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Uber Eats’ ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign launches mural OOH campaign in AU

Sydney, Australia – Uber Eats’ famous ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign has launched a mural design out-of-home (OOH) instalment, which is designed to appeal to families by fusing the nationally adored Irwins and global star Paris Hilton, combined with some of the world’s most iconic animals to the co-stars. 

A full-sized mural will feature socialite Paris Hilton and celebrity zookeeper family, the Irwins and be complemented by a custom pink bedazzled water bowl fit for Paris’s iconic chihuahua that will sit below the artwork for our furry friends. 

The out-of-home campaign, conceptualised alongside street poster company Revolution360, is an integral part of the latest iteration of the campaign, which has been running since 2016. This year’s campaign sees Paris Hilton and her famous chihuahuas join Australia Zoo’s Irwin family to drive fame for Uber Eats. 

Josh Fitzgerald, national sales director at Revolution360, said. “The Uber Eats campaign has been a fun one to work on. The creative challenge was to showcase a clash of cultures while highlighting a common interest – the Irwins and Paris Hilton aren’t the traditional pairing but their shared love of animals connects them. We wanted to create an out-of-home offering that was as non-traditional as the campaign talent and that would offer a moment of surprise and delight for our furry friends and their humans.”

He added, “Our murals have become a popular medium for advertisers looking for something unique, bespoke and that blends into urban environments. The Uber Eats mural and custom water bowl for pets ties in perfectly with its latest campaign in an iconic Sydney location. Revolution360 is becoming synonymous with these types of blue-sky, quirky campaigns and we love working with clients to bring their creative to life.”

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Rakuten, Uber Eats roll out new payment service integration

Tokyo, Japan – E-commerce company Rakuten and food ordering company Uber Eats have recently teamed up to roll out a new payment service integration where Rakuten Pay’s online payment service will be integrated into Uber Eat’s online system.

Rakuten Pay will be available as an official payment method when ordering food and groceries on Uber Eats for all users by late April.

In addition, this new integration will allow Rakuten customers to effortlessly sign up for an Uber Eats account using their Rakuten ID. They will also be able to earn and spend Rakuten Points — Rakuten’s flagship loyalty program — when ordering food and groceries on the Uber Eats app.

Ryo Matsumura, senior executive officer at Rakuten Group and vice president at Rakuten’s Commerce Company, said, “We are extremely pleased to launch this Uber Eats and Rakuten Pay collaboration with our partners. Consumer demand for quick commerce is growing rapidly. We are confident that this collaboration will contribute greater convenience to the service and improve the user experience, and we are very much looking forward to delivering new value to customers.”

Meanwhile, Yukiko Muto, president at Uber Eats Japan, commented, “It is an honour to be partnering with Rakuten, one of Japan’s largest and most trusted internet companies. We extend a warm welcome to the more than 100 million Rakuten members in Japan, and can’t wait to bring them the benefits of food and grocery delivery within 30 minutes. This is a huge step in Uber Eats’ journey in Japan, and I look forward to more exciting ventures with Rakuten in the future.”

To celebrate this collaboration, Uber Eats and Rakuten will launch a special promotion starting 27 April for both first-time Uber Eats users and all current Uber Eats users as well.

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Uber Eats unveils new campaign to promote late-night deliveries

Japan — Online food ordering company Uber Eats has announced its newest campaign entitled ‘QR PJs’ to drive awareness that it offers the widest late-night delivery coverage in Japan. To drive awareness of this unique service and boost the brand’s popularity, they’ve partnered with creative agency Special.

The promotion, which features QR codes shaped in pyjamas, turns the classic nightwear into the easiest way to order food late at night, making the process so simple, consumers can do it in their sleep. The scannable pyjama print offers QR codes that link straight to all of Japan’s favourite cuisines on the Uber Eats app.

Ai Suzuki, senior brand manager of Uber Eats Japan, said, “For the people of Japan, our late-night offering is a huge advantage we have in the market. However, it’s always been a difficult differentiator to talk about. So we’ve been working on innovations in this space that are as unique as the product, to let people know that we are here well into the night, even after midnight.”

Meanwhile, Laurent Marcus, head of technology at Special, added that bridging the physical and the digital is a fun place to play for brands.

“Experimenting where these worlds collide to create a utility for your customers – and delivering a brand message at the same time – is really unconventional, but proving rewarding for Uber Eats. Plus, I love anything that brings a late-night miso snack closer,” Marcus said.

