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TransitLink, Stellar Ace ink two-year marketing partnership

Singapore – TransitLink, a service provider in Singapore’s public transport sector, and Stellar Lifestyle’s media and digital arm, Stellar Ace, have joined forces for a two-year marketing partnership, aimed at promoting TransitLink’s TL SimplyGo app and Stellar Ace’s WINK+ app.

TL SimplyGo mobile app allows commuters to make contactless fare payments on buses and trains with their bank cards, while WINK+ app is an engagement platform that rewards users with points for active engagements within the WINK+ ecosystem. 

The move follows the successful execution of their current ‘Unleash The Gates’ campaign, which showcased the WINK+ app’s gamification and rewards capability and resulted in a significant uplift of new TL SimplyGo app users. 

As part of the partnership, TransitLink will be adopting the WINK+ app as a customer loyalty platform for the redemption of rewards such as public transport fare rebates that may be offered under any acquisition campaign to drive usage of the TL SimplyGo app and WINK+ app. 

Furthermore, TransitLink has exclusively appointed Stellar Ace as the sales and marketing representative for all its available offline and online advertising assets such as the TL SimplyGo app and its transit ticketing machine, the TransitLink Kiosk, which is located at major bus interchanges and integrated transport hubs. The addition of these new advertising assets will expand Stellar Ace’s Home-Travel-Eat-Shop-Play (HTESP) Daily Touchpoint Ecosystem.

Yuen Hee Lee, TransitLink’s chief executive officer, said, “It is also a step towards opening up opportunities with partners and advertisers to expand the range of benefits that our users can enjoy on top of the services that we are currently offering.”

Meanwhile, Jeslyn Tan, Stellar Ace’s managing director, shared that the multi-prong alliance created exciting engagement milestones for both apps and reinforces an even stronger and targeted reach of their consumers utilizing public transport daily. 

“The understanding of the transit audience travel pattern will help us synergize transport-related activities through SimplyGo and a consumer loyalty program with the WINK+ app. For Advertisers, coming on board Stellar Ace will mean reaching out to a connected and seamless Offline to Online (O2O) audience with a continuous recall of your brand message with accountable ROIs,” said Tan.