipay from Mongolia, MPay from Macao SAR, China, Naver Pay and Toss Pay from South Korea, Changi Pay and OCBC Digital from Singapore, and Tinaba from Italy. 

Thailand has been accepting Chinese mainland Alipay since 2015. Further supported payment methods since 2023 are AlipayHK from Hong Kong SAR, China, Kakao Pay from South Korea, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet from Malaysia. 

Alipay+ continues to broaden its merchant network in Thailand, adding retail, leisure, and travel businesses to its network. This covers every mall run by The Mall Group and Central Retail Corporation in addition to local brands like King Power and Jim Thompson. 

Weeradej Ackapolpanich, managing director at Counter Service Company Limited, said, “Counter Service, the world-class reliable, trustful, and innovative payment system, has strengthened and increased digital payment channels for 7-Eleven stores nationwide and provide daily conveniences, which includes financial service, insurance, sports and concert ticket, travel and tourism, etc. With a significant rise of travel demand, we aim to accommodate, connect, and cater to tourists from all over the world with cashless trend and convenience services.” 

Meanwhile, Sittipong Kittiprapapong, general manager, Global Merchant Partnership, Thailand, Ant International, stated, “Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations globally and we’re excited to do more to support the digitalization of the vibrant tourism sector locally. By working closely with local merchants and partners like the Tourism Authority of Thailand, we’re attracting more Chinese and Asian tourists to Thailand, creating a more convenient and worry-free experience for travellers, and helping more businesses benefit from tourism growth.” 

Manila, Philippines – An online map website generator that lets users keep track of which provinces they have visited across the Philippines has recently been all over Filipinos’ social media feeds. Several local brands in the country were quick to jump onto the trend and chart their own proof of Philippine jet setting — or rather something else – a witty jab at the map visualisation if you will. 

The website, created by Singapore-based Filipino software developer Denz Del Villar, allows users to generate a map of the Philippines – a personal and colour-coded representation of the various provinces the user has either lived in, stayed, visited, passed, or alighted from. Using these metrics, the map also generates a numberical level determined by the nature of these visits. Each category selected – whether lived or passed on – carries a numerical score, and when added up, results into the travel level of the user.

Following its virality, audiences see local brands do their own trend jacking one after the other. A huge amount of these social media posts come from several banks in the country, both traditional and digital banks. Banks such as LandBank, MetroBank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and GoTyme Bank have posted their own take on the map.

Meanwhile, popular convenience store chain 7-Eleven also jumped into the bandwagon. 

In more wittier posts, fast food chain McDonald’s took on the trend, replacing the levels with what users can ‘expect’ from their chains in different provinces. Even local pharmaceutical company Katinko also posted a witty post using the map template, showing that all aunts and uncles across the country have used their products.

Meanwhile, entertainment entities have also joined in the fun. The popular public affairs show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho from GMA Network shows that their team had already visited all of the provinces across the country to cover feature stories. Moreover, the local band Ben&Ben has also joined in the trend, showcasing which provinces they already performed in. 

However, not all brands that crafted their own take on the map were received in a positive light. A social media post by land developer Camella Homes, which used such template to showcase the provinces they have current land developments,has inadvertently caused a backlash. Many netizens pointed out that some of the lands being used by were formerly agricultural lands, more specifically rice fields. The social media post has been deleted since.

Singapore – Globally recognised convenience store 7-Eleven and Singapore-born Tiger Beer, have joined forces to unveil the very first beachfront convenience store right on the sands of Palawan Beach Walk, Sentosa in Singapore. 

The opening celebration will kick off with a variety of promotions and special treats for families enjoying the last weekend of the school holidays and for young adults and tourists who have made hanging out on the beaches of Sentosa their highlight of the week.

Perched right on the sands of the popular Palawan beach, this picturesque 7-Eleven store can be spotted from afar with its vibrant murals and unique graffiti artwork on its facade. Guests can enjoy their refreshing drinks, hot snacks and even ready-to-eat meals at the special 7-Eleven x Tiger Beer chillout area on the sands or at their favourite beach spot.

