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Paper Moose’s humorous 8-bit mobile game highlights importance of purpose-led advertising

Australia Independent creative agency Paper Moose has launched its 8-bit style mobile game, highlighting the value of entertainment and humour in purpose-led brand advertising and marketing.

Titled, ‘The Wild West of Purpose’, the game features an image of a foot used as an imagery of carbon footprints. This is controlled by the user, navigating through the wild west setting with the goal of avoiding the obstacles in the game.

The game is also targeted at reducing carbon footprints and staying clear of greenwashing and emissions. 

Nick Hunter, Paper Moose’s co-founder and CEO, said that while brand purpose is a serious business, the agency does not believe that seriousness is the best way to reach its audiences.

He added, “We believe most people have had enough of worthy advertising and yearn to be entertained. We work to make purpose-led brands more accessible rather than holier-than-thou. After all, the last few years have been serious enough.”

Paper Moose has also previously entered partnerships with ethical wealth management company Australian Ethical and fintech company Brighte.