The promotion QR PJs is featured in key online destinations where Japan’s night owls spend their time, including leveraging top tier Twitch streamers to interact in real-time with consumers.

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Uber Eats’ ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating’ campaign lands in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Uber Eats’ famous campaign, ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating’, has just been debuted to the Hong Kong audience. This follows the latest installment that was recently released in Australia by Special Group, the brains behind the campaign, which features famous talent judge and critic Simon Cowell and Australia’s iconic household entertainment group, The Wiggles. 

The highly-awarded TIBE campaign first graced TV screens and social media platforms in 2017, which then was highly focused on the Australian audience featuring stars hailing from Australia. A big part of the campaign’s traction among viewers is its use of sarcasm and humor, basing the narrative on the featured famous star’s well-known quirk and characteristic. Some of the widely-known personalities that have already appeared on the campaign were British singer Boy George, actress Naomi Watts, and professional rugby league footballer Beau Ryan. Some of the most recent are comedian Leslie Jones and hockey legends Patrick Roy and Mario Tremblay. 

Still showcasing that trademark charm and humor, the debut in Hong Kong will be taking a different turn, where the campaign has been developed to spread the advocacy of loving and supporting local businesses. It has been named ‘Make Local Famous’ and was developed by Special Group Australia in partnership with creative group Uth Hong Kong. 

The ad features the country’s most loveable and dynamic duo, singers Joyce Cheng and Alfred Hui. Set in a lavish and stylish home, Joyce and Alfred are donning denim jackets covered in the logos of many local favorites. In the commercial, Joyce playfully irons patches of logos from some of their favorite local shops they will be ordering from. Towards the end of the scene, the duo is seen promoting many local restaurants and their food with an entire wall of televisions sitting behind them, while Alfred is seen in a classic Mary Poppins moment pulling out dishes after dishes of food out of an Uber Eats paper bag. 

Aside from the focus on local businesses, the Hong Kong installment is also flipping the traditional celebrity endorsement model on its head by picking the said duo. The ‘Make Local Famous’ campaign will see Joyce and Alfred advocate for the thousands of small and medium restaurants on Uber Eats. The campaign will also be providing a wide number of restaurant partners with ready-to-use content for them to repurpose on their owned channels.

Elisa Janiec, general manager of Uber Eats Hong Kong, said that the campaign genuinely speaks to their culture where food is a huge part of their cultural distinctiveness, with the “collision of West and East, old and new, hawker street stalls and Michelin-starred restaurants.” 

“It’s lively, creative, social, and deeply ingrained into the fabric of the city. There’s no better way to pay homage to this than to hero local restaurants and their food. Hong Kong is built around great food, and this campaign is all about celebrating that,” said Janiec. 

Ally Doube, APAC head of brand strategy & social at Uber Eats, commented, “Across APAC, we are passionate about unlocking local consumer insights to bring to life in all of our marketing, whether through brand campaigns or social ads. We are blessed with having the ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating’ platform at our hands, one of the most award-winning campaigns, as our creative hook. The team in Hong Kong has done an amazing job pairing it with the strongest local insight to bring to life a magical and compelling campaign.”

A mock-up of the campaign’s marketing asset on an HK tram shared by the agencies

Meanwhile, Max McKeon, Special Group Australia’s creative director, added, “Introducing the ‘Tonight, I’ll Be Eating’ brand platform in Hong Kong is in itself incredibly exciting, but to do so with Uber Eats offering up one of their biggest brand assets – celebrity – to all the local restaurants in the region makes this an especially unique way to celebrate Hong Kong culture.”

Aside from Hong Kong, the TIBE campaign has also been launched in Asian markets Japan and Taiwan. In September last year, Uber Eats and Special Group saw one of its biggest celebrity partnerships when it featured Sci-Fi icons, Star Wars’ Mark Hamill, and Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart for the campaign’s debut in the US and Canada. The ad took audiences by storm due to the spot igniting each of the franchises’ fans’ cultural debate of which is the better franchise. 

The integrated campaign in Hong Kong will air across TV, social, OOH, digital, and through restaurant partners. 

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Uber Eats HK expands to Tsing Yi

Hong Kong – Uber Eats in Hong Kong has expanded to Tsing Yi, an island in the urban area of Hong Kong.

Elisa Janiec, general manager of Uber Eats Hong Kong, said that they are thrilled to introduce Uber Eats to Tsing Yi, as they believe that delicious food is a convenience that everyone across Hong Kong should enjoy.

“My team and I are committed to investing with our partners and the F&B community to unlock more innovative and delightful food choices for Hong Kongers,” said Janiec.

The island Tsing Yi is packed with eateries and food stores. Uber Eats will be bringing a line-up of local favorites such as local cha chaan teng from Bun Hui Cafe or Daniel’s Restaurant, Chiu Chow deli from Yummy Yummy, and chicken pot from Luk Kee, among others. All-time favorites are also available, such as Saizeriya Italian Restaurant, Nam Kee, Tamjai, and Bafang Dumpling. Meanwhile, as food delivery grew to become an integral part of Hong Kongers’ daily lives amid limited physical contact, Uber Eats has observed a shift in its users’ eating habits. 

Hong Kong recently celebrated 2021’s stay-at-home Chinese New Year holiday last February 12 to 16, and during the celebration, Uber Eats recorded a 50% year-on-year increase in order volume. 

Furthermore, as Hong Kongers further adapts to the new normal, the food delivery platform has observed an 800% increase in healthy food orders during the dine-in restriction periods, as people are ordering more from vegan, vegetarian-friendly, and healthy restaurants available on the app. Another consumer behavior shows on Uber Eats’ data, where Hong Kongers are starting supper at 6:00 pm, and are generally ordering 22% more food items to enjoy with their family in the comfort of their own home, which employees rarely do before the new work-from-home set-up.

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Aussie creative agency Special Group debuts Uber Eats’ “Tonight I’ll be eating” campaign in US, Canada

Australia – Special Group Australia has debuted Uber Eats’ “Tonight I’ll be eating” (TIBE) campaign in the United States and Canada, starting with an ad featuring Hollywood superstars Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart.

The TIBE campaign is the brain child of the agency, and after gaining traction in Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, Uber Eats has decided to add the two countries in the campaign’s audience reach.

In the 45-second spot, Hamill and Stewart who are both in full black suits with a bat in hand are seen approaching each other in a dark warehouse as if on a showdown. Hamill starts delivering a line of “Tonight I’ll be eating,” saying the food he wants to get delivered, then Stewart thereafter. Before they go on a brief verbal showdown, their fierce exteriors momentarily break off as each of their Uber Eats delivery arrives, to say a casual ‘Thank you” and ‘Bravo” to the deliverer. 

The reference is made on the perpetual cultural argument of which sci-fi franchise is better between “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” in which both actors have starred in.

The latest spot follows the same format of past TIBE campaigns. The TIBE ads date back to its early spots in 2017. The campaign has been featuring prominent stars both in Australia and abroad such as British singer Boy George, actress Naomi Watts, and professional rugby league footballer Beau Ryan. The most recent TIBE iteration has global superstar Kim Kardashian-West and renowned Australian character Sharon Strezlecki from the sitcom Kath & Kim gracing the ad, where they are shown having a sarcastic argument on the right pronunciation of the word “nice.”

Hamill and Stewart’s ad follows a series of two other 15-second spots where the two actors compete against each other for the better Uber Eats meal, while simultaneously trying to beat each other at Air Hockey and Connect Four.

Cade Heyde, founding partner of Special Group Australia said, “The ‘Tonight I’ll be eating’ brand platform has had immense success in this market as well as across Asia Pacific. Expanding the platform to the other side of the world is a real honor and an incredibly proud moment for our agency. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this loved campaign with the US.”

Meanwhile, Head of Marketing at Uber Eats for US and Canada Georgie Jeffreys believes that the launch of the Australia-grown campaign to the US and Canada is a natural progression as TIBE has proven to be a highly effective advertising campaign for the brand.

“It has helped drive record levels of customer penetration and brand affinity in the five markets in which it’s now live, and we’re excited to continue to expand the franchise with this latest launch,” said Jeffreys. 

Joint CCO and partners at Special Group Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber share that for them, the extension of the campaign is no common feat.

“We’re very proud ‘Tonight I’ll be eating’ has become such a cultural phenomenon in Australia and is being taken to the US and Canada. Bringing together two iconic space legends who’s appeal crosses generations feels like the right way to introduce ‘Tonight I’ll be eating’ to the US. It is not often Australian creative work travels to the other side of the world, and we are extremely excited to watch this platform grow,” they said.

Uber Eats is an America-headquartered food delivery platform first launched in 2014. It is the extension of the ride-hailing app Uber.