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa back view

To help people get their drinks fast, 7-Eleven and Tiger Beer will be bringing a special reverse tap bar, which will automatically dispense the right pour of beer in each cup consistently – without needing a bartender. The reverse tap dispenser is fast, convenient and easy, giving you more time to spend soaking up the sun.

Savour the last weekend of the June school holidays with an unforgettable carnival-inspired blast on the beach with family and friends at the 7-Eleven’s Sentosa Palawan Beach store on 25 and 26 June 2022.

Customers can enjoy free popcorn, 7-Eleven balloons, face painting activities, Häagen-Dazs or Walls ice cream, Mr. Softee, chances to walk away with exciting Spin and Win rewards, and last but not least, live music performed by local singer-busker Jeff Ng, who recently made headlines for his popular weekly busking at The Cathay.

7-Eleven Singapore’s Managing Director, Steven Lye, said, “7-Eleven is reimagining convenience at the beach with our first beachfront store at Sentosa, in collaboration with Singapore’s iconic brand Tiger Beer. From the Arctic Coke machine to the exclusive Nitro Tea, and Reverse Tap beer and the Tiger Beer chill out zone, our new store offers a lot of exciting things for beach loving families, young adults and tourists, and we look forward to welcoming them! We hope that customers will be able to enjoy our new concept store with its unique design and special murals.” 

Meanwhile, on the collaboration, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore’s Marketing Manager, Yogender Sharma, commented, “This is a great collaboration with 7-Eleven where we pushed the boundaries and found innovative ways to uncage the ultimate refreshment for our consumers. Tiger has a special bond with beer-lovers, and we believe that the beachfront store at Sentosa Palawan Beach would energise the experience by bringing consumers the smoothest beer and greatest vibes.”

“We are delighted to be home to Singapore’s first-ever 7-Eleven store by the beach. This new store concept is an example of the novel and imaginative experience that we are curating for our guests on our beach. Apart from providing the convenience of getting beach essentials, the store is also a unique beachfront bistro where guests can pick up a quick and affordable meal. We welcome this partnership with 7-Eleven in enhancing our guests’ experience as they enjoy their day on Sentosa, ” said Chew Tiong Heng, divisional director, Business and Experience Development, Sentosa Development Corporation.

Manila, Philippines — Filipinos are notorious for one quirk; they are on time on their own time. The Filipino behaviour of being late is so famous that the term ‘Filipino Time’ has been coined to call the phenomenon. Due to this, 7-Eleven, the popular convenience store, has collaborated with advertising agency MullenLowe Treyna to highlight this lowlight in their stores.

7-Eleven’s latest campaign entitled ‘7-Eleven Minutes Late’ is a playful rejoinder to the concept of ‘Filipino Time,’ a cultural phenomenon of always arriving past the agreed meeting time. The series from MullenLowe Treyna features popular excuses—from traffic jams to train delays—often texted by those who are running late, yet still have the audacity to stop for an iced coffee anyway.

Placement is the series’ biggest irony. They are displayed in 7-Eleven—the country’s largest convenience store chain, and a favourite stopover for those who are running late for work.

One image shows, “MRT Na! Huhu,” from a texter presumably on the train. Another reads, “Huhu. EDSA Na!” from a texter stuck in traffic on EDSA. EDSA is the main thoroughfare, notorious for heavy traffic. The next one, “Lapit na” implies that they are close to the office, but could conceivably be anywhere, even getting a soda and a doughnut in 7-Eleven.

Whatever the excuse may be, 7-Eleven has enough of them hanging around their stores for Pinoys to pick from or for workmates to poke fun at when they see it.

Hong Kong – As 7-Eleven’s coffee brand 7CAFÉ reaches its major milestone of 600 stores in Hong Kong last April, the coffee brand has launched its new lucky draw game, ‘Make Your Own Good Coffee’.

The new lucky draw game will last for six consecutive days from 11 to 16 May 2022, with an unprecedented 600 free cups of coffee up for grabs every hour. In the game, customers will be able to step into the shoes of a 7CAFÉ barista and experience the fun of making their own cup of freshly brewed 100% Arabica coffee according to the golden ratio. 

At the start, the game will be selecting a popular 7CAFÉ coffee drink – a café latte, cappuccino, or flat white – for the player to make. Coffee and fresh Australian milk will start flowing from the 7CAFÉ coffee machine, and players then need to use their skill to tap the coffee and milk buttons on the left and right of the screen at just the right time to stop the flow to make the perfect cup. After successfully preparing the cup, customers can then enter a lucky draw for a chance to win a 7CAFÉ free drink e-coupon, which can be redeemed in the nearest 7CAFÉ store.

Moreover, 7CAFÉ has also introduced its two new limited-edition Ginger flavour drinks, Ginger Latte and Ginger Flavoured Milk, which were inspired by the familiar flavours of Hong Kong-style dessert Ginger Milk Curd. The brand is also giving its coffee cups a makeover with an exclusive 600 Stores limited-time design, featuring Gullu Gullu coffee bean characters.

7CAFÉ said that customers can use an e-coupon to try the drinks at a special price of HK$10 until 17 May 2022.

Hong Kong – 7-Eleven Hong Kong has entered the world of fashion and launched a collection of ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ as part of a first-of-its-kind crossover between Japanese denim label FDMTL, known for its ‘boro’ patchwork designs, and classic cartoon PEANUTS. This set of eight bags comes in an assortment of designs, shapes and colours to match any outfit. The accessories can be used for outdoor activities, school, travelling, staycations and other daily activities. 

In 2020, the brand had already partnered with the PEANUTS brand where they picked four stores in Hong Kong and Macau to be specially decorated with PEANUTS characters.

Gaku Tsuyoshi, founder of FDMTL, shared he personally designed all eight ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ in the collection made from high-quality materials in a variety of styles for different functions for his fans in Hong Kong.

He said, “Dress up any outfit with one of the eight ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ and create your own look for any occasion. So step up your style and stand out from the crowd.”

Tsuyoshi knows very well the love Hongkongers have for Japanese culture. And so, he’s incorporated well-known Japanese motifs such as Mount Fuji, tea ceremonies, lantern festivals, food and other iconic Japanese objects alongside the popular PEANUTS characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock. FDMTL’s signature indigo ‘boro’ patchwork design takes centre stage throughout the entire collection with each fashion-forward bag showcasing a different side of Japanese style. 

Customers can choose the ‘Fashion Forward’ or ‘Simply Stylish’ box set. The ‘Fashion Forward’ and ‘Simply Stylish’ box sets where each include a selection of 4 “#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags”. 

The ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag’ collection will be available at 7-Eleven from the 4th of May at 7 am. Customers can collect the series with stamps while yuu members can exclusively redeem the bags using their yuu Points. A special edition box set will also be exclusively reserved for yuu members. The special edition box set, on the other hand, comes in two styles – each style has a limited quantity of just 200 boxes. 

The attractive display boxes of each style feature FDMTL’s signature patchwork patterns and contains a selection of four different ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags’ so there’s no need to collect stamps or worry about redeeming the same bag twice. 

The offer is applicable to 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong and Macau excluding Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre and Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort stores and Hong Kong Disney Resort Food Kiosk and. The offer will run from the 4th of May at 7 am to 28 June 2022 where customers will receive one stamp upon a $20 purchase and one more stamp for every additional $10 purchase at a 7-Eleven store. 

In addition, from the 4th of May at 7 am to 1 July 2022 in a total of 8 weeks and 3 days, customers can redeem 2 #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags randomly with 12 stamps plus $80 or 1 #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag randomly with 8 stamps plus $46. While yuu members can redeem 1 ‘#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag’ randomly with 8,800 yuu Points plus $8. 

Hong Kong – The global convenience store chain, 7- Eleven, has pledged to donate 1,000 7-SELECT chicken legs for 40 consecutive weeks to be distributed to Hong Kongers in need, marking its important 40th year in the industry.

The new initiative, which is done in partnership with Food Angel a local NGO, is part of 7-Eleven’s effort to be in the daily lives of Hongkongers. The donations will be delivered to recipients via Food Angel’s Community Centre, Community Food Assistance Service, and Automated Food Dispenser Service – an innovative initiative that allows for the flexible collection of chilled meals.

In addition, Food Angel will distribute the donations across its 180 charity partners. It is expected to help over 10,000 recipients including the elderly, low-income families, and people recovering from mental health problems, as well as cage home residents, and disabled people.

According to 7-Eleven, during the height of the pandemic last year, they have initiated several activities to help those most impacted by the outbreak. They have donated and delivered 70,000 food items to local neighborhoods and launched the ‘Charity Meal Voucher Program’, which raised over 550,000 vouchers to provide hot meals to disadvantaged people and low-income families. 

“Although the pandemic situation in Hong Kong is starting to stabilize this year, we remain committed to showing care and support to the most vulnerable in society,” said 7-Eleven.

Hong Kong – 7-Eleven, in its effort to keep pace with consumer demand for healthier food choices, has added two vegan-friendly meals from flash-frozen foods brand OmniEat to its range of meal solutions. 

In Hong Kong, much like globally, vegan and vegetarian options are growing in popularity in restaurants and are gradually becoming part of people’s lifestyles. However, according to the convenience store chain, such food options are still not very convenient to find, much less, selections that are available around the clock.

The two new additions are the Spicy Thai Basil OmniPork with Jasmine Rice and Thai OmniPork Stir-Fried Noodles. Both dishes are made using OmniPork, a plant-based “pork,” which is much lower in saturated fat and calories than real pork, offering higher levels of fibre, calcium and iron.

The Spicy Thai Basil OmniPork with Jasmine Rice is a combination of high-protein Omnipork and half a cup of mineral-rich vegetables, including basil and asparagus beans, while the Thai OmniPork Stir-Fried Noodles comprises aromatic noodles and a generous helping of Gai Lan, which is rich in iron and calcium.

According to 7-Eleven, the meals contain no cholesterol, are free from antibiotics and hormones, are cruelty-free, and are without preservatives and MSG.

The meals are now available at a special limited offer price of HK$30 per pack.

Hong Kong – 7-Eleven has always been known for running attractive redemption programs that offer appealing collectibles, however, the convenience store chain in Hong Kong has decided to switch things up from its usual loyalty programs with the launch of four snoopy concept stores in Hong Kong and Macau. 

The concept stores are a follow-through of the brand’s current campaign in celebration of Snoopy’s 70th birthday, called “Happiness is…”, which is a catchphrase from the famous Peanuts cartoon strip featuring Snoopy and his friends. Initially, the brand has partnered with Japanese lifestyle fashion brand Niko to roll out a series of Snoopy eco bags.

7-Eleven said that with the opening of the concept stores, they wanted to do something that does not simply reward customers for their loyalty, but a platform that aims to increase brand equity and authentically engage customers in a fun and exciting way. 

A hub of three stores in the high traffic district of Mongkok and one store in Macau has been chosen for the transformation. The brand dubs the project as creating a “Snoopy town.”

Stores were painted with Peanuts characters from top to bottom. Special Snoopy touches have been added inside and outside the store such as in the shopfront, category signage, chiller and freezer doors, and in the ceiling. Item shelving has also been transformed to look like Snoopy’s iconic red doghouse and a gondola end display of a jumbo Snoopy figure driving a bright yellow school bus has been installed as well.

Each store decoration will bear a special theme to represent a particular concept under the umbrella of the “Happiness is…” platform. One store would show the theme “friendship and togetherness,” another “sharing,” with the other two to carry the theme “more hellos” and ” a day out.”

The company said in a press statement, “One of the team’s primary objectives was to strengthen the brand association between 7-Eleven and the Peanuts franchise in a fun and engaging way.”

“The Snoopy concept stores are a successful example of building on an already popular market promotion to give customers a fun and exciting store experience. The introduction of the concept stores elevates the redemption program to another level, turning it into a platform to authentically connect with customers and reshape how they think and feel about 7-Eleven as a brand,” added the company.

In addition to the store visuals, team members inside the concept store will be wearing an exclusive Snoopy x 7-Eleven t-shirt featuring the iconic Charlie Brown chevron stripe.

7-Eleven will also be offering exclusive Peanuts merchandise on one of its stores such as pet products and lunchboxes, while the Peanuts theme will also be seen gracing the stores’ signature products such as Slurpees, Sundae, 7Café coffee and Hot Shot.