Philippines — Jollibee, the Philippines’ leading fast-food chain, celebrates this year’s Independence Day with a new music video entitled ‘Joy ng Pinoy’. The film aims to inspire a love for the Philippines in a meaningful and personal way.

The music video by Jollibee, made in collaboration with BetterBrandLabs Inc and Ubuntu Premium Studios, highlights how the new generation makes good use of their talent and skills, and willingness to share the joy and contribute to making a difference in society.

Set to the tune of an OPM classic, ‘Awit ng Kabataan,’ the video is headlined by three up-and-coming Gen Z artists – Francine Diaz, Adie, and Alex Bruce – as they represent the voice of today’s youth and encourage every Filipino to proclaim why they are proud to be Pinoy.

Arline Adeva, assistant vice president and head of brand PR, engagement and digital marketing of Jollibee Philippines, commented, “As the Philippines celebrates its 124th Independence Day, Jollibee looks to continue promoting Filipino pride and joy especially as the country moves toward recovery from the pandemic. Having experienced the worst part of the pandemic, we wanted this video to inspire and bring hope to people through the voice and actions of our youth. It’s not just about bringing joy to family and friends, but also about making a difference in other people’s lives.”

Simultaneously, Gina Lorenzana, chief energist of BetterBrandLabs Inc, said, “As cliché as it may sound, the youth play a really important role in giving hope and shaping our future. For our country to have a better future, we believe that we need to spread joy as Pinoy from the youngest of us.”

Meanwhile, Treb Monteras, the director of the music video, shared, “[In this video] we showcased some of the creative ways the youth are sparking change in the world. From upcycling trash to clothes, competing in new sports, and helping their communities with their skills.”

Monteras added, “This is my first time directing for Jollibee and I’m glad it’s for this particular project. I’m happy to collaborate with a company that values Pinoy culture. Our country has gone through a lot these past two years, and this video will remind us that there is still hope for our nation’s future through the joyful spirit of our Pinoy youth.”