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Z Energy launches first HTML DOOH with MBM, LUMO

New Zealand – Fuel distributor Z Energy in New Zealand has partnered with media agency MBM and digital billboard network LUMO Digital Outdoor, to deliver its market-first HTML DOOH in the country. This is part of the company’s newly launched brand platform – ‘Moving with the times’.

Powered by LENS, which deems to be the market’s only live, camera-based vehicle measurement tool for roadside DOOH inventory, the LUMO built HTML creative displays a live daily tally of EV vehicles that have driven passed each digital billboard. The system’s proprietary technology detects the number plates of vehicles as they enter the viewing zone of each roadside digital screen. ‍

Each detection event is cross-referenced against the Waka Kotahi database, in real-time, to determine whether the detected vehicle can be categorised as an EV. If true, the event is added to the daily count and pushed directly to the HTML creative to update a text widget on the creative template. The data supplied is completely anonymous, with simply a make and model reference to determine engine type.

Andy Baird, Z Energy’s general manager of retail, believes that the campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the country in which they operate, and for them to lean into the tough conversations, they need to have to achieve a low carbon Aotearoa – showing all New Zealanders how Z is moving with the times.

“Z is already on its low carbon journey with ambitious emissions reductions targets and is committed to actively choosing to invest in low-carbon revenue streams that are better for both our customers and the planet. We are playing in some of these spaces already,” said Baird.

Meanwhile, Jamie Snow, LUMO Labs’ head of digital design, noted that HTML is standard online, but they are only seeing its use sporadically across DOOH, and the more they see in the programmatic DOOH space particularly, the more they will see formats like HTML being the standard.

“DOOH creative has a way to come here in NZ, but it is reassuring that agency partners like MBM understand the capabilities of our network, enough so to help direct client’s towards best practices and executions such as what Z has achieved here,” said Snow.

Kaitlin Mitchell, MBM’s business director, commented, “For Z to be ‘Moving With The Times’, we need an open and collaborative approach from media owners to help us deliver innovative solutions. We are delighted we have been able to achieve that with LUMO.”

The campaign is now live across LUMO screens in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Wellington, as well as Christchurch.