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Ex-Special Group Sharon Gray, Jesse McLallen launch new adtech platform The Spec Sheet

Australia – Former Executive Digital Producer Sharon Gray and former Senior Digital Creative Jesse McLallen of independent creative group Special Group in Australia have launched a new innovative tech platform called The Spec Sheet.

The Spec Sheet is a centralized online hub for managing and sharing real-time ad specs between media owners, media agencies, and creative agencies. It aims to do all the heavy lifting involved in campaign delivery requirements, such as sourcing, organizing, and managing ad specs across all channels. 

Moreover, the SaaS platform eliminates double handling for media agencies, while simultaneously allowing media owners to stay closely connected to their ad specs. It also stands as a solution to the all-too-common spec-related inconsistencies, delays, and errors across the industry and the knock-on effects for creative production teams and clients.

Gray believes that the platform will bring order and consistency to ad specs via its centralized database. 

“It allows users to access up-to-date ad specs all in one place and to simplify and automate building spec sheets for campaigns. No more incorrect spreadsheets, no more out-of-date spec PDFs. No more spec mistakes,” said Gray. 

Meanwhile, McLallen said, “The development of The Spec Sheet was born from real problems, real experiences, and it’s a real solution that combats the often-over-complicated world of ad specs